4 Yunnan blacks

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4oz @200F x 3 min
From L to R, –> is second infusion

1 malt “gold” –> diluted
2 malt veg –> keeps going
3 malt+ –> keeps but less
4 malt –> quite diluted


Trader Joe’s Rishi Oregon’s Chai tea latte mix(es) and concentrates

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Rishi Masala Chai Tea concentrate,
found @ Wholefoods ~6$,
most spice in flavor and aroma,
but i can taste some of that lemon, they’re using too much of it.
I’m actually not drinking this everyday because its too spicy for me as a “comfort morning drink”
Its a liquid, needs to be refrigerated after opening.

Trader Joe’s Spicy Chai Tea Latte Mix found @ TJ ~3.5$ (10oz)
see original review
i dont find it that spicy anymore, and compared to Rishi Masala about half the spice (to me)
but its more comfortable to drink repeatedly (for me anyway)
sometimes I get an aftertaste, and can get a tad of spice powder gritting in your teeth (no minus from me, but some might not like)

Oregon Chai The original Chai Tea Latte mix packets @ Walmart ~ 3.5$ (8.8oz)
also have it in a liquid concentrate box – see my review
this is like sweet milk drink
mild spice
meh, but no aftertaste or powder in teeth

Oregon Chai Vanilla latte mix
oh so nasty i almost refunded the sip i took,
couldnt get an actual refund cause i lost the receipt


Yutaka Midori (Kagoshima) vs Fukamushi Sencha .O-cha.com

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When I first opened this right after receiving I could definitely say there’s a difference.
I didnt keep track, one was more rough, one was sweeter…
Now, about a month later, even tho i didnt open it in between its harder to tell the difference…
The Yutaka midori is sweeter, with a mild type sencha tannin on the tongue
Used 6g in 4oz @160F x ~20 sec

2nd steep @190F ~20sec

Fuka was rougher, with a harsh kind of on the tongue. Liquor yellowish

Yutaka kept the sweet tannin going. And stayed green. Glad i got more of this 🙂



Frozen Oolong .Kuang Chuan

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RTD bottle @ 99 Ranch market

Tastes so meh of … not oolong.. maybe because they used the “tea extract” … Whatever that means

DNR – do not recommend


Earl Grey rounds .Bigelow .Twinnings .Republic of tea .Numi

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Got craving for some Earl Grey so rushed to the local Walmart acquired some Tbags and fancy Wholefoods but didn’t find any Harney or other English goods.

We have here: Bigelow, Twinnings, Numi all Tbags and some loose Republic of tea Earl Greyer.

In 3/4 cup water, steeped for 2.5min
Upped RoT EG to 3.5g cause 2g was nothing


Bigelow Earl Grey– good flavor, aroma, medium bergamot, my pick from these … Even tho it’s still weak in the flavor…
Numi Earl Grey– can feel the Assam tannin already, low bergamot, no go, will probably use to mix w milk.
Twinnings Earl Grey– too much citrus for me, med bergamot.
Republic of tea Earl Greyer– meh, med-low bergamot at 3.5g used, low aroma. 6.5g used in 3/4cup… No change, and getting some tannin…i think this is just stale

Golden Yunnan .Rishi Tea

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like 9$/55g

tea leaf better than dust but not very exciting looking… looks tired and anemic and with spits of some golden leaf.

photo 2

tastes vaguely of yunnan,

disappointed by this, i had some Rishi stuff before and it wasnt shit, but this is close to shit.

not getting again,

Chinese Breakfast .Numi Organic Tea

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like 7$/36g of tea dust (i actually weighted the dust itself it was about 2g/bag)

as the swill swishing BS obfuscating the actual puerility of the content: everything is organic, 100% and all some such

photo 1

tastes like inorganic DUST collected from the bottom of a chinese supermarket

yep, nope. hell nope. you likely have better luck at a chinese supermarket, and cheaper.

Mint Pu-Erh Tea Organic .Numi

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You are seeing double…. just changed some words from the jasmine one review


4x more antioxidants !!! FOUR !!!

40% less sugar – who doesnt love dentists ?

ancient healing – i feel healed just by looking at the label

the PUREST TEA ON THE PLANET – lol its embossed on the glass bottle.

ohmy… what else ! this like totally convinced me !!! oh wait a minute … wheres the “ALL NATURAL”  /// OMG \\\ !!!

contains less than 1% juice – now we’re talking… however it didnt say its organic juice concentrate ……… S-H-iiiiii-T

smell: mint

taste: mint green tea with some sugar(total 10g/bottle), not much tannin, however nothing that would remind me of “PU-ERH” …im not even going to polute my lonely puerh category with this. And definitely nothing appealing for me to buy this again.

Jasmine Pu-Erh Tea Organic .Numi

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2x more antioxidants

40% less sugar

ancient healing


ohmy… what else ! this like totally convinced me !!! oh wait a minute … wheres the “ALL NATURAL”  /// OMG \\\ !!!

contains less than 1% juice – now we’re talking… however it didnt say its organic juice concentrate ……… S-H-iiiiii-T

smell: jasmine

taste: jasmine green tea with some sugar(total 10g/bottle), some tannin at the end, however nothing that would remind me of “PU-ERH” …im not even going to polute my lonely puerh category with this. And definitely nothing appealing for me to buy this again.

White tea Hint o Mint unsweetened .inkos

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Not bad, no weirdness, has some body to it, some medium-low general green tea flavor, and hint o mint.

Southern style Sweet Tea .Olde Savannah Bev

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I’m back!!! .. At least for this post… And i smell alcohol!!!
Found this bottle on sale at a local liquor store for about 6$

Smell bourbon? Oak barrel?
Flavor …funky, +black tea flavor! +alcohol, +with a twist of “medicinal”(from my childhood memories) (might be the wine+citrus from the label) mixed with the ETOH
! Ah I know! A bit like jagermeister
Not very sweet
noticeable alcohol (10%)

Overall: imho pretty good; Buy again? yep yep :))

Ruaysui Sky Crane Honey Green tea SU09 .iShopO

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Ghetto brew
Tastes ok. The sort of faded thing going, green tannin on tongue
slight floral, maybe some slight “honey” in the aroma/smell

2008 Menghai Dayi 7452 Ripe Pu-erh Cake .Jas-etea.com

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17$ +ship @jas-etea

First impressions…
… to be updated at a later time

Cake well pressed no flex/no crack sound on twisting

Good enjoyable flavor no offtastes/pond/medicinal, … nonthreatening

4.4g@195’F longbrew/grandpa style

2009 Rou Gui (Cinnamon) Wuyi Rock Tea-Zheng Yan .Jas-etea.com

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Tea Notes> Oolong> Dark/Roasted (for more)

Jas-etea.com (review)(product link) $4.49/0.875 oz(25g), 5.13/oz = $82/lb.

Method: eyeball

Flavor: good. tasty, pleasant. low tobacco, a “twist of tangyness”(thats the most i can describe as, maybe something like a sort of greenness), some chocolate. low harshness that increases toward the end of the many steeps= tannin + more of the “twist” towards greenness.

Re-infusionability: high

Leaf: many broken, not many large leaves.

Overall: good, i like, would buy again.

Certified Organic Jasmine Pearl Green Tea .Jas-etea.com

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Tea Notes> Green Tea> Jasmine (for more)

Jas-etea.com (review)(product link) $12.55/3.5oz(100g), 3.5/oz = $56/lb.

Method: 3g/~3oz water @ 190F x 1 min or 2 min, then reinfused 2 min.

pic#4 here on right is color corrected at the liquor for liquor is pinkish, not yellow.

Taste: first infusion @ 1 min light, better at 2. overall: mild flavor, mild-med aroma, nice flowery fresh jasmine, yet again- light in strength. second infusion is alright, still rather mild in flavor. third infused not much left & watery. Not much astringency no harshness detected @ 3g. Will likely use 6g in the future, 3g not enough for my dull palate.

Overall: not bad, but mild.

Kagoshima Sencha Yutaka Midori .O-cha.com

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part of my “In search of fuka” …

Tea Notes> Green Tea> Sencha (for more)

O-cha.com (review)(product link) $24.95/3.5oz(100g), 6.5/oz = $114/lb.

included a comparison with Ocha’s Fukamushi Supreme.

There is a difference ! uh, while i forgot which is which, the one on the left might be the fuka supreme.

Method(s): last used which is not the one depicted above: 5.5g + 4oz @ 155F x 1 min. I do bottle brew these and at one point one of them became less pleasant but i forgot which so what i just said is quite irrelevant…

Liquor: fuka supreme: cloudy, YM: settles quicker and clears up more (not evident in the pics above)

Flavor: YM: nice clean taste, more refined than the fuka supreme, greenish yet not hard grassy, good fukamushi with more of a matcha flavor to it, even this first infusion has a sweetish aftertaste to it.  The fuka supreme is more hard and a bit of a harsher tannin.

Overall: liked both…

Coffee Tea .DIY mix

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Coffee $bux Columbia 3g 8oz 200F ~1min, flavor: coffee, and all that comes with it… ;), strained around 5oz to a cup

next i added the

Yunnan gold 2g 6oz 200F ~3min, flavor: nice yunnan gold. strained around 5oz to the coffee cup.

Resulting: hmmm, coffee flavor seems to be quite diminished!! to like 1/3 of start!, but can feel the coffee “bitterness” on sides of tongue. Tea flavor present but not strong(tho i am not using my usual 4g), mostly on palate, i think it comes thru the aroma more. Flavor is not weird tho! seems to blend well with the coffee.

add milk(2%) (dont have anything like h&h): cut the “bitter” of the coffee, made milky feel to everything…

add sugar: almost no tannins or bitterness. However (as usual) the sugar gives a “dirty” aftertaste i dont like much.

uhm yeah not doing this again

2009 “Yunnan Pure Bud Bi Luo Chun” Green tea .Yunnan Sourcing

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14$/250g @ YSLLC

Leaf: Looks like yunnan leaf- wow im a genius. not that pretty, lots broken.

Method: usually drank this mug brew(or bottle) refilling water as needed. 190-200F water.

Flavor: some green, no oily/no fried= i like, mild tannin, some astringency, just a tad nutty, mild fruity/ mild BLC-ness, some “huanjinguyness” …pleasant overall as a chinese green, but not feeling it… tho i still re-confirmed my like for japanese greens… what can i do eh

Liquor on the “thick” side with tiny streaks of frothness (see second pic), brown stuff floaters in liquor (before straining or in mug).

super overinfused >30min, starting with 200F, this comes out like those young green puerh cakes i had from pu-shop.

Overall: its alright, mild-medium BLC-ness, mild flavor, not satisfied. much broken leaf.

Southern Style Sweet Tea .Arizona

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Real Brewed… not …fake brewed … ? … like …those other tea companies


mild lemon

mild black tea.

Overall: similar …maybe … a bit better than McDonald’s sweet tea which seemed just sugar water.

Jasmine Green Tea unsweetened .Ito En

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Package: not my fav

Flavor: nice jasmine tea, good, refreshing in the hot days of the NY humid summer…

lately it might be just me but itoen bottles kind of have this jelly thickness to their liquor…

Overall: alright, do again yes.

Ntingwe Kwazulu Leaf Tea .Taylors of Harrogate

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found at Whole foods ~15$/box just curiosity and a little drunk (not driving, but drunk walking)

Sounded like nigerian but its south african.

no i dont have a tripod yet, ’tis why parts are oof … f3.5 or so does that.

Thought its leaf tea. its CTC. yeah. not leaf. but it is leaf. its CTC little tiny pieces of leaf. those things that end up in teabags. except teabags cost less. or do they. not feeling calculatorific today, you work it out.

Method: 3g 5-6oz water at 190F x 2-3 min

Flavor: hello teabag. breakfast tea english component of. tarty-tanninic not really any assam malty. borderline pleasant to me. in between pgtips and yorkshire gold. tho you got to make the extra step of straining the leaf/i do drink without straining.

Method: cold brew water bottle. Prolonged infusion such as this came out unpleasant, as some additional flavor came out coloring and changing from just tanninnic….  not enjoyable.

Overall: meh. not assam. not again. CTC no.

Kombucha Raw Original Organic 100% Delicious .GT’s

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courtesy amazon.com images. copyright respective owner. found via gooogle

found at Whole Foods price somewhere <10$/bottle 😛 i forgot 😛

Package: nice

barely popped it open and coworkers start asking around “What is that smell ?” (/i duck)

Flavor: sip#1 : OH MY F GAWD NASTY FERMENTED TRASH TASTE GURGLING(if you ever around big apt buildings where trash is dumped in big piles and the juices from that pile trickles down into the street. thats how this tastes. a bit more refined ofcourse because of the enzymes and probiotics

5 seconds later, sip #2



lets save the planet together
i do dislike all politics
including BS
quite repeated meself there… politic-s/-icians = BS 95%
well, better said = alot of carbon 😉 😉 … i dont see them buying carbon credits or whatever the stupid concept is.

