Tea Bars/Cafe

Tea Bars/Cafes/Teahouses <click for all these as a search result.

Rating based on my opinion of their plain loose leaf teas. not cookies or salads or atmosphere or the size of their tapioca balls.

CA/Los Angeles

The Coffee Bean (2/5)
Casbah Cafe (2.5/5)
TenRen Tea
Whole Foods Market
Peet’s Coffee & Tea (3/5)(tea in pots)

NY/ New York/Manhattan/Queens/Long Island/BX/BQ

Tavalon Tea Bar (3/5)
TenRen Tea
Whole Foods Market (3.5/5)
Saint’s Alp Teahouse (0.7/5)

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  1. Hello, We just opened a tea restaurant in the Soho neighborhood of NYC. I’d like to request that you add it to your list of teashops in NYC. We have over 70 loose teas available for retail or to enjoy in the store. We also have a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu.

  2. How come no one is mentioning Porto Rico Coffee Company in the Village? They have some great Darjeelings and, every time I’ve been there, there’s at least one tea-head who will point you in the right direction. I live in Venice Beach CA and I order my teas from there as well a place in Oakland CA that can supply Mariage Freres. MF French Breakfast Tea is a gift I give to myself as often as possible. Has anyone found that Peet’s tea quality is in decline?

  3. I havent been to Peets many times, but those when i did tea was ok.

    I dont expect too much from tea bars/cafe/rooms, just a quick tea thirst quencher,
    in search of good teas i look to buy from specialized tea shops. (where hopefully they have more turnover and better prices).

  4. All the ‘wichcraft Sandwich shops in NYC sell loose leaf teas that are in hand-filled tea bags. They are limited selection, but are from In Pursuit of Tea – high quality teas.

    NYC: Jack’s Cafe on W. 10th in West Village, Oslo Cafe in Williamsburg, Cafe @ Rubin Museum of Art, and Rice Restaurants, Cha-An Teahouse on E.9th, just to name a few that sell loose leaf high quality teas that you can take away.

    CA: Teance on Gilman St in Berkeley

  5. This is a great find for me. I really enjoy a great cup of tea.

    Looking for places in Massachusetts to travel to for a fun afternoon with friends at a great tea cafe.

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