Kombucha Raw Original Organic 100% Delicious .GT’s

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courtesy amazon.com images. copyright respective owner. found via gooogle

found at Whole Foods price somewhere <10$/bottle πŸ˜› i forgot πŸ˜›

Package: nice

barely popped it open and coworkers start asking around “What is that smell ?” (/i duck)

Flavor: sip#1 : OH MY F GAWD NASTY FERMENTED TRASH TASTE GURGLING(if you ever around big apt buildings where trash is dumped in big piles and the juices from that pile trickles down into the street. thats how this tastes. a bit more refined ofcourse because of the enzymes and probiotics

5 seconds later, sip #2



lets save the planet together
i do dislike all politics
including BS
quite repeated meself there… politic-s/-icians = BS 95%
well, better said = alot of carbon πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ … i dont see them buying carbon credits or whatever the stupid concept is.

Overall: KWOM BOO CHACHKA!?!?!
delicious ? LOL

100% Disguisting

yeah rrright.


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