Overall: KWOM BOO CHACHKA!?!?!
delicious ? LOL

100% Disguisting

yeah rrright.

Premium Brewed Earl Grey .deLISH

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1.5$ @ Duane Reade (NY) (delish being a recently squirted duane reeed market brand covering the whole gamut of convenience store- snacks drinks and so on)

sweetish liquid, not snapple sweet. CITRICs PUNCH. minor tea taste/feel.

“tea with citrus flavor” … more like CITRUS water with tea flavor.

and now, presenting, the

set? for the natural shit?


premium brewed black tea (filtered water, black tea)
calcium gluconate
natural flavors
citric acid
ascorbic acid (vitamin c)
magnesium oxide
zinc picolinate
vitamin e acetate
vitamin a palmitate
niacinamide (vitamin b3)
calcium panthothenate (vitamin b5)
cyanocobalamin (vitamin b12)
folic acid
pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin b6)

i kno these aint flavors, but still




“serenitea tranquilitea new york citea” … oh stfu.

IN CONCLUSION: taste like lemon piss tea.

incup: Ntingwe Kwazulu

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taylors of harrogate

“leaf” tea

failed to mention “processed” cut & rolled into little nuggets like CTC

its alright, resemble components of english blends

havent had coffee lately so it did have a kick after i drank it.

drinking some….

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well, busy busy, had these tees for a while…a HHHWhhhile

pics until i manage to clump together my tired, contracted, limited tea tasting vocabulary.

\(^ . ^)/ – eh

how about i do a quicky now: tannin green grass good yay. me like. ocha fukamushiyah fresh woooot 😀

yes i drink sencha in a mug WHUT HWUT HHHHWHUT


alright/professional hat on

(O_O) – tea is good for you.

updated post

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redid pictures, cause i had 5 minutes to sharpen and resize and sharpen a little bit more heh


does it look oversharpened, the dry leaf one?

dont know about the white balance but … any whoooooo 😛

i would like to move to England, countryside, have a couple cows, a couple pigs, chickens, watch the stars, drink tea, little cottage house, green grass… iceland too… ah, too many choices, oh well

Yunnan Black Gold 1 leaf / 1 bud Simao Black Tea .Yunnan Sourcing LLC

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Yunnan Sourcing (review)(product link) 12.6/250 g = $1.4/oz , 23/lb …. :O :O
Production: Spring 2009

Dry:  looks ok, mix of mostly black leaf with some gold. Wet leaf reveals i’d say about half full leaf half broken. not sure about the 1leaf 1bud description…


Method: various you name it i did it, (usually at breakfast i do an eyed pinch (which seems to measure about 6g) + 8oz @ 190-208F x 2 min (reinfused twice more and all added together))

Flavor: quite malty –burnt sugar or molasses?(which i am vague in memory about). When i first brewed this tea and still today after its almost gone, it tastes not like a yunnan black mixed with gold, but more like a gold mixed with black.  Some mildly mild vegetal to it maybe like green bell pepper skins (here i go now using this word).  Mild astringency-tannins coating mouth pleasant maltiness on tongue and palate afterward.  I dont sense much “wine” quality like in gold gold. No noted harshness with regular infusion. Overinfused (5g+6oz@208>2min) can go medium in the strength of tannins (which i then qualify it as a black :)) but i dont mean bitter and not like a teabag. No smokiness of any kind (which i was looking for in this purchase as i had hoped to re-experience the previous Premium Yunnan Black Gold)

Overall: Pretty good for the low price! carefully brewed, flavor can approximate higher quality yunnan (gold)! … still wanting some smokiness tho ……..

Yunnan Bo Nay Tea .FooJoy

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found at Hong Kong market, Elmhurst NY ~ 6$/box.  they also had box a bonay(pu), still teabags, that said its “pieces of cake” tho priced +2$ moar.

Method: various- 1 tbag to 2 tbags that were individually wrapped (pshhh) + 4-16 oz 190-300F water x 1-3min.

Flavor: first the aroma/fumes emanating from the liquor = hot dust! oh my. Tastes like mostly OLD dusty books… mild woody puerhish. mostly dust flavor 😛 uhmmmmmm Played with this so many ways, the dustiness wont go a-way. When cooled down the liquor has a mild sweet finish. dust. mmkay (alright i lie, when cold there is less dustness perceived.)

Overall: me nicht dig dust in meinen teee.  ZWEI DREI NEIN DUST NEIN !!!

Uji Gyokuro “Kame-Jiru-Shi” .O-cha.com

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Tea Notes> Green Tea> Gyokuro (for more… well it’ll be a lonely one for a while)

O-cha.com (review)(product link) $27.95/50g/1.76oz, 15.79/oz = $253/lb. 🙂 i won the lotto baby …

Dry leaf: jp green tea, senchalike, seems darker and blueish hued compared to regular sencha.

more craptastic pics than usual, will try better next time 🙂 ….
#3 is regular sencha. (not same brightness,whitebalance) but you can see a difference.

Fluffed up leaf …. liquor, and #3 wet leaf.

Method: varied, also did the 140F 1g/1oz start with 1-2min, etc blah blah. this tea did very well in any condition. It was interesting how much more leaf expansion occurred with the gyo compared with sencha. it fluffed up like a balloon.

Flavor: liquor has lots of mouthfeel, upon swallow you feel the greenness tannins in the mouth doesnt really remind me of sencha, just that … green feel of tea, and then you get the flavor of … i call it “boiled spinach” that i’ll associate now with gyo until proven otherwise. Not much astringency (no dry or harsh or anything unpleasant), just some of the green-spinach tannin left over mouth. Strong flavored. (as i usually ended up doing it: 3g in 3oz water, 1 min, 1 min, from the 3rd infusion it continued with the full mouthfeel liquor however alot lower flavor)

Overall: seems like a HQ T howeva I dont really enjoy the flavor(s) at this point. maybe it’ll be craved in the future.

Green Tea Matcha Blend .Kirkland by ItoEn

December 25, 2009 at 6:54 pm | Posted in Green Tea, just green tea, Matcha, Sencha, Tea Reviews | 8 Comments

Found at Costco under their Kirkland brand, box mentions made by Ito En
~13$/100 tbags of 1.5g (150g, 5.3oz, 2.5/oz, ~ 40$/lb … meh not bad)

observe the careful use of f2.8  … sorry… no light handholder required it.

Method: many, 8oz-4oz, 100-200F. Settled on 4oz ~ 150F

Teabag: sucks. string is short. paper end thats supposed to hang on cup edge is soft and only fits thin cups. even then when the tbag fills with water it can pull on the shitty paper end and drag it into the water. Nylon bag for yall who have a thing for plastic + water. Does well to color the water greenish that quickly turns yellow. Dont know what the freak are those whiteish bits in the tbag.

Flavor: There is a faint matcha smell to it. Flavor is a low & bland mix of matcha and cheap sencha with a little roasted or maybe its some remnant grain somewhere in the sensory perceptorium. With 130F water i got some fishyness (likely in aroma, eitherway not my thing).  1 teabag in >4oz water tastes like water. Not much greenness not much sencha grass, no nothin’, no tannin or roughness or anything remotely exciting about this.

Overall: NO. lack o flavor yello vision.

Bird’s/Sparrow Tongue (Que She) .Zhong Guo Cha

December 13, 2009 at 12:41 pm | Posted in Green Tea, just green tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

thank you for your emails, yes i’m still drinking… tea… just v busy with whole lotta other stuff

cleaning out closet before tea delivery… found an “old” sample from ZGC

Zhong Guo Cha (review)(product link)  G-4-1-1 Bird’s Tongue (Que She) * sample  … 50g /$29 = 16.5/oz = 264/lb

Method: 170F & 208F + 2oz x .5 & .5 & 1min

Flavor: (likely not as good as when fresh, so not having comparison here’s what i got:) start with some long jing then ends with fruity (what do i mean ? …  and some fruity fermentlike notes) and a little sweet. very nice. low then medium yet pleasant type of tannin/astringency.

Overall: this seems nice as a introduction, leaf ok. price not for me.

Keemun Mao Feng .ItoEn

October 11, 2009 at 12:15 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Keemun, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Tea notes> Black tea> Keemun (for more)

ItoEn NY Store (review)(product link)9$/oz= 144/lb

10g of stuff doing the ikea glass ghettobrew

3.5g of stuff doing the fancy gaiwan review style infusion

Dry: leaf looks smallish and quite broken for a maofeng… just a couple longer leaves.

Method: 3.5g in 4oz, 10g in .5L and various other. did in gaiwan, glass, plastic, foam and various other cups and pots.

3.5g/4oz/200F h2o/2 min: smell: malty burnt sugar/molasses?) solid flavor keemun malty, some woody tho i dont think much. low smoky. Strong flavor, it comes with some hardness to it, but not teabag/cheap harsh. Aftertaste is good, more of the tannin. infusion #2: more watery, 1/3-1/2 less flavor, harsh tannin more prevalent than flavor compared to infusion #1. #3 (4 min) is very low flavor low astringency. no greenness to it as i felt in this other qimen maofeng.

Wet leaf… uhm, i see lots of chop

Overall: pretty good, price/flavor/leaf aspect not my favorite.

Yunnan Tea Tuocha .Triple Leaf Brand

October 11, 2009 at 12:21 am | Posted in Looseleaf puerh, Pu-Erh, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

~ 2$ /box of 20 tbags


1 tbag in 6 or 8 oz: bland, low flavor of …maybe puerh… tho seems more like a heavy roasted oolong !?!
1 tbag in 4 oz : more “flavor”, tho also harsh and unpleasant tbag tannins.

Overall: definitely not. trash’t it.

Puerh Tea .Zhenping’s Tea

October 9, 2009 at 10:43 pm | Posted in Looseleaf puerh, Pu-Erh, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

i went looking for keemun, nothing spotted at 2 markets in Elmhurst

found at Hong Kong Market @ Elmhurst, NY
3$/3.5oz = .857/oz = 10 $/lb … i hope it will have some flavor resembling pu T

now i look at the label :\ distrib by Lip On Trading …shoulda read that before.

0 calories from fat !!!
yeaaah !!! !!! !!! !!!!! ! !

Method: ~4g in 4oz + 190F water x .5/1/2/3 min

Flavor: feeling some acidy quality to the liquor (“stinging” the tongue). flavor: low-med: wood-puerh…ish + some harsh tannin in back of throat= extra infusion time –> more harshness that will go to bitterness. Some aftertaste of that harsh tannin on the tongue: sort of medicinal 😦 -chocolate.

Overall: not liking, not even sure i’ll finish this thing.

Irish Breakfast .Harney & Sons

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Tired morning in search of unflavored black, shop had these,

2009-09-30_0198.thumbMethod: used 2 tbags for max flavor bang(one of them broke by accident in the cup) + 8oz hot hot h2o

Flavor: what flavor  ?!?!? 😦 … 😡 … tasted after 3 minutes, then left to soak another 5, got this bland black tea, some astringency, low everything, unsatisfying. at least no cardboard tastes (EG H&S)…

Overall: bland, flavorless.

Dim Sum Bo Nay Tea .FooJoy

September 19, 2009 at 12:54 pm | Posted in Pu-Erh, Tea Reviews | 1 Comment

found at Hong Kong market, Elmhurst NY ~ 2$/box. got because i couldn’t find the regular Foojoy bonay (puerh) tbags.

Method: 1 tbag + 6 oz 190F water x 3min AND 2 tbags + 6 oz 190F x 3 min.

^click the crop to see thee boxee

Flavor: mild liquor aroma of flowery chrysanthems (a bit stronger when 2tbags), there’s a bland/watery to the liquor (even with 2 tbags which surprised me as the foojoy black tea did much better when doubled), very mild pu-erh-like woodyness. low astringency. a sweet quality/feeling when the liquor fills the mouth, but doesnt last. but there’s something i dont like about it (aside from wateryness) sort of a oil-fried-fishy-sardine thing….might be some aromatics from the crysanthem component that i’m interpreting wrongly, but whatever it is i dont like it. not much aftertaste.

Also had it after some fried food, cheese and vegetables, i didnt find it paired well. rather have some sencha or yunnan.

Overall: no, watery, bland.

