Anteadote Pure White Tea .Adagio Teas

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Adagio Teas (review) 2$/ea or 24$/case of 15 + s&h, sometimes also found at Whole Foods.
Anteadote Black, Oolong, Green, White, Jasmine.

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Product of China.
no organic on this label, yay.

label is crooked stretched and rotated…

Liquor: golden-yellow.

Smell: faint

Taste: some faint astringency-tannin back of throat/tongue, then swishing around feel “roasted-toasted fried” green tea taste – ok, tastes mildly-faint like tea. no medicinal flavors, no citric acid-lemon. But… after tasting the 4 teas from them i have to say there is sort of a faint funky flavor in there, in all them bottles… its not the lemon taste, its a weird faint medicinal maybe kind of funk…

Faint aftertaste, but doesn’t feel completely watery, some remnants on tongue and back of throat but again, faint.

Overall: taste is fainter version of their anteadote green. not a fan of this white one.


Cherry Vanilla White Tea .Inko’s

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Well i didnt buy this one thx to my friend who wanted it, while i was delightfully enjoying my hot ‘real’ (snob) tea 😉 at Whole Foods Market in Union Square, Manhattan.

Ahem… well, everything was nice until i stuck a straw in this abomination and poluted my mouth with this horrible concoction, which i’d say per my experience tastes like GLUE… yes… glue, or as Tea Guy Speaks: “cough syrup“. I agree with that, and in conclusion:

its nasty

the website is full of the health bullshit, amazingly the .com is not even company name, … its healthy… white …tea… jeez.. its like: YOU are going to get very sick unless you drink our cough syrup.

White Tea Tangerine .Snapple

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flavor: low, juice, no tea taste.

reminds me of the bathroom tile cleaner spray Scrub bubbles or whatever its called.

.no. this is shit.

Teas’ Tea Green White .Ito En

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i dont know… i feel bummed… maybe i got defective tastebuds… but

all the ItoEn bottled teas have tasted the same with minor variations in astringency and intensity…

Free Image Hosting at
we have today a bummer of a ‘combination’ of white + green tea

taste of bummer: 3/7, mostly fried oil/roasted flavor, astringency mild, aftertaste minute.

uhm, thanks for not putting any sugars :P, and selling it at whole foods (where by the way most of the bottled teas have sugar). priced at a fabulous $2.03 (incl CA tax).

White Tea .Ceylon Teas

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found at Costco
box of 150 bags, should last a while.

box of 150

taste: in cold water, its ok, somewhat TASTELESS… a veeeery tiny bit of bagged green tea minute remnants.

now its just taking up space… but im almost done with it… am mixing it with other cheap bagged tea because it has got no interesting flavor.

keep? NO.

Emperor’s White Tea .The Republic of Tea

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50 round teabags
~13$ 😦

now. this is my first white tea.
i’ve had rooibos, green, oolong, black, variety of others.
… i wasnt expecting too much.
but this tea was almost tasteless !!!

dropped the bag back in the water
forgot it about 10 minutes… some taste there, kinda like green tea but very faded.
RETURN. me not happy with purchase.
geez, i will never drink this again.
it has bit of taste somewhat reminiscent of McDonald’s frying oil in water.
after some experience with some better teas… this is crap.

keep? NO.

White Peony .Triple Leaf Tea

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40grams , 20bags = 3-4$ = ~45$/pound.

2006 (same box): in 194F water, its got some bagged green bland background taste, but there are notes of floweryness- not strongly flowery (its not pungent like the jade oolong)… but its not a bad tea… been drinking this for couple days now at 2 bags in 1.5 cup water (room temp water), enjoying it pretty much! price is fair tho if i use 2bags/cup it gets costly. flavor 3.5/7, low astringency.

(sometime in 2005) in cold non-tap water 20 minutes.
its good for a tea bag… some “colorful” flowery taste.

keep? yes.

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