2009 “Yunnan Pure Bud Bi Luo Chun” Green tea .Yunnan Sourcing

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14$/250g @ YSLLC

Leaf: Looks like yunnan leaf- wow im a genius. not that pretty, lots broken.

Method: usually drank this mug brew(or bottle) refilling water as needed. 190-200F water.

Flavor: some green, no oily/no fried= i like, mild tannin, some astringency, just a tad nutty, mild fruity/ mild BLC-ness, some “huanjinguyness” …pleasant overall as a chinese green, but not feeling it… tho i still re-confirmed my like for japanese greens… what can i do eh

Liquor on the “thick” side with tiny streaks of frothness (see second pic), brown stuff floaters in liquor (before straining or in mug).

super overinfused >30min, starting with 200F, this comes out like those young green puerh cakes i had from pu-shop.

Overall: its alright, mild-medium BLC-ness, mild flavor, not satisfied. much broken leaf.


Jasmine Green Tea unsweetened .Ito En

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Package: not my fav

Flavor: nice jasmine tea, good, refreshing in the hot days of the NY humid summer…

lately it might be just me but itoen bottles kind of have this jelly thickness to their liquor…

Overall: alright, do again yes.

Ntingwe Kwazulu Leaf Tea .Taylors of Harrogate

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found at Whole foods ~15$/box just curiosity and a little drunk (not driving, but drunk walking)

Sounded like nigerian but its south african.

no i dont have a tripod yet, ’tis why parts are oof … f3.5 or so does that.

Thought its leaf tea. its CTC. yeah. not leaf. but it is leaf. its CTC little tiny pieces of leaf. those things that end up in teabags. except teabags cost less. or do they. not feeling calculatorific today, you work it out.

Method: 3g 5-6oz water at 190F x 2-3 min

Flavor: hello teabag. breakfast tea english component of. tarty-tanninic not really any assam malty. borderline pleasant to me. in between pgtips and yorkshire gold. tho you got to make the extra step of straining the leaf/i do drink without straining.

Method: cold brew water bottle. Prolonged infusion such as this came out unpleasant, as some additional flavor came out coloring and changing from just tanninnic….  not enjoyable.

Overall: meh. not assam. not again. CTC no.

Kombucha Raw Original Organic 100% Delicious .GT’s

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courtesy amazon.com images. copyright respective owner. found via gooogle

found at Whole Foods price somewhere <10$/bottle 😛 i forgot 😛

Package: nice

barely popped it open and coworkers start asking around “What is that smell ?” (/i duck)

Flavor: sip#1 : OH MY F GAWD NASTY FERMENTED TRASH TASTE GURGLING(if you ever around big apt buildings where trash is dumped in big piles and the juices from that pile trickles down into the street. thats how this tastes. a bit more refined ofcourse because of the enzymes and probiotics

5 seconds later, sip #2



lets save the planet together
i do dislike all politics
including BS
quite repeated meself there… politic-s/-icians = BS 95%
well, better said = alot of carbon 😉 😉 … i dont see them buying carbon credits or whatever the stupid concept is.

Overall: KWOM BOO CHACHKA!?!?!
delicious ? LOL

100% Disguisting

yeah rrright.

Yunnan Black Gold 1 leaf / 1 bud Simao Black Tea .Yunnan Sourcing LLC

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Yunnan Sourcing (review)(product link) 12.6/250 g = $1.4/oz , 23/lb …. :O :O
Production: Spring 2009

Dry:  looks ok, mix of mostly black leaf with some gold. Wet leaf reveals i’d say about half full leaf half broken. not sure about the 1leaf 1bud description…


Method: various you name it i did it, (usually at breakfast i do an eyed pinch (which seems to measure about 6g) + 8oz @ 190-208F x 2 min (reinfused twice more and all added together))

Flavor: quite malty –burnt sugar or molasses?(which i am vague in memory about). When i first brewed this tea and still today after its almost gone, it tastes not like a yunnan black mixed with gold, but more like a gold mixed with black.  Some mildly mild vegetal to it maybe like green bell pepper skins (here i go now using this word).  Mild astringency-tannins coating mouth pleasant maltiness on tongue and palate afterward.  I dont sense much “wine” quality like in gold gold. No noted harshness with regular infusion. Overinfused (5g+6oz@208>2min) can go medium in the strength of tannins (which i then qualify it as a black :)) but i dont mean bitter and not like a teabag. No smokiness of any kind (which i was looking for in this purchase as i had hoped to re-experience the previous Premium Yunnan Black Gold)

Overall: Pretty good for the low price! carefully brewed, flavor can approximate higher quality yunnan (gold)! … still wanting some smokiness tho ……..

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