Fukamushi Sencha Supreme .O-cha.com

September 18, 2009 at 9:28 pm | Posted in Green Tea, Sencha, Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

part of my “In search of fuka” …

Tea Notes> Green Tea> Sencha (for more)

O-cha.com (review)(product link)  $22.95/3.5oz, 6.5/oz = $104/lb. i sure seem to be getting rich …

Dry leaf: green sencha, not all broken (as fuka is said to be, during manufacture), see pics, some leaf is quite long. (i’ve been drinking slowly out of this for at least a month) /Opening the bag in the first weeks i got a strong fresh  delicious sencha, was like wow! (thats what you get ordering straight from Japan, and good vendors = yum.)

…. ….    … ……………. 2g 4oz …. ….    … ……infusing…

#1 2min ….. ….    … …… #2 2min more …. ….    … ……2g wet leaf

#1   70C 2min

Flavor: good flavor, quite strong tho not in your face, good body, medium vegetal, some “spinach” (what i used to call “egg”. yah, i know, but hey, eh, oh well, getting there.), good aftertaste with tannin coating mouth, not harsh, some sweetness already!

#2   reinfusion ~60C 2min

Flavor: hmmm, some watery, low flavor, possibly extracted most in #1, tannins in mouth are more aparent, tho not bitter or harsh.

4g 4oz

4g in improvised scoop

#1   70C 1 min

Flavor: oh yum strong ass fuka! sencha sencha high (well also from the heat of the liquor makes me a little happy/agitated). sweet on the tongue, vegetal… gentle strongness… after coming down from the high, maybe the flavor strength is still medium. good lasting sweet aftertaste.

#2   60c 3 min

Flavor: now there’s some overinfusion here, tinge of strong tannin a bit harsh, not bitter.

Overall: very good (especially when fresh).

Yerba Mate .Cruz De Malta

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local market ~2$ + tax /.5Kg

Method: cold water + like 2 fist fulls of mate + a couple ice chips in a pot, strained after ~ 3 minutes.

Flavor: uhm …. blechy.  sorta fried-sorta Oily-smoky flavor weirdness + some plant greenness + plant husk/woodiness + some lemony quality to it + medicinal … some tea-like astringency(from the greenness on tongue). Didnt quite like it…

added some lemon juice – it cut the weirdness (or its not felt anymore) – flavor now is quite low(or its not felt) …

added more lemon juice – lemon smell to the liquor, lemon flavor/sensation starting to dominate, rest= some grassy/plant, not as weird as plain and a little pleasant and refreshing (i think pretty close as some Paraguayan friends made it for me.)

(after adding lemon juice im getting some fleeting headache poundings, or it might be the effects of the first drinkings without lemon-tho some other days i had not added lemon and drank plain mate/ considering myself not to be much affected by placebo this might be a coincidence, otherwise it could be from the mate in a mix with other variables-its night, im a little tired, some cola i had, its hot… who knows.)

Overall: alright with lemon, dont like plain.

Home roasted green TGY oolong

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bored… trying not to use my last yunnan golds, or the remaining 5g of good matcha, resorted to playing with things i dont drink as often…

used one of Yunnan sourcing’s green oolongs (no label, so almost 2 years later i have no idea which green wu it is.)

placed the oolong nuggets on aluminium foil, then in they went –
countertop convection oven

400F, 1 min + 1 min (1st min still looked green, so i put it another min, then it started to smell like sort of burnt hay/weeds).
Picture – top is roasted, but doesnt look as brown as i see it …

liquor sure isnt greenish anymore 🙂

flavor: muted flavors of the original green oolong, missing: flowery. not much of that green feel (some say metallic)
with …roasted feel… roasted like… when you place a vegetable on a really hot plate – roasted/burnt skin (like those roasted red peppers),
pleasant, cant feel as much astringency, some green tannin on the tongue(less than unroast),

noticeably different from being a straight green or a “real” dark oolong which i guess are also oxidized and stuff. maybe i feel some faint tobacco but its mixed with some of that burnt hay thing.

maybe next i’ll try a lower temp for longer time to even out the flavors (have the inside of the nugget done as well not just the outside – as i think happened here)

Uji Matcha .Yamashiro

June 14, 2009 at 4:00 pm | Posted in Green Tea, Matcha, Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

Found at Sunrise Mart NYC, $7.15/40g(1.41oz) = 5$/oz

Method: 2g +6oz @ 66C (too hot for me, added some 1-2 oz of room temp)

Flavor: strong kind of “tannins”, tending towards bitter :/ (i say tending but i feel it as bitter). can feel powder on palate+tongue. drinking this first thing in the morning and im getting lots of stomach movement/churning. Other subtleties i didnt notice, the bitter part ended my interest in this.

some faint fishyness to aroma … not helping me like it…

Overall: nope …

Spicy Chai Latte powder .Trader Joes

May 31, 2009 at 12:55 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Chai Masala, Tea Reviews | 6 Comments

Found at … Trader Joes, $2.99+tax for 284g

allllllllll the way to the 3rd picture —————> Oregon Chai latte left, TJ’s Chai Latte right.

list of ingredients, here i go a typin’: sugar, non dairy creamer (coconut oil, corn syrup solids, sodium caseinate (milk), sodium citrate, mono and diglycerides (soy), salt), nonfat dry milk, tea blend (black tea, darjeeling), natural flavors, honey powder (sucrose, honey), spice blend (cinnamon, clove, cardamom, anise, ginger), vegeable gums (carrageenan, guar gum), madagascar bourbon vanilla extract.

Method: 1 scoop (i weighted the powder as ~ 30g) & mix with 6oz hot water (as per instructions.) From the total of 284g of powder that would make 9.5 servings x 6oz water = 1.6L tea.

First of all you’ll quickly be enveloped by the aroma of the spices … delicious. Can see fine particles of various color in the liquor (ground up ingredients).

Flavor: chai masala, spicy spices indeed!, not very milky(i guess because theyre using nonfat milk), not watery. one of the spices i feel more, might be the cardamon? or anise?. there is a little spicy-peppery feeling in the back of the throat. sweet but not too much, i might add some, cant really point to honey. Can feel spice particles if chewing with teeth.

Overall: pretty GOOOD as a chai masala, i like, i buy again and again.

The Original Chai Tea Latte Concentrate .Oregon Chai

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Found at Trader Joes, $3.99+tax (i’m not tax exempt afaik) for 32oz/944ml

Been eyeing this for 3 years and I just gave in (I blame it 😉 on World of Tea’s chai tea post, and then these guys started talking about it on Teachat 😀 , anyway ! THANKS ! go CHAI, masala chai that is)

This is a liquid concentrate of “chai” masala latte or whatever, made for Oregon Chai it contains an already made solution of the infused tea and spices. Aside from the bunch of useless crap on most of the label, there are a couple lines on how to prepare, and the ingredients (also on their website): Water, organic* evaporated cane juice, honey, organic* spices, organic* black tea, ginger, organic* vanilla, organic* natural flavors and citric acid. For a company that specializes in “chai” i’d say there shoulda been a longer list of spices. 22g carb/120ml(4oz) //(44g sugar in 8oz)(before milk) vs coca cola 27g /240ml(8oz)

Refrigerate after opening, consume in 4 weeks … shoulda read the label first

Method: add milk or such in equal quantity to the concentrate.

Flavor: with 2% hot milk a bit less than same quantity oregon: taste is similar to chai masala, sweet, tho a bit too milky, pleasant. Honey. Spices are there, not dominant resulting in a chai thats a bit simple-bland. Kinda reminds me of chai lattes made at The Coffee Bean in Los Angeles (overly sweet chai-ish, but i liked it better than Starbucks version).

With hot water, it tastes like: sweet, honey, black tea.

Overall: ok-alright for a sweet milky concoction, but not great as a chai masala, probably wont buy again.

Makinohara Sencha .Ito En

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Tea Notes> Green Tea> Sencha (for more)

ItoEn NY Store (review)(product link)  $8/2oz, also at $64/lb.

compared side be side to Chiran Kanayamidori

Method: 4g leaf, 4oz water at 65C (Makino got around 61C), ~ 1 min.

Leaf: Japanese green tea, with a yellow tint to it. Chiran is dark green. (cant compare leaf pics well as its different days one with more direct sun)

4g. then Middle pic is Makino Left, Chiran Right

Liquor: Chiran is green, Makino has a hint of yellow.

Flavor: there’s the main green sencha-fuka thick greenness, but compared to Chiran Kanayamidori fuka this Makino has more bitter “tannins”? (yes the bitter kind, not just regular concentrated stuff), and is less flavorful. Chiran more pleasant – more enjoyable “flavor tannins”, and is “sweet” compared to Makino.
(another take into consideration: makinohara’s water was a couple degrees cooler). So even if lowering water temps or shortening infusion i dont think i’ll like the Makino as there isn’t much flavor to it. (yup, tried ~50C the bitter stuff still in there).

Overall: not bad, but the bitter is not good 4 me. it’ll probably be just fine at work where i just drink whatever and dont notice, but at home with no distractions this wont do.

Chiran Kanayamidori .Ito En

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Tea Notes> Green Tea> Sencha (for more)

ItoEn NY Store (review)(product link)  $11/2oz, also at $88/lb.

i went to the Itoen store about 2 weeks ago, this how it went down:
me to the white man behind the counter: YO ! i wan somma youz fukamushis.
he: fu…ck..a..mooshy? *confused look*
me: yea, sencha fukamooshy, you kno, like deep steamed or somfin’
main lady gives him a stabbing look: chiran and makinohara
he still confused turns to fridge behind. fumbles and grabs the item, opens it and allows me to stick my schnoz and take a whiff, grab a pinch and make a sale.
well i guess he learned what a fuka is…

Leaf: might be japanese green tea … IT IS !!!

pics not whitebalanced or corrected so colors are a bit whack (esp last one)

Method: 4oz water @ 70C + 4g leaf x ~1min. Usually do 3 infusions in day to day drinking.

Liquor is darker than Dens fuka maki(not easily compared with my pics). Stuff in liquor settles quicker than Den’s clearing the liquor.

Flavor: drank this one right after Dens fuka maki (well ive been drinking from all the senchas for a couple weeks now). More “body” to the liquor. More green flavor, with some variation in flavor/sensation. Much more tannin coating the mouth; more enjoyable, it has, like, a personality. (to take into consideration that I also added like .5 oz water to the result because the leaf sucked up more water than Dens.) Astringency low. More aftertaste.
/* Seinfeld
More anything ?
Jerry: More everything !

Overall: very good imho, more bang for the same buck.

Premium Fukamushi Sencha Maki .DensTea.com

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Tea Notes> Green Tea> Sencha (for more)

Den’s Tea.com (review)(product link)  $11/2oz, also at $85/lb.

Leaf: looks like sencha to me 😛

Method: 4oz water @ 72C + 4g leaf x ~1min (also been drinking it at work with many variations of leaf, time, water temp). Usually do 3 infusions from it.

Flavor: well, first you get the fuka liquor which is that green opaque full of stuff liquid. then you enjoy a nice taste of grassness like in sencha but more “dense” and thicker with that green tannin on the tongue. there is i’d say low  astringency. in the back of throat sometimes i feel a tiny something towards bitter but that could be overinfusion. sometimes depending on strength i also get some fleeting sweet aftertaste feeling. To me any hint of yellow in the color suggests overinfused or something wrong with the leaf.

Overall: good fuka sencha. It has done well in many conditions, resists ok to overinfusion. not my first one so cant say i’m overwhelmed or excited after drinking it, but i can say i’ve been missing it if i dont have any … tho that could be the tea addiction…

Pure Black Teas’ Tea .Ito En

May 23, 2009 at 11:59 am | Posted in Black Tea, Darjeeling, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | 4 Comments

Found at a store on Park ave Manhattan … $2.5+tax! … got it only because i never had before


Flavor+aroma: a little fruity-flowery with a black tea tannin with that darjeelingy “twist”, medium astringency.

Overall: GOOD !! yay  😀 good bootled black tea, tastes like darjeeling, i see myself getting plenty of this, if its around 1.5$. Flavor is not as fine & refined and has more astringency and tannin as compared to my memory of ItoEn’s Weil for tea Darjeeling (discontinued) can.

Anyway that will make a good addition to the bottled teas list … i’d put it on #2, but right now i be feeling it a bit more enjoyable than Tejava… so there you go

Pure Black you have taken the #1 spot !!!

of bottled black tea
in my world of tea enjoyment,
probably will be there for a good while.

