Green Tea Matcha Blend .Kirkland by ItoEn

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Found at Costco under their Kirkland brand, box mentions made by Ito En
~13$/100 tbags of 1.5g (150g, 5.3oz, 2.5/oz, ~ 40$/lb … meh not bad)

observe the careful use of f2.8  … sorry… no light handholder required it.

Method: many, 8oz-4oz, 100-200F. Settled on 4oz ~ 150F

Teabag: sucks. string is short. paper end thats supposed to hang on cup edge is soft and only fits thin cups. even then when the tbag fills with water it can pull on the shitty paper end and drag it into the water. Nylon bag for yall who have a thing for plastic + water. Does well to color the water greenish that quickly turns yellow. Dont know what the freak are those whiteish bits in the tbag.

Flavor: There is a faint matcha smell to it. Flavor is a low & bland mix of matcha and cheap sencha with a little roasted or maybe its some remnant grain somewhere in the sensory perceptorium. With 130F water i got some fishyness (likely in aroma, eitherway not my thing).  1 teabag in >4oz water tastes like water. Not much greenness not much sencha grass, no nothin’, no tannin or roughness or anything remotely exciting about this.

Overall: NO. lack o flavor yello vision.

Uji Matcha .Yamashiro

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Found at Sunrise Mart NYC, $7.15/40g(1.41oz) = 5$/oz

Method: 2g +6oz @ 66C (too hot for me, added some 1-2 oz of room temp)

Flavor: strong kind of “tannins”, tending towards bitter :/ (i say tending but i feel it as bitter). can feel powder on palate+tongue. drinking this first thing in the morning and im getting lots of stomach movement/churning. Other subtleties i didnt notice, the bitter part ended my interest in this.

some faint fishyness to aroma … not helping me like it…

Overall: nope …

Matcha Kaze

February 7, 2009 at 10:15 pm | Posted in Green Tea, Matcha, Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

Tea Notes> Green Tea> Matcha (for more)

Den’s (review)(product link)  $12/20g = 17/oz = 204/lb

Leaf: uhm …powder?

Method: various, room temp water, 60-70-90C. various drinking teawares. No chasen, no plans to get-chasen makes foam – me no like foamyness incl beer  “head”… plus it looks like you’re preparing shaving lather (just mal-associations in my mind.) anywho. Maybe most of the time i end up making koicha(more matcha) rather than usucha(more water).

Using a strainer i sift the matcha a little, then pour water thru, then whisk & squish around with the strainer in the mug until clumps are dissolved (see vid). Tried the matcha in bottle and shook, but not being strained clumps persisted ended up in my mouth (plus, shaking bottle makes foam.)

Flavor: creamy, “soft“/smooth, “grass“/wheatgrass?(havent had some in years), not powdery, not astringent(ok some low in sides of mouth), just flavor = very nice 🙂
sweetness (in aftertaste, after 1-2 min- depending on concentration.)

Overall: my first matcha, a bit milder than i immagined. but good pleasant flavor, no/minimal astringent (compared to the supermarket Maeda-en matcha which sucked). pleasant aftertaste. Definitely like this matcha thing.

Shiki Matcha .Maeda-en

February 5, 2009 at 9:02 pm | Posted in Green Tea, Matcha, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Tea Notes> Green Tea> Matcha (for more)

found at asian supermarket (H-Mart) 8.99/box 1oz.

my 2nd matcha, have something to compare to: Den’s Matcha Kaze.

there’s an airtight bag inside, made me think its gonna be some good tasty matcha time…

Flavor: seems dusty-powdery to my mouth, add a coughing sensation :/
astringent, not smooth, not sweet, not creamy :\

a bit similar to YMY instant powder tea…but iirc YMY’s wasn’t as tanninic/astringent.

Overall: i see green powder. i like to look at it, but i don’t wanna taste it.

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