Tea Stores

Click on Store Name for Review
focus mainly on stores that have loose leaf tea
local stores on top, scroll down for internet store reviews.

I am not friends with any, i dont have any interest financial or otherwise in any of them.
CALIFORNIA / Los Angeles Area Tea Stores:

Chado Tea Room (Beverly Hills, Pasadena) variety of loose teas/Herbal

Teavana (San Francisco & Los Angeles) NOT RECC

Wing Hop Fung (LA-Chinatown) REC for Chinese teas & Accessories

TenRen Tea (LA-Chinatown) – REC for Chinese Teas

Leaforever (Pasadena) REC if beginner to loose leaf tea

NEW YORK / NYC 5 borros

Ito En Flagship Store (Manhattan) – REC for Japanese tea, Accessories, more. CLOSED

Kam Man (Manhattan) – REC for Chinese teas (small selection) & Tea Accessories

Hong Kong Market (Flushing,NY) – “REC” for lots of tea bags/packaged & Accessories

H-Mart (Long Island,NY) – “REC” for some tea bags/packaged & Accessories … & kimchi 🙂

TenRen Tea (Manhattan-Chinatown) not been there yet, but probably like other TR

Tea Gallery (Manhattan) Great reputation among tea buyers.

Tea Gschwendner (Manhattan)

Dobra Tea (Burlington)


Yunnan Sourcing LLC



Zhong Guo Cha

Hou De Asian Art (quality comes with a price, and a nice owner).

TeaSpring — large selection of Chinese teas. Ships from China. they say delivery 1-2 weeks.

Jing Tea Shop

Jing Tea (had samples, good size). UK based, ship time: ~ 1week to USA.

Sencha, japanese tea — Denstea.com, Zencha.net, O-cha.com, Hibiki-an.com

Adagio Teas

Upton (dont like their website and insane variety of the same tea, but lack many types of other teas)

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  1. a m a zon delivers in france so u could try that… i think there’s a couple tea shops in Paris too

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