.*`’; fireworks ‘”#%!`’.

ps. itoen please change the label on these bottles, i’m appreciating them as plain and inconspicuous. barely noticed there was a plain black between the rest of the teas’ tea bottles – the color of the tea kind is very non contrasty with that blue background and those colored lines distract my eye (i know, i’m very important in the world of ad design and tea packaging)… also pls keep it simple and dont go overboard with all the natural antioxidant bs. that wont matter when people want to drink and they dont have money.

100% Organic Wuyi Oolong Tea .Rishi Tea

May 17, 2009 at 6:17 pm | Posted in Dark oolong, Oolong Tea, Tea Reviews | 1 Comment

Found at WholeFoods 8.99$ for 1.75oz in metal tin = 5$/oz = 80$/lb
online Rishi sells it cheaper than in 2007 (see bottom of this page) 1oz 3$, 1/2lb 17.75, 1lb 31$ … nice (hopefully this is not the 2008 crop ;))

to be updated- missing some words from tea notes lost due to shredder malfunction 😛
… its not supposed to shred tea notes

Leaf: its included with the nice container. smell a little green+tangy?! darjeelingish!

Smell: nutty + a little tobacco

Method: 4g, 190F, + 1cm water above the leaf

Flavor: dark oolong, some dark chocolate, nutty/buttery? (and in aroma), some tobacco (aroma)
~3g? 4oz, 200F, ~20s : “simple” but interesting and very enjoyable, nutty/buttery aroma & flavor, no “tannin” (at least while drinking hot), some astringency(dryness in mouth)

Overall: nice, lots of nutty, i like this wuyi more than most.

need to drink some more of this because i lost my tea notes again.

– oh noes not more tea !!! –

here’s my first rishi qilan cup from 2007:

November 4, 2007 at 12:05 am

had this at whole foods market, as always didnt take pic of tea leaf, so heres some area pics instead of Columbus Circle’s Time Warner Center, cup 12oz $1.6

a deep smooth/silky/satin feeling, with a flavor i cant describe, pretty long lasting silky aftertaste
the astringency (not much) had notes of chocolate,
there was some minor roasted flavor,
didnt taste any green feels.

the leaf was about 1 cm cuts, mostly dark green mixed with brown

very good i liked it alot.

got home and internet-vestigated
i think its from rishi tea because ipot (the other sold in WF) doesnt have wuyi oolongs

Rishi says this “organic wuyi oolong” is the Qi Lan WuYi Oolong

Babelcarp says: qilan = Wuyi oolong, literally Rare Orchid (奇兰 or 奇蘭)

online rishi doesnt sell too expensive 4$/oz, 22/.5LB
…cant find anyone else selling this except rishi … !!!

Oolong Shot .Ito En

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Found at Dean & Deluca 2$+tax/190ml …  deduct “fancy store surcharge” , still = 9$/L … :O

#2 of 2 from their “shot” lineup, the other being Sencha Shot

package contains the regular antioxidant doctors and other uhm goo intended to help sell it as a “health aide”. Label’s been slightly changed since 2 years ago,

now the polyphenol type stands out all contrasty and stuff, esp the blue next to the red… with a heavy red box on the can surely draws the eye … all this shiz – rather offending to my eyes, instead of something meaningful like what kind of oolong this is, when was it manufactured, some story about the monkeys that picked the leaf or whatever… eh… i didnt even bother to flip the can and read it, so maybe there is a story about monkeys – no there isnt, but there is a image of a monkey on the can…


Smell: light toast oolong tgy

Flavor: flavor is medium of a roasted tgy – not bad. some mild astringency and some overinfused tannin but mild.

Overall: not bad, too expensive, generic dark oolong- borderline better than regular bottled one,  not interesting like the DJ they took out… not majorly any better than the rest of available oolongs:

Organic Green Tea Original Green .Bigelow Tea

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ye random googlimaged post fluxboxed music link thus followeth:


to be differentiated from nystagmus

manufactured for bigelow.

rtd.g.bigelow-green-tSmell: … boiled cabbage :X

Flavor: mildly sweet, fruity drink (apple+pear+peach).

incredibly dilute tea flavor that i cant taste or smell anywhere.

Overall: again: (He)ll2-THa-(N.O.)2



finally done with winamp and foobar

all hail MusicBee


Green Tea flavored beverage .Qingdao Tsingtao Beer & Asahi

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grtdgreen-tea-qingdaoFound at H-mart ~ 1.6$
was unsure to buy it since it said “flavored beverage”, but there’s no sugar, so why not
distributed by Wang food, made by Qingdao Tsingtao beer & asahi … unfortunately this is not beer or a malt beverage.

Smell: tiny: honey!?

Flavor: some tannin, liquid… mild flavor of …something, maybe some mild (sugarless)honey-like, not roasted. not very weird, but not very enjoyable either.

Overall: not for me.

T2U Tea to You Green Tea .Dongwon

April 30, 2009 at 10:22 pm | Posted in Green Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | 3 Comments

Found at H-Mart (~2$ !… there were 3 kinds, got the unflavored, unsugared one) drinkt2u.com 3 flavors, says available at WholeFoods… Product of Korea.

gt2u-green-1 gt2u-green-2 gt2u-green-3

Package: i actually got it because it announces on its label: “Tea leaves are brewed for 11 minutes” – such honesty never been seen on a RTD bottle i figured there must be some translation mistake, or that’s how RTD companies really make bottled teas (btw i emailed Itoen on that a couple days ago, no response yet ;)). Also the bottle seems to be made of aluminum.

Smell: tiny- fruity sweet?!?

Flavor: green tea, cant say what kinds… there’s a citric twist to the flavor but not a citric-vitamin C property to the liquid itself… if i can put that in words… There’s minimal tea tannin or astringency. There is a tiny strangeness to this drink…. i mean it tastes alright, low astringency – which should make me happy (and reminded me of the weil line of itoen teas)… but it fails to excite my tastebuds … i cant put my finger on it… i think for ease of expression: the flavor is somewhat off? to what i would “recognize” as green tea… sorry dong won. Cant sense any roasted or pan fried as i can in itoen’s. i think its all got something to do with that ascorbic acid or whatnot- even tho it doesn’t feel strong, something is off-ing the flavors…

Overall: not bad, but i’m not fond of the flavor. or price.

Lifeboat Tea .Williamson Tea

April 25, 2009 at 7:24 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Breakfast, Tea Reviews | 1 Comment

found at Stop & Shop (NY)
$6.49/80 bags/e 250g/= ~17$/lb … ‘s alright with me

got because on the box said tea from Kenya (which someone tells me has more caffeine).

blifeboat-tea-williamson-tea-01 blifeboat-tea-williamson-tea-02

mirroring the quite previous post (Fairtrade Tea (Irish Breakfast?) .Punjana) allow me to paraphrase and quote myself’s typing:

Flavor: similar pattern of flavors like Yorkshire Gold .Taylors of Harrogate maybe somewhat more mild. Some assam maltiness + minor ceylonish, astringency and some kinda fruity? aftertaste or something in the throat. .. asking for milk and sugar.

Overall: its english or irish (no insult intended from me being confused). needs milk. nothing special.

not feeling it for this type of tea right now…

thats it. thats my tea note. nothing special, just like this tea blended and packaged in the UK at 7 Portland Close, Houghton Regis, Dunstable, England LU5 5AW. just in case you wanted to know.

Fairtrade Tea (Irish Breakfast?) .Punjana

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found at Stop & Shop (NY) > which actually landed in the Irishnews
$7.99 80 tbags ~250g = ~ 17$/lb meh not bad.

birish-breakfastpunjana-1 birish-breakfastpunjana-2

looking for more PGtips my left eye rested upon this shiny “new” item. Actually the eye was on their shiny green “Irish Breakfast” package, but i chose this ’cause it said “prized leaves from the Phulbari and Borengajuli tea gardens in Assam, India” -yes they had Assam text bolded on the boxxx…but it cost +1$ extra for their fairtraded prized leaf.

Flavor: similar pattern of flavors like Yorkshire Gold .Taylors of Harrogate maybe somewhat more mild. Some assam maltiness + minor ceylonish, astringency and some kinda fruity? aftertaste or something in the throat. .. asking for milk and sugar.

Overall: its english or irish (no insult intended from me being confused). needs milk. nothing special.

not feeling it for this type of tea right now… am matchafrothing at the mouth :O for the itoen fukamushis i got 1 week ago

Black and Green Tea with Acai Berry and Vitamins .Fuze

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bgfuze-black-green-acaineeded a minimum for creditcard purchase

Smell: berries?

very busy label-packaging: annoying. Black+Green TEA largest… even tho it barely tastes as such.

Flavor: somewhat sweet (15g/serving, “About 2 Servings” <— !?! = 30g sugar in 480 mL, total drink is 547ml), some “citric flavor” (not lemon/orange/grapefruit), some mild berry flavor,

no idea where green OR black tea flavor is at… cant sense any in the aroma either…

Overall: not bad, i enjoyed it more than snapple’s acai thing, but does not taste like tea to me 😦

<– comp screen- not watching porn. but no large pic… just in case …

dont see anything else drinkable in Fuze’s current lineup, and the one Fuze i sorta liked (oolong !) was discontinued.

Earl Grey .Twinings

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Black Tea notes > Flavored > Earl Grey | Twinings

Served at Opia restaurant(NYC), menu said Mighty Leaf, but i received this. oh well… 4$


~5oz ~ 3 minutes, good smell, medium-low flavor, added ton of sugar (as i like it, brings out the bergamot, diminishes “tannin/bitter”, tho ends up too sweet/syrupy, & I get a “dirty” aftertaste in the mouth from the sugar).

The “good” earlgrey flavor i like. Their lady grey was weird..

Did another ~ 2oz reinfusion which came out more dilute.

So probably 1 teabag/6oz/3min is the most you can get out of this tbag.

Was ok, better than Harney&Sons (tho it might have been dilute, there was almost no flavor in it).

Super Butterfly Wuyi .DavidsTea.com

March 13, 2009 at 5:39 pm | Posted in Green oolong, Oolong Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

DavidsTea.com (review)(product link-oos, goog cache)  $30/50g = 17/oz… 272/lb ! :O thats some expensive stuff
review sample courtesy of David’s Tea.

Dry leaf: ok, some smell of green oolongyness with a hint of tannin dust 😛

4g———————————————–4oz gaiwan—————————–#1


#3 ————- pictures are dark so liquor is darker.

4g 4oz 194F/90C

#1- 2min: smell “nutty-buttery”, taste ok ~ green …”regular” oolong, feels a little dilute, not completely watery – there is some “body” to the liquor from some sort of acidy quality. some nutty-buttery in the aftertaste. no astringency/tannin. no flowery/orchid anywhere (aroma, flavor).
#2- 3min: same nice smell with a hint of tangy tannin, flavor same, pretty regular. no astringency/tannin (very low). a little tiny sweet aftertaste on the tongue.
#3- 5min?: hmmm, lower in flavor, some low tannin now. still low on the astringency…

not feeling much from this session… thinking either not hot enough, or not enought leaf?

4g 4oz 212F/100C

#1- 3min: hmmm, not much has changed, strange. mildly tanninic or astringent tho not in a green feel- more like a little dryness in the mouth…. same flavor: some regular oolong, but not much flavor- just the “body” of the liquor in the mouth…
#2- 3min: medium tannin, same flavor.

there is some roasting or is it oxidizing? in the leaf- liquor is a faded orange, but wet leaf shows no signs.

checked my tastebuds with a 1 year old gaoshan green oolong which had more flavor and aroma than this…

Overall: low tannin/astringency, low flavor. cant find something to enjoy in this.

unsweetened green tea .365 (Whole Foods brand)

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Found at Whole Foods Market/NY $1.3

organic. not sure when tea became inorganic but yeah… i was also wanting to buy the jumbo eggs, and one of the workers at WF kept suggesting the organic jumbo eggs: “those are organic” pointing to the brown ones. “alright”, and i grab the chicken layered, white, inorganic, calcium shells, filled with pre-embryonic nutritive goo. uh… the dingo ate your inorganic baby ms. inorganic chicken. leave it to people to redefine a word and make money off it…

Flavor: citric acid (“lemon-like  sensation”) combined with a pack of tannins = quite astringent (and dry mouth feel). overinfused feel. Some low tea “flavor” when letting air pass out the nose. also present: a sort of roasted? sensation/id go even to say some faint tobacco in the nose…. ugh…

Overall: i don’t like it. no list for you.0_re

Oolong Tea .UCC

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Found at Sakura Ya (japanese mart) Forest Hills/NY, 0.99$

Tastes pretty good on the first sip: “authentic” well roasted oolong, then tannins come in and cover most of that (eg “numb” my tastebuds) and feel just a general dark oolong flavor and tannins in the mouth.

