2004 Loose Leaf Imperial Puerh .PuerhShop.com

February 17, 2009 at 12:02 am | Posted in Looseleaf puerh, Pu-Erh, Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

TEA> Puerh> Looseleaf Pu (for more)

Puerhshop.com(review) (not available anymore). 6.49/100g  = 1.8/oz ~ 21$/lb … mmm…..

Leaf: chopped loose pu. you know the kind.

Method: 4g 4oz 4min or so, and various other variants…

Flavor: good loosepu flavor, you know: some dark chocolate-like hints, wood/bark, no camphor, no pond, no dust, medium astringency mostly sides of tongue.

Aftertaste: now this is the interesting part of this pu. Its quite magical at times, one time i got this quite strong sweet aftertaste (esp when breathing thru mouth, but it was all over the mouth not just back of throat), recently i got another change in the aftertaste but i forgot how to describe it… Havent been able to reliably reproduce the experiences, so might be related to what i ate/mindset (tho most teas haven’t given me such a curious experience)

Overall: quite enjoyable & $sheep !

and some video of the pu infusing and rising some steam…



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  1. where in shanghai can I get this tea? I prefer around 30 old one.
    I know many places have it but hard to find the real one and at good price.
    let me know,

  2. sorry i’ve never been on that continent,
    try asking in these forums

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