Birdpick Pi Luo Chun .Wing Hop Fung

February 8, 2007 at 11:23 pm | Posted in Green Tea, just green tea, Tea Reviews | 4 Comments

T1110 68.99/lb

pi luo chun = Pi Lo Chun, Bi Luo Chun, BiLuoChun , Xia Sha Ren Xiang, Tai Hu lu cha, Green Snail Spring, Green Snail Springtime, but hey! I’M NOT CONFUSED, maybe if i learn chinese writing it will be easier…. ill make my own translation.

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about 2tsp ~160F water. ~3minutes, if astringency comes its probably over-steeped.
flavor 4/7: greenish + unknown fruit (maybe apricot).

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flavor fades by the 3rd infusion, astringency dominating the subsequent infusions.
astringency produces a sweetish aftertaste.

1st infusion 194F 3min:
~~~might not have been enough tea~~~

tea smell: medium.
aspect: green leaf in water looks ok, length <.75inch, more broken leafs.
flavor: 3.5/7 green vegetal… i have a sensation of fried but not very outspoken, astringency when present is ~ok ~green vegetal (pleasant to me, unlike black tea astringency.)


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  1. I like more information about birdpick. How I can buy this product. I live in Colombian, How much money? What is the cualities, Is sure and good for patient with Diabetes?. What is the natural component ?
    I will want 10 packs, I´m waing your answer

  2. This is tea (té)
    I dont live in Colombia but you can search online stores if they ship to you.
    how much? $68.99/lb (0.45kg)
    qualities? its tea, it tastes good.
    is good for diabetes? no.
    good for diabetes = medication and insulin.
    the natural component? TEA leaf
    i dont know… i think that’s a spam comment but if not i hope this helps.

  3. ha…..ha……..ha.

  4. just 3 HAs ?!

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