Overall: good, i’d definitely buy again. (rtd listed)

Sweet Tea .McDonald’s

March 5, 2009 at 5:54 pm | Posted in Black Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

1$ ?

Tastes like …candy …this thing is very sweet (and i like sugar).
there’s some kind of indian blend black tea flavor (lipton ? 😉 ). no astringency (well yeah, thanks to a ton of sugar)

Sencha Fuka-midori .DensTea.com

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Tea Notes> Green Tea> Sencha (for more)

Den’s Tea.com (review)(product link)  $6.5/2oz, also at $50/lb, nice price.

Leaf: looks like sencha to me 😀, maybe i’d say there isnt much long leaf in here ?

Method: cupwan, gaiwan, mug. mostly 4g in 4oz.

4g…………………………………….. + 4oz & ….. 1min = ……………………………………..&& . . 2min =
this color correction is starting to annoy me, but the liquor color seems right, even tho that paper is off…


2g/ 4oz/ ?? temp (1/3 20C water + 2/3 93C)/ think i did less than 1 min.

sort of mild, not really watery, some flavor, green, etc

4g/ 40z/ ??temp/ 2min x 2

good but still i’d say medium strength flavor, astringency low

4g/ 4oz/ ??temp/ 1min, 2min (See pics above)

#1- 1 min: good flavor, still “medium” strength, but i like this infusion.
#2- 2 min: some astringency is present but its sort of a mild green tannin + a sweetness?/”roundness” to it = its not harsh, not unpleasant!

some aftertaste, not bad.

liquor is cloudy – i thought only fukamushis are like that, tho this wasnt as cloudy as the fuka i had.

wet leaf tastes neutral, not bad. looks like some leaf stems are included.

Overall: its a pleasant tea, easy to drink,  sort of a “everyday” feel to it, mild-medium flavor, low astringency.

Bai Ji Guan .TenFu

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TenFu is TenRen in China.
gift from Warren, thank you.

i’ve been enjoying this tea for a while now, not much has changed in my interpretation of the tongue sensations 🙂

Leaf: light smell, some roast.  looks like a roasted or oxidized wu (shame ! i should start to learn how to differentiate these.)

Method: various.


3.5g/4oz/190F/ (see video below)

#1- 1 min: not watery, but a light flavor(i’d say something like grapefruit-orange diluted in water)… sort of “acidy”? in mouth, citrus-like sensations(not the flavor part)
#2- 2 min:  but more …light? delicate?. anyway, some tannin/astringency appears
#3- more green tannin to it.

4g/4oz/200F/ (another day)(infusions paused just to strain liquor to cups) wet leaf has a tobacco smell to it.

#1- 20 sec: flavor is very light, some “citrus sensations”, not really watery – there is some …”mouthfeel”?
#2- 20 sec: + some tannin, not astringent
#3- 30 sec: sort of acidy in mouth
#4- continues
#i forget: 2min: same, tannin/astringent barely makes it to a medium intensity.
another 3 min: really similar…

light aftertaste of the flavor, pleasant.

Overall: an interesting tea, very Dan-Cong-like to me in profile- like this Yu lan xiang, but: light flavor, hard to make it astringent/bad.

2008 Yunnan Gold “Jin Si” Golden Tips Black Tea .HouDeAsianArt.com

February 26, 2009 at 7:37 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Tea Reviews, Yunnan | Leave a comment

TEA> Black Tea> China> Yunnan (for more)

HouDeAsianArt.com(review)(product link). 11.5/2oz = 5.75/oz, also at 69/1lb; nice price.

long post, with comparison and video.

Leaf: nice gold, some darker leaf.

Method: 2g 4oz, 4g 4oz, 4g 8oz, 190 thru 208F water filtered, 2-3min.

Flavor: good strong yunnan gold flavor, malty, some “honey”, some “wine”
2g 4oz 3min is alright with me, clean taste, pleasant, easy, very minor tannin, but 4g 4oz 2min is more my taste.(tho it brings out a med tannin with some astringency)
Pleasant aftertaste of the same flavor.

Comparison: Houde, Davids Golden Monkeys, Yunnan Sourcing Pure Small Buds.
note: these observations are under a “tense” state & senses “honed” to detect something. In real life – day to day – i just make tea and drink it for pleasure… plus: I’ve already had a couple sessions of “comparison” between these 2 so i’m rather caffeinated and jittery :D.

Leaf: Davids sure looks like a gold golden goldy…

Houde ……………… ………………   …………….Davids Golden Monkeys ……… ……………..Yunnan Sourcing Pure Small Buds.

Liquor Aroma: Houde: less strong, more towards “chocolate”; Davids: “sweet”?!


Houde- LEFT, Davids-RIGHT

Davids darker liquor, flavor & aroma are less intense(1/3 or 1/4) towards “dull” when cold, compared to Houde. There are some flavor differences but i cant really detail.

4g/4oz/190F/2 min (or longer)

Houde ……………… ………………   …………….Davids Golden Monkeys

Leaf left to float just for show/pictures/video, other infusions leaf was guided below water 🙂

Houde & Davids very similar, more tannin/astringent, not sure i’d be able to tell apart.

I dot have the YG from YS (well, i do, but its 1 yr old). from memory when i first opened it: flavor: again very similar, maybe a bit more pungent and more “fresh” than both (not saying either are old/stale, just a flavor observation in my mouth and memory.)

Leaf: Houde darker & floats, vs Davids which doesn’t float. (whatever this observation means.)

Wet leaf: Houde: not as nice as Davids: very nice, FAT buds.

Houde ……………… ………………   …………….Davids Golden Monkeys

Comparison conclusion: Houde & Davids very similar flavor, not sure i’d be able to tell apart in day to day drinking.

no smokiness in either of these. (i actually enjoy a little of that, and so my favorite yunnan black gold tips on golden monkeys tippy hairy tea of all time is the Premium Yunnan Black Gold from Yunnan Sourcing.)

China Black Tea .FooJoy

February 21, 2009 at 2:26 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Keemun, Tea Reviews | 1 Comment

Found at Hong Kong Supermarket/Elmhurst NY. ~3$/box(7oz) ~ 0.4/oz  ~7/lb … for real

Unlike any of the teabag boxes i’ve bought this one has a bag of plastic with flaps that fold over the teabags – kinda helps to keep from ventilating but its not perfect… still for 3$ its a nice thought.

Method: 1tbag/6oz, 2tbag/12oz <3min. Teabags seem a bit weird, not very permeable, seem a bit slow to infuse too. I opened a bag and infused the fannings by themselves and it came out much faster.

Flavor: low strength, keemun-like thing? Aroma is nice similar to keemun maybe some very low smoky.
If steeped a bit longer: a sharp wave of “teabag tannins” on the tongue. Medium astringent in sides of mouth, but this goes away with the swallow. Aroma is nice similar to keemun maybe some very low smoky.

Tastes much better cold, astringency is not as apparent. There is some low aftertaste similar to flavor, not bad.

Overall: still a teabag with the kind of astringency/tannin i dislike, ok flavor. not sure i’d get again.

Sencha Ashikubo .DavidsTea.com

February 19, 2009 at 11:47 pm | Posted in Green Tea, Sencha, Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

Tea Notes> Green Tea> Sencha (for more)

DavidsTea.com (review)(product link)  $18.75/50g = 10.65/oz, 170/lb …i hope i did that right
review sample courtesy of David’s Tea.

a little problem with the label: it says this is a rooibos apple caramel 😉 but sounds tasty 😀

Method: ~2g, 4oz, ~180F(in cup), 2min. (also did others, i tried a 4g,4oz was too strong).

Flavor: vegetal, plant leaf, grass, some green astringent, a little bit of “foody” (as i call it “egg” flavor). I didnt sense any roast in flavor or aroma.

Aftertaste: Most of the time you get a sort of dry/roughness in the mouth (depending on strength of infusion). But also there’s a quite interesting & pleasant component: about 2 minutes after drink, breathe thru mouth, then swallow, you feel a sweetness in the whole mouth (not just throat). This lasts pretty long(depending on infusion strength), even at half hour i still feel something!! … it reminds me of drinking ginseng oolong. Miss the good parameters (temp/time/amount) and i got it quite astringent and harsh vegetal.

Overall: good flavor & aftertaste, con: price, sensitive to parameters (temp/time/amount).

2004 Loose Leaf Imperial Puerh .PuerhShop.com

February 17, 2009 at 12:02 am | Posted in Looseleaf puerh, Pu-Erh, Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

TEA> Puerh> Looseleaf Pu (for more)

Puerhshop.com(review) (not available anymore). 6.49/100g  = 1.8/oz ~ 21$/lb … mmm…..

Leaf: chopped loose pu. you know the kind.

Method: 4g 4oz 4min or so, and various other variants…

Flavor: good loosepu flavor, you know: some dark chocolate-like hints, wood/bark, no camphor, no pond, no dust, medium astringency mostly sides of tongue.

Aftertaste: now this is the interesting part of this pu. Its quite magical at times, one time i got this quite strong sweet aftertaste (esp when breathing thru mouth, but it was all over the mouth not just back of throat), recently i got another change in the aftertaste but i forgot how to describe it… Havent been able to reliably reproduce the experiences, so might be related to what i ate/mindset (tho most teas haven’t given me such a curious experience)

Overall: quite enjoyable & $sheep !

and some video of the pu infusing and rising some steam…

Golden Monkey .DavidsTea.com

February 16, 2009 at 2:39 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Tea Reviews, Yunnan | Leave a comment

TEA> Black Tea> China> Yunnan (for more)

DavidsTea.com (review)(product link)  $15/50g = 8.5/oz, 102/lb … a bit high for me
review sample courtesy of David’s Tea.

I’m a HUGE fan of yunnan black tea (dian hong). gold or no gold. From the name and the pretty website …i guessed 😉 this would be a gold one.  No idea why label says this tea is from Keemun

Leaf: looks good, mostly gold – yay, some gold dust (the amount of this will give more or less froth/foam when pouring water on tea). Aroma from bag is a bit light. Wet leaf looks good, see mostly buds.

Method: 4g in 4oz 206F/96C water 2,3,3min (and other various). It could go for more than the 3 infusions i listed.

Flavor: good yunnan gold flavor. not as strong as i remember (YS’s pure small bud), malty, some honey, some “wine”, not sensing any “foody, ceylon” (that i dont like). not smoky.  Tannin/astringency in the sides of mouth is not bad, low. Aftertaste: Quite a lot of “tannin” that ends up on the palate and throat (makes throat feel dry). Feeling caffeine effects.

Overall: a good tea/con: price. does good reinfused.

Oolong Tea Drink .Young Energy Source Co, LTD

February 14, 2009 at 4:22 pm | Posted in Dark oolong, Oolong Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | 7 Comments

and now, > > > quick revu
Made in TW by Young Energy Source
wonder if they used Google to translate 😀

^click for more of the bottle
medium sugary
low roast oolong flavor
lots of sugar aftertaste “dirty mouth”

again: no


Low Sugar FOR BETTER TOMORROW, ? — YES !!! definitely. i agree.
if only i could control myself…

QiLan Wuyi Oolong Tea .amazing-green-tea.com

February 12, 2009 at 10:00 pm | Posted in Dark oolong, Oolong Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Amazing-green-tea.com (review)(product link)
review sample courtesy of Julian @ amazing-green-tea.

pkg……………………..dry leaves…………..go!…………………….2min…………………and drink it

and 3min…………….drinked……………..another 3min……….4min………………..drunk & curious
pics a bit blurry, having jello hands lately… just a couple marginally white balanced, sorry, i’m kinda out of it.

Leaf: opened package & receive a strong smell like “dark chocolate“, ~8g leaf.

Method: 4g, ~4oz water, ~80-90C in cup, ~ 2min, 3, 3, 4. Other 3.5g went for ~3oz or less & 3min, 4, 4.

Taste: nice strong flavor, roasted dark oolong (not to the point of charcoal flavors), maybe i’d say burnt sugar?(speculating) , i didnt quite sense chocolate + some “green oolong” flavors = nice mix. I cant really define the flavors but i enjoyed the balance. The “green” tannins come out when steeped longer, makes for some astringency. Not really “green”, but …a hint of greenness… like adding pepper to food. With the longer infusions, you get the astringency & tannins, but also a nice, pretty long lasting sweet aftertaste everytime – take that you fickle pu-erhs…. A bit less “rounded” than i imagined from my first time with qilan, did not find the “silk” i remember – then again, i may have not found the optimum infusion parameters, and i’m not sure the notes from my first qilan were completely right.

