2009 “Yunnan Pure Bud Bi Luo Chun” Green tea .Yunnan Sourcing

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14$/250g @ YSLLC

Leaf: Looks like yunnan leaf- wow im a genius. not that pretty, lots broken.

Method: usually drank this mug brew(or bottle) refilling water as needed. 190-200F water.

Flavor: some green, no oily/no fried= i like, mild tannin, some astringency, just a tad nutty, mild fruity/ mild BLC-ness, some “huanjinguyness” …pleasant overall as a chinese green, but not feeling it… tho i still re-confirmed my like for japanese greens… what can i do eh

Liquor on the “thick” side with tiny streaks of frothness (see second pic), brown stuff floaters in liquor (before straining or in mug).

super overinfused >30min, starting with 200F, this comes out like those young green puerh cakes i had from pu-shop.

Overall: its alright, mild-medium BLC-ness, mild flavor, not satisfied. much broken leaf.


Jasmine Green Tea unsweetened .Ito En

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Package: not my fav

Flavor: nice jasmine tea, good, refreshing in the hot days of the NY humid summer…

lately it might be just me but itoen bottles kind of have this jelly thickness to their liquor…

Overall: alright, do again yes.

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