Overall: ok but the variegated flavor keeps it exciting.

WordPress editor can be quite irritating especially when not in the mood for its crap. I asked them why there’s no button for changing font size and i got some nonsense answers…so you have to go in the html editing mode and add some silly script that changed from last year… ok? … but theres a friggin “insert more” <-wtf is this for & a stupid “quote button” ; the underline button is not next to the other style buttons. there’s a stupid erase formatting button, when they could’ve put that in the formating dropbox. yah dont get me started mmkay…

Oolong Tea Drink .Famous House

February 11, 2009 at 11:47 pm | Posted in Dark oolong, Oolong Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

Found at Hong Kong Supermarket/Elmhurst NY. ~0.7$/can

Made by Famous House Food Industrial Corp. another Taiwanese drink. no french on the can this time. Not called “drink” on the label, but by me – its got sugar in it.

Flavor: very light on the sugar – nice. some medium-low “generic”  roast tgy flavor(yah, ‘cos i’m the tgy expert, lol); not sure because very faded but seems to have a grain quality to me.

Overall: No: low flavor, even tho low on sugar it leaves alot of unpleasant sugar “aftertaste”.

but… Nice can. Very Nice!

Assam Milk Tea, Loire River .ChinChin

February 10, 2009 at 10:30 pm | Posted in Black Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Found at Hong Kong Supermarket/Elmhurst NY. ~0.7$/can

Manuf by King Lucky Food Industrial Corp. Yes i did just write that. At least their website lists products they make, unlike the biggest food corp in taiwan.

“Experience the peaceful leisure of afternoon delicacy”

well, dear, its 9pm, well into the night and certainly past my bed time… here’s what i’m experiencing:

Flavor: milk 2% fat <–*¡Ay Mijo!* what a ugly rofl image.
so yeah, milk with a weirdness to it (like from milk powder, but more better than this crap: Hillside latte) There is some tea flavor 2/3 milk 1/3 tea something. sweet.

Overall: meh, not bad, i might buy it, bordering on watery.


Ps: enjoying with  Assam Laksa (weird flavor), and Kari Laksa(delicious, tho a bit salty) from Taste Good right next to Hong Kong Supermarket in Elmhurst.

Black Tea Drink .Tung-I

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Found at Hong Kong Supermarket/Elmhurst NY. ~0.7$/can

Manuf by Uni-President Enterprises (Taiwan), tho i cant find this product on their corp website …hmmm.
Ah: Wikipedia lesson of the day: Uni-President Enterprises Corporation (TSE: 1216) (traditional Chinese: 統一企業公司; simplified Chinese: 统一企业公司; pinyin: Tǔng Yī Qì Yè; Wade-Giles: T’ung-i Chi-yeh) … the largest food production company in Taiwan … responsible for running Starbucks, 7-Eleven, and Carrefour in Taiwan :O !

and if you want to know calories this drink made it on the web apparently.

Flavor: syrup-y, sweet, tea, black of some sort. No astringency, no tanninness. A grain-y quality (ingredients list barley alongside: eau, sucre, the noir, orge).
Didnt know Taiwanese fancy le francais… mah dawgs, le WOOF

Overall: meh, sweet syrupy drink… not unpleasant, i’d actually buy again.

Matcha Kaze .DensTea.com

February 7, 2009 at 10:15 pm | Posted in Green Tea, Matcha, Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

Tea Notes> Green Tea> Matcha (for more)

Den’s Tea.com (review)(product link)  $12/20g = 17/oz = 204/lb

Leaf: uhm …powder?

Method: various, room temp water, 60-70-90C. various drinking teawares. No chasen, no plans to get-chasen makes foam – me no like foamyness incl beer  “head”… plus it looks like you’re preparing shaving lather (just mal-associations in my mind.) anywho. Maybe most of the time i end up making koicha(more matcha) rather than usucha(more water).

Using a strainer i sift the matcha a little, then pour water thru, then whisk & squish around with the strainer in the mug until clumps are dissolved (see vid). Tried the matcha in bottle and shook, but not being strained clumps persisted ended up in my mouth (plus, shaking bottle makes foam.)

Flavor: creamy, “soft“/smooth, “grass“/wheatgrass?(havent had some in years), not powdery, not astringent(ok some low in sides of mouth), just flavor = very nice 🙂
sweetness (in aftertaste, after 1-2 min- depending on concentration.)

Overall: my first matcha, a bit milder than i immagined. but good pleasant flavor, no/minimal astringent (compared to the supermarket Maeda-en matcha which sucked). pleasant aftertaste. Definitely like this matcha thing.

Shiki Matcha .Maeda-en

February 5, 2009 at 9:02 pm | Posted in Green Tea, Matcha, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Tea Notes> Green Tea> Matcha (for more)

found at asian supermarket (H-Mart) 8.99/box 1oz.

my 2nd matcha, have something to compare to: Den’s Matcha Kaze.

there’s an airtight bag inside, made me think its gonna be some good tasty matcha time…

Flavor: seems dusty-powdery to my mouth, add a coughing sensation :/
astringent, not smooth, not sweet, not creamy :\

a bit similar to YMY instant powder tea…but iirc YMY’s wasn’t as tanninic/astringent.

Overall: i see green powder. i like to look at it, but i don’t wanna taste it.

Organic Orchid Oolong .DavidsTea.com

February 2, 2009 at 10:04 pm | Posted in Green oolong, Oolong Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

DavidsTea.com (review)(product link)  $10/50g = 5.68/oz
review sample courtesy of David’s Tea.

Leaf: small oolong nuggets. I’m no florist so not sure if this is orchid smell, but definitely some sort of flower mixed with green oolongness. Wet leaf shows some signs of oxidation (browned margins), though flavor remains on the very green side. Some stems.

Method: 4g tea, 4oz water, time (various minutal variations: 1,2,3)
tried the 90C but seems to burn the leaf: astringency (+) in the first infusion, and throughout the subsequent.
then did 70C: seems to do better, no astringency.

Flavor: (not counting the 90C one): seems to be a sort of “regular green oolong flavor” …green… 😀 (my favorite word lately, someone lend me a tea verbiage manual), with a sort of mint-like sensation/flavor. Aroma is flowery?-herbal!? medium strength, i’m not sure i’d call it orchid (it reminds me of chamomile).

Overall: not my thing.

Guan Yin Wang .amazing-green-tea.com

February 1, 2009 at 6:33 pm | Posted in Green oolong, Oolong Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Amazing-green-tea.com (review)(product link)
review sample courtesy of Julian @ amazing-green-tea.

pics a bit in blurryville…

Leaf: nice tightly rolled green oolong. I’m guessing a kind of TGY?. Nice “flowery” aroma (tho not overly pungent) escaped the opened 7g package.

Method: 3.5g + 3oz water around 90C/194F. Time: 30s, 1min, 3min, 5min, 10min.

Taste: like a gaoshan/high mountain oolong i think, without any “egg-flavor”(as i call it) = yay, just a nice “green”-oolong.  Not much astringency/tannin in front of tongue but very small. Mostly just flavor. Did very well in re-infusions. Not much astringency was present. Aroma was still present, less than the opened package “hit”, i think maybe its similar to honeysuckle flower, but i havent done any side-by-side to be sure.

Overall: very nice everyday oolong for my taste. Low astringency, just flavor, no “foody-ness”, nice aroma, can be reinfused many times.

[might add a video, if i piece together the clips]

Playing with Match no chasen (video)

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Huangshan Maofeng Everyday Grade .amazing-green-tea.com

January 26, 2009 at 9:10 pm | Posted in Green Tea, just green tea, Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

Amazing-green-tea.com (review)(product link) 5.45/50g = 3/oz, 36/lb
review sample courtesy of Julian @ amazing-green-tea.

compared to my previous HSMF experiences ZGC, Chado

Leaf: seems fresh, strong smell of “green” maybe “grass”
Different aspect, curly, more like bilochun
Seem to be plucked from younger, top leaf & bud vs ZGC/Chado(older bigger/lower leaves.)

Method: 60C/140F on first, 80C/176F and up on the next (measured in cup)

Taste: compared to HSMF ZGC, Chado, this one is more towards green/grass, not much “hay”, less “pan fried” sensation & less “oily” (which made it different and more pleasant to me).

“green astringency” is pulled with hotter infusion,

after first sip seems to “block” flavor of next sips, which taste mostly green “astringent”/tannin in back, sides.

sometimes felt a tiny sweet in the aftertaste (especially with longer infusion)

pleasant “green” aftertaste

Overall: this is a good green tea, might be good quality too. I enjoyed it due to lack of “pan-friedness/oily” i’ve come to be bored of in chinese teas.

Earl Grey Supreme .Harney & Sons

January 17, 2009 at 1:05 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Earl Grey, Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

1.8$ hot water + teabag @ au bon pain (not bread, but pain, as in painfully overpriced).

was waiting around so i thought i’d get some tea to pass the time…

The teabag smelled really nice, the profile i like. Dipped it in 8?oz about 3 minutes…

Taste: uhm… lets say some mild citrus/lemon? + uhm… cardboard? … i tried to figure out
what the heck i was tasting… re-introduced the bag in water, swirled it around some more
maybe got some mild bergamot, tannin/atringent came out, added all that sugar, but in the end …

Overall: nice smelling teabag bag, tastes like sweet cardboard juice (if sugar added).

Black Pearl .Lipton

January 1, 2009 at 2:36 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Tea Reviews | 1 Comment

What better way to start the New Year than with Lipton tea bags in my fav mug ! YAY tea !

And: since i have a ($10) scale with “+/- 0.1g precision” i did weigh the tea content of the “pyramid” teabags. its ~ 2g of “leaf”… And this leaf does contain a couple bits longer than 2mm. which may be stems. or represent the 3mm long leaf found in the lipton tea fields?


Compare leaf, left to right: Lipton black pearl, Ineeka black, Yunnan “gold” premium, Yunnan gold (YSLLC)
bottom: an oolong.
leaf size itself wont give a better flavor. just comparing manufacturer claims.

Method: 2bags in 16oz mug, 1bag 4oz, 1 bag 8oz, etc x 3-5 min, 200F water.

Flavor: not much flavor other than teabag black. some astringency and same nondescript Lipton black tea flavor (an Indian mix of some kind). depending on infusion strength tannins remain coating the mouth, sometimes give a sweet feeling…. Might have a bit more flavor than regular teabags and less of the “dusty”-“concentrated” “tannin”
as regular lipton bags… Maybe not as much flavor or tarty/tanninic as Taj Mahal, PGtips, Yorkshire Gold(my fav tbag), but none of them is “a winner” on my tastebuds. I drink it, its not really trash, but not that good.

Overall: these PYRAMIDS or the “PURE LONG LEAF” !!! did nothing to make the tea taste better. The only reason I would buy any tea bags is the “convenience” factor. throw it in a mug, 3min, throw it out, drink, wonder why didnt spend 2 more minutes to use the better tea i have (i suppose i dont want to run out of the good stuff, so i drink tbags.)

Pai Mu Tan White Tea .Puerhshop.com

December 28, 2008 at 12:57 pm | Posted in Green Tea, just green tea, Tea Reviews | 1 Comment

Puerhshop.com(review) (product link). ~$3.5/50g/1.7oz = ~2/oz = ~$33/lb.

Cleaning out my closet …found this one in a drawer 😛

Leaf: looks ok, kinda varied, some broken leaves. buds, many cute silvery buds . This tea is called Pai mu tan, Bai mu dan and …White hairy monkey; hairy monkey sounds right, tho i dont like to drink wet hairy monkeys that much.

Method: 5g + 4oz 60C water x 3min. (also tried 40C, 100C in other “experiments”)

excuse the unprocessed unsharpened some darker imgs, me so lazy.

Taste: long-jing-ish, “pan-fried oil” taste of chinese green tea, a low tad of astringency was present …eh. Lots of these “fried oily” components remain and coat the tongue and leave a long “aftertaste” on your mouth, sometimes a slight hint of sweet in the aftertaste. Reinfusions go ok, green “astringency/tannin” gets stronger. Not much in the smell/aroma department. No flowery from this one, and not sure if this is the same as white peony but many moons ago i had a bagged white peony which was delicious and flowery – White Peony .Triple Leaf Tea

Wet leaf: seems mostly it would be bud leaf but some are chopped, not very homogeneous looking.

Overall: its ok, doesn’t work for me.

2007 Winter FengHuang WuDong Old Bush DanCong “Huang Jing” .HouDeAsianArt.com

December 27, 2008 at 5:47 pm | Posted in Dark oolong, Oolong Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

HouDeAsianArt.com(review)(product link). 19.5/2oz or 117/1lb

i got this because i was the pretty leaf  tho i cant find the link now (on Phyll‘s blog maybe).

Leaf: big, whole leaf, pretty brown-yellow colors. some are very twisted and dark(roast?)

#1 5g 40C 4oz 1-1.5min poured in 1oz cups,
waited for liquor to cool down
drinking a cup then breathing out thru the nose
ooooooooooh so pretty
on the tongue this fruity-flowery sensation (sorry cant say which fruit)
the 4th oz tasted a little towards roastedness

#2 reinfused 4oz 60C ~40sec, waited for liquor to cool (cant enjoy this when hot)
some very tiny tannin…. still so pretty
the 3rd oz cup oh so flowery (breathing out thru nose)
some tannin now left on tongue but just feels like roughness in touch not flavor.
#3 reinfused 4oz 46C
a little more tiny tannin/astringent (yes little tiny tannin), less of the fruity-flowery, but still pretty.
#4 reinfused 4oz 90C ~1min
mild-med tannin but without much “tannin flavor” except if i played with the liquor on the tip of the tongue can then feel medium tannin. medium-low of the fruity-flower flavors/aroma.

other note: seems tasting these little cups over and over leads to alot of air being inhaled, if you dont just sip the liquor, gave me a sensation of being tired, i can see from a rapid succession of drinking lots of many little cups can lead to  dizziness from “increased breathing rate”.

Overall: the tastiest nicest & prettiest dancong i’ve had so far.

2005 Golden Sail Brand Loose Leaf Pu-erh Tea .PuerhShop.com

December 23, 2008 at 4:51 pm | Posted in Looseleaf puerh, Pu-Erh, Shu (cooked), Tea Reviews | 4 Comments

Puerhshop.com(review) (not 2005 but 2006/but may be a different item: product link). 2.24/4oz :O  = ~ 9$/lb ( o_O) * !!?!

received with an order, its a ~ 8.4g sample.

Leaf: looks chopped up loose cooked/shu pu. some gray dust + on leaf might suggest “old” ?

Method: not regular tasting setup, but starting to enjoy sitting down at my desk with camera on a Joby Gorillapod instead of standing at kitchen counters and bracing to hand hold 1/8 sec exposures 4.4oz in 200F 4oz, x2

there was lots of slick “film” on the surface of the liquor, but as it cooled down too fast i didnt manage to shoot it.

1min: hot vapors of nutty dustiness (not really liking), flavor of dusty wood. some sort of concentrated tannin in the back of throat but not rest of mouth, not much aftertaste but doesnt feel watery.

2min: some sort of wet soil, dirt, dust, concentrated tannin (maybe can say like dark chocolate bitterness but that’s too much compared to this).

Update: did try it with less time but the flavors did not change for me (less concentrated yes). too much “dust and soil”

Overall: not enjoying this.

2006 Changtai 339 Pu-erh Tea Cake .Puerhshop.com

December 19, 2008 at 5:53 pm | Posted in Pu-Erh, Sheng (raw green), Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

Puerhshop.com(review) (product link). was 17.99/368g(13oz) = ~ 22.5$/lb (sweet price)

received with an order, its a 6.6g sample.

Leaf: looks mixed?/different colors (… no idea)

Method: not in my usual setup, I laid out the little teacups from the gaiwan set for their first time usage in ~ 2years.
3.6g in 4oz gaiwan but in batches of different unrecorded times most >25 sec <1min.
Photoed in natural light to avoid unpleasant colors of incandescent/fluorescent bulbs.

First of all a superb smoky smell quickly emanated from the liquor, it immediately drew my attention. (I am a fan of low smokiness especially in yunnan blacks, but i dislike lapsangs.)


first little teacup was 30sec and the unfurled leaf did not release enough flavor =  watery on my tongue, though the smoky smell was nice and strong. follows: tannin greenish, tannin/astringency, 4oz later cant feel tannin much anymore, last oz was longer and felt green astringency. smokyness still going.
1-2 min after drinking, a mild sweet sensation felt in the back of throat but also tip of tongue?! I think i was also feeling the smokyness on my tongue ! (in my opinion the smokyness is nicely balanced, its not strong overpowering).
about after 8oz total the wet leaf smells of green pu 🙂 aside of smoky.
more green now 🙂
a little longer infusion and green tannin/astringency stands out but still “smoky”

Overall: the 1st green pu (of not that many) I am excited to drink !

Update: 2 days later this gives me as too much smokyness, and the smoky i feel now as rather on the chemical side as well just like lapsang…

PureLeaf Iced Tea Unsweetened .Lipton

December 18, 2008 at 11:02 pm | Posted in Black Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

~ 1.5 depreciated US dollar$ @ yer locale supermarché.

related to this post: Pureleaf Black Tea with Lemon .Lipton

had some food earlier (cream cheese and buffalo wings) so the taste i got was a puckering sensation in the cheeks with minimal tea tannin or tea taste.

clean mouth = strong citric on front & top tongue which is the dominant sensation = 😦
minimal tea taste 😦

Overall 😦

yes ? NO

2006 Banzhang Arbor King Pu-erh Tea .Puerhshop.com

December 12, 2008 at 2:14 pm | Posted in Pu-Erh, Shu (cooked), Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Puerhshop.com(review) .

got this as a sample with another order. can’t find any info on it.

Method: 200F filtered water, cupwan, 30s,40,40,50

correcting artificial light white balance sucks. colors are probably off.

30s,  in 3oz,  (just ate some fat&sugar, may affect taste)
smell/aroma: nutty
flavor is nice, strong, does not taste green, so i guess its a shu. “soft wood” flavor (based on some memories),
some throat dryness,  no astringent/tannin in rest of mouth=i like.

30s, 4oz,  darker liquor
more intensy woody + aroma (nose)
like. no astringent/tannin

40s, mild tannin.
50s, flavor changed a little, some tiny concentrated bitterness spike. somewhat watery now.

Wet leaf: looks like parts of leaf, some intact leaves here and there. gritty-sandy feeling, brittle hard leaves.

Overall: i like this.

Pure Oolong Tea Unsweetened .Bombilla & Gourd

December 7, 2008 at 2:19 pm | Posted in Dark oolong, Oolong Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Found at Zaytuna’s (NY) $1.99 + tax … nice price for a “new” product, placed next to ItoEn and Adagio bottled teas.

As their green tea did not satisfy me
i was naturally & organically a little suspicious,
but here it is:

Smell: off to a good start: some sort of dark oolong !

Taste: there is a sufficient amount of astringency/tannin (not bitterness) on the tongue but its not overpowering.  Follows a dark oolong flavor, maybe a ‘generic’ wuyi or TGY?…may be something else, i cant type it. The tannin then leaves a dry sensation on the tongue and throat. Can’t feel any of the vit C/ascorbic in the flavor (it might be mixed/covered by the tannin), but there are no other weird flavors or chemical tastes. … it does taste like a ‘pure oolong tea’, on my tongue. As for the quality of the tea leaf used i cant say because i dont consume as much dark oolong as other tea types.

Overall: this is very nice as i see it and I’d have no problem buying this again. …dont remember the other bottled oolongs i have on my RTD tea List, but i’ll put it on top for now.

Pure Green Tea Unsweetened .Bombilla & Gourd

November 1, 2008 at 4:51 pm | Posted in Green Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

NYC Halloween Parade, looking at the masks, what else to get to drink but tea 🙂

found at some deli store 2$/.5L … really.

half the taste, flavor, astringency of Ito En’s Oi Ocha, but good mix, no weirdness, no lemon/citric tastes.

label milks the crap, the cap has a big arse USDA ORGANIC logo on it, not the company’s logo … silly times we’re living in…

Overall: ok, too “expensive”. otoh they got an oolong bottle which is better.

2006 Changtai Banna Tuocha (昌泰版纳沱茶) .Puerhshop.com

October 31, 2008 at 5:41 pm | Posted in Pu-Erh, Shu (cooked), Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Puerhshop.com(review) (product link). was 4.99 now its $5.99/80g/2.8oz = 2.14/oz = ~35$/lb.

Cleaning out my magical drawer …

Leaf: tuo weighs ~80g of leaf without anything else. Seems “airy” – not very dense. Lovingly stabbed it… repeatedly… with mouthwatering pleasure. Tried to follow what would seem the direction of the leaves – hoping to preserve as much intact leaf as possible. Tuo broke in tiny pieces very easily, crumbled is a better word. Wet leaf looks like little bits and chops, i didnt manage to get anything large…

liquor pics are darker, only represent 15s,25s,25s infusions.

Method: 6g tortured in many ways, various water 1-6oz, various water temps ~68F(20C) and 200F various temps. was tasted hot and cold.

4oz 200F water:15s,25s,25s: not sure whats wrong with my tongue these days or if something with the water: flavor seemed watery = mild flavor that goes quick. flavor profile: shu-ish “wood-bark“, some “tannin-astringency” leftover in the back of palate & tongue but low = ok and not overpowering. A little different from yesterday’s 1999 Loose Leaf Pu, less flavor. Not much smell to the wet leaf/infusion but there is a minor “strange” smell that i cant describe.

1.5?oz room temp water ~3min: hmmm, interesting… medium strength green-like tannin-astringency, wood-bark but with a different twist to the flavor that may be what i sensed in the smell and still cant describe. …could stretch it towards medicinal/camphor but not really… fried green onions? (i just fried some yesterday… pretty sure i have different clothes on today. oh oh… brain is over-processing the fried onion association, im starting to feel it on my tongue more now… settle down brain, we’ll make you some wonton soup soon.)

6oz 200F water ~7min, tasted hot, but mostly when it was cooled: interesting… similar to above but wood bark flavor is less. fleeting “sweet” sensations in the back of throat that appear 1-2 min after drinking.

I need to “recalibrate” my tongue somehow…

Overall: not bad, interresting at times (especially in the 1.5oz cold water), but flavor is mild for me.

1999 Loose Leaf Pu-erh Tea .Puerhshop.com

October 29, 2008 at 2:03 pm | Posted in Looseleaf puerh, Pu-Erh, Shu (cooked), Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

Puerhshop.com(review) (product link). $6.39/50g/1.7oz = 3.63/oz = ~59$/lb.

Cleaning out my closet … forgot about this

Leaf: very nice and big on top, most leaf is below this nice layer due to being broken and smaller and whatever the physics that keeps smaller particles below and big fluffier things above. Wet leaf is harsh and gritty, not sure if from age or roast before storage.

Method: 200F filtered water + dixiecup gongfu in 2 ways:
one by 5oz tea in 3 or 4 oz water, timings 15s,30s,30s,1m,2min.
and another 5oz tea in 8oz water, timings 3-4min.

(5oz, different brew)

– all methods yielded the same basic tastes: “wood bark” flavor, somewhat/minor/very small: “old-feeling“, “dusty-old book”,
– varying “wateriness“: more water/less leaf/less time = more “wateryness” , and more of throat dryness.
– NO astringency-bitterness whatsoever.
– very small amount of “sweetness” aftertaste …very small, …i felt almost like i was squeezing my tastebuds to feel any sweetness, but alas not much, not enough to satisfy and left me longing …. i tried and will try again with more leaf less water because its like … something is missing!
– depending on water/leaf/time i got this very tough dry throat sensation, sometimes very unpleasant made me cough. not sure if its something with my throat today so i’ll try another day.

Overall: not bad, but missing something for me, and too much throat. hugest leaf to date 4 inches/10cm.

Raw Tea Green Tea .Smirnoff

October 16, 2008 at 10:53 pm | Posted in Green Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | 1 Comment

$1.5 @ (Super) Target (FL) Never seen a SUPER Target before, seems to have apples and salad alongside the usual. Did have lots of BEER AND WINE, had like (yes i’m from LA-LA Land) the whole friggin selection of Negra Beers: Modelo, Especial, Coronas !!! … helloo New York state and some stupid (East Coast) laws whereby i have to waste time driving for a bottle of damn beer or Manischewitz wine (really dig this sweet stuff).

i passed on the store brand bottled teas… The itoen teas tea bottles i’ve seen at all the Targets i been to, $3.99/2L is your best choice here.

pics unedited, sorry ’bout the darkness, color, tilt.

Label: “malt beverage” with “brewed tea” …what sort of beer weirdness is this ? …but i got it anyway.

Aroma: pop the top: smell like almost nothing

Taste: sweet –> some sort of lemon? + bubbley feeling + alcohol throat and sting in mouth.  + sweetness.

… this tastes more like some sort of a alcoholic soda than either beer or tea anything… eeh. I know what it reminds me of: Mike’s Hard Lemonade.. same sort of feeling – different sort of taste, more Shitty for Smirnoff, More Better for Mike’s Beer lemonade.

Overall: crapola. No. not even if needing of getting drunk.

*PS: alcohol is bad, damages liver, stomach linings, direct toxic effect on some cells, hepatitis, cirrhosis, pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer, etc etc. Alcohol+ smoking a major cause of esophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer and more.

Organic Unsweetened Green Tea .Winn Dixie

October 16, 2008 at 10:10 pm | Posted in Green Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Here i am roadtrippin again thru our beautiful country. This time my red rental roams thru the “scenic” hwy 1 in Florida. Somewhere after the City of Cocoa 😀 …after 150 miles of “scenic” drive i find a Winn Dixie where i can go pee, ah, i also got some tea !

$1.39 @ Winn Dixie Supermarket…. then went to one of the dozen beaches around

Smell: lemon … 😦 oh boy here we go again…

Taste: water, lemon tangyness, tartness, + some bitterness water, no other apparent flavor other than the lemon tangyness, not even a clean lemon flavor just like some sort of lemon skin tangyness… 😦

Overall: organic unsweetened crapola

Himalayan Black .Ineeka Teas

October 16, 2008 at 9:45 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Tea Reviews | 8 Comments

Found at: Whole Foods. 9$/35g = 7$/oz = 112$/lb

Package: dope ass aluminum box. sealed “air tight” in 2 spots with labels (pic)(maybe someone pulled off the sealing tape that would have gone around the whole lid… that would have convinced me its airtight).

Ah… the “Brew Tache” the “feature” of this product… a winged maxipad-like teabag. Do notice that the wings spread out from the middle, not from the top so the whole bag can hang in water … probably some design compromise. i suppose then that the leaf won’t expand beyond the half of the bag’s height? – Then what is the point of this design – as opposed to just making a bigger bag on a string??? or a spacious bag out of a less flexible material “so the leaf can expand” (like those pyramid tbags) ???

Leaf: cracked open a bag: 10$ cheap scale says contains about 2.6g of tea (the label says 14bags, total 35g, so my scale is pretty close to the real weight of around 2.5g)

Method: as thoroughly detailed in their labels, i tried to fit it to MY cups… after all everyone has little tiny transparent glasses just for the right fit of their bag … and so i SPREAD THE WINGS of this … T … Ta … TACHE  and uhm yeah… i attached it “TO BRIM OF CUP” …

no… no… not really… ok…
…………………………………………..^ the bag is hanging above the 4-5 oz water i want to use
and then the very detailed instructions continue specifically stating TO “POUR HOT WATER OVER LEAVES” … WOOOOOW . R&D sure did their job on this one… so i guessed for 4oz water @ 200F ….and then i watched the “FRESHNESS UNFURL”  for 3 minutes. (since its for the US market they probably intended for the bag to stew in american sized cup of ~8oz).

btw. where the hell is the “whole leaf” in this shit? all i see is chopped shit. whole leaf my ass. her ass.

Taste: astringent, indian black tea, some floral? quality to it? I’m not really feeling straight assam, not darjeeling, maybe nilgiri or whichever one is left sikkim? watever… flavor is more clear- maybe less mixed or maybe better “quality” tea leaf than lipton pyramid teabags.

Overall: overpriced tea, stupid box design inside & out, stupid teabag, waste my money and time…

come on. i just “threw” 9$/35g @ this “nicely designed” box, tea-bag invention, label, because after all it contains “perfection and freshness” (tho there is no harvest date on it, so who the hell knows how long its been on the shelf)… and after filling 3/4 of the damn label with bullshit (because after all how else would it sell at WholeFoods unless it was 100% certified organic),
the best directions you have for your “fresh” and “award winning” (see comments by Mr. Momma) ~120$/lb tea is:

1. open teabag
2. put teabag in cup
3. pour hot water, steep 3 to 5 minutes

are you joking.

how big a “cup” 4oz or 8oz… how much water, temps, etc…….. whaaaaaaaaa………

Sweet Tea .Tradewinds

September 15, 2008 at 3:23 pm | Posted in Black Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Was roadtripping thru the country’s great states of NY, CT, MSSCHSTS, ended up in the town of BOSTON. 100$ /night @ Hyatt Suites, not bad, some continuous machinery/elevator-like noise, but uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm got used to it. At least the 27inch HDTV had stunning picture on 2 or 3 hd channels displayed on the panel’s hd-lite pixels…

Grabbed this tea from the RocheBros supermarket, probably ~ 1.5$. Their other products (Tradewinds) had kettle brewed and such words, and a big container of kettle brewed tea that looked VERY similar to Trader Joes, visually, maybe its not the same thing.

Taste: SHWEET. that’s all folks.

some reminder of a honey-like sensation, but maybe just me. mostly sweet sugar sweetness. (not as sweet as i make it seem, i love sugar btw if i didn’t say it in another post.) and maybe some reminder of black tea, but it was just barely there. at least no lemon showed up.

Overall: sweet tea. not my thing.

Superior Grade Rock Oolong Tea .Puerhshop.com

September 15, 2008 at 3:08 pm | Posted in Dark oolong, Oolong Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Puerhshop.com (review)(product link) . $4.99/50g/1.7oz = ~46$/lb.

Its nice and hot today, 93F inside,
…and here i am drinking hot tea… addiction sure does it to yah 🙂

Leaf: dark. smells like a dark oolong.

the pictures are of the entire 5g of tea.

Method: 5g in 4oz + 180F water x ~ 40sec. then 40s, then 1min. or something like that. i didnt take notes.

Taste: first i smelled a nice “nutty” oolong then tasted it as well + some roasted sensations on the palate/tongue. Almost no astringency detectable in this infusion. There is no tobacco leaf/no heavy roasted-charcoal (shui-xian)/no green feel.
The first dark oolong i like… aside from that Qilan i keep re-dreaming about… one day, oh yes, one day ALL YOUR QILAN ARE BELONG TO ME.
By the 3rd infusion or hotter water i get some astringency and some present aftertaste but its not bad.

Overall: like it !

Nana Iced Tea .Wissotzky Tea

September 15, 2008 at 2:51 pm | Posted in Black Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Had some time to waste in the supermarket, came upon this in the kosher isle. price ~ $2.5 !  …well, it is imported.

Label: “natural tea concentrate from tea leaves”. mmkay, i’m feeling mellow today… so no cuss words for this pile of printed words. good thing its natural bs concentrate.

Smell: mint ! nice.

Taste: pretty strong mint, nice mix of mint + lemon + sugariness. No bitterness, doesn’t feel like over-extracted mint. The lemon/citric acid is here but it blends very well.

Overall: i really liked this mix. I drank it all in a short time. I liked it much better than the Honest Tea bottle.

Yunnan Special Grade Black Tea .Puerhshop.com

July 16, 2008 at 12:55 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Tea Reviews, Yunnan | Leave a comment

TEA> Black Tea> China> Yunnan (for more)

Puerhshop.com (review)(product link) . $2.99/100g/3.5oz = ~13$/lb is really cheap.

Leaf: Aged in CNNP factory storage since 2000. Jim recommended to wash it before proper infusion. I tried with and withoot wash and don’t remember any significant differences in taste (maybe less astringent with a wash, but not by much. The subsequently infused washed leaf did produce a slightly less cloudy liquor.)

This tea comes in a box, inside a paper bag, not sealed, no lining.

Method: 10sec swirled wash, then 3 min @ 200F.

Flavor: Thump of astringency/tannin on the tongue bordering on bitterness, follows a …”generic” yunnany black flavor but it does not hold much power in itself (~1/3 of total taste). Astringency is strong with this one. Maybe the expression is “brisk” not sure. Seems to remind me of breakfast teas… the bagged kind. Might have some good caffeine levels or maybe its just the HEAT IN THIS ROOM …melting my brain cells.

Overall: Not that interesting in flavor – low yunnanness. Baggy feel.

Yunnan Gold Premium Black Tea .Puerhshop.com

July 16, 2008 at 12:49 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Tea Reviews, Yunnan | Leave a comment

TEA> Black Tea> China> Yunnan (for more)

Puerhshop.com (review)(no more available). $4.99/100g/3.5oz = ~23$/lb is cheap.

Leaf: alright, not many gold tips but its got a little gold ‘dust’ in the package…

Method: boiled filtered water/200F stream hitting the cup.

Taste: yunnan black but sort of …”generic”?, not really wine, not really caramel, some very distant smoky? More flavor that the other yunnan black from Puerhshop & much less astringency 1/3 compared to 2/3 or more in the other one. Not really tea bag flavor…Interesting part seems to leave a sweet aftertaste feel. Interesting part #2, on 2nd infusion seems to get a greenish sensation as i remember from this keemun maofeng tasting… not “black-ened” enough?

Overall: its ok. not enough flavor. not sure i’d get again.

Golden Oolong 金の烏龍茶 黄金桂.Ito En

June 20, 2008 at 6:06 pm | Posted in Dark oolong, Oolong Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

found at Sunrise Mart (NY) forgot price, approx $1.7
formatted compactflash then recovery software ofcourse didnt find the exact directory i needed, so i go grab picture from the interwebs.

I like the bottle. Import JP so only a little english label that says Golden Oolong or some such. ItoEn JP product page (goog translation.)

Oolong superb, Katsura golden (do you ruled O)

i RULED O !!!!!!!

…onto flavors and somesuch: Tasty like a sorta roasted(dark) oolong TGY? , but that oolong flavor is kinda low 1/3 of total, rest is sortof astringent/tannin …some goes in the aftertaste on tongue mouth & posterior pharynx.

Overall: not bad, i’d buy but would prefer the Suntori which is better and has more oolong flavor. Goes it on the list, yes.

Kuro cha (Puerh + Jasmine) .Asahi

June 11, 2008 at 12:13 pm | Posted in Pu-Erh, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

$1.99 found at Sunrise Mart (NY)

Asahi ! hope i didnt buy some alcoholic tea 😀

Got home, tasted it, …. hey… not green tea…

Peek better at the english translation:

ingredients: Puaru Tea, Jasmin Tea, Vitamin C

… puaru… well… that kinda sounds like puer… 😛

found the JP product page, which google translates as:

Feature: “Chikara born aged, black tea”
With time and maturity-fermented green tea “black tea”, through the use of the unique flavor of deep rich can enjoy a cup of tea.
● aged fermented green tea “black tea” Pu-erh tea (Yunnan Province, China produced) and a deep rich flavor仕立てました.
● de Sukkiri to finish it easier to drink, jasmine tea (China-producing province of Fujian) blends.
● fragrances unpigmented

OK….so its a black tea either that or aged black/puerh + jasmine…? no? yes? I’ll classify it as an RTD puerh.

Smells a little of jasmine but doesnt carry into taste (a little… but its very faded),

Taste: some roasted sensation…either roasted corn…maybe barley-like?. Aftertaste sorta seems to remind of (shu) pu-erh… but its faded. There is some medicinal flavor(more apparent when the tea is cold). But flavors blend pretty well together and has an interesting profile (except for the medicinal part). Didnt notice any unpleasant astringency/biterness (or i forgot).

Overall: Not bad, its different, @ 2$ on the expensive side. of a 0.5L bottle. Get again: YES.

Tea Peach .Ito En

June 10, 2008 at 10:53 am | Posted in Black Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

$1.49, found at Sunrise Mart (NY)
tho it says on the label its made with Black Tea….

If i’ve tried American peach teas (Peach Tea .Lipton, Giant Peach Juiced Tea .TazoSummer Peach Iced Tea .Snapple, Peach oo-la-long .Honest Tea) why not see how Japanese tea people do it…

^ i am big, just click on me

Taste: … FRUIT ! i am pretty sure this is the closest of the bottled Teas to a real fruit taste i’ve had (Giant Peach from Tazo is my favorite of the bunch, but i can’t remember details to compare which was the fruityest)….remembering childhood …having peach compote (fruit boiled in water + sugar).(note: the word is compote, no relation to compost.)

so, Fruit + fruit tangy/tart in the mouth, sugar is medium-low = can feel sweetness but its not dominant. It feels very fruity-real to me (haven’t had peach in a while tho).

I don’t taste/feel anything weird (citric/strangeness.)

Some aftertaste, some from sugar, a fruity sense on the palate, tongue… its not watery, and i feel i want to drink more (or maybe its the heat).

Almost forgot: no tea taste :\ …. maybe its in the aftertaste feel combined with the sugar, but very not present at all.

very satisfying on this hot day…

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