Yunnan Sourcing

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Based in USA, Virginia. Many of the teas are(used to be) sourced from YunnanSourcing(china). Originally started selling pieces of his large orders and facilitating group tea buys on the Badger&Blade forum (known as Netsurfr), helping expose more people to good tea 🙂 thx. Later on, teadrunk on menghai sheng, started his own website, which continues to help those of us who can not wait a month for shipping from China 🙂


Payment: built-in checkout. (M,V,D no Amex)

Tea: Good variety.

Prices: seem good to me, probably close to YSLLC’s, with some margin, shipping seems priced fine ~6$/600g, USPS.

Speed: my order took 4 days to receive, including over weekend.

Communication: quick , no problem.

Package: USPS box, very nicely packed. Some teas in great zip-loc bags some that can stand up, others are in silvery-plastic foil. Pu Beeng was bubble wrapped. no damage sustained.
Did not smell any leaks as i opened the box.

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Again, good tips from experienced users on teachat led me to this store with a good reputation of quality leaf. > About

Based in Japan this website ships airmail to your door fresh japanese green tea. Seems they/he (owner Kevin) seek and get leaf from multiple sources.

Packing: The bag with tea is good quality, thick, yet with pretty design and print on it. Doesnt feel cheap at all. Also included beside airtight seal and removal of oxygen is nitrogen packing which will reduce spoiling of tea in storage (tho when bag is open air with oxygen will ofcourse seep into most of the available space)

Shipping was fast: i got NY in 10 days (included a weekend) if i remember right.

Communication was good, always answered questions, no issues.

Prices seem good to me, good variety to choose from.

Overall: definitely in the top of my list for japanese greens. great quality, good variety of price and leaf to choose from.

My tea notes from tea from this store is found by clicking > HERE <

Black Tea .Saint’s Alp Teahouse

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Tea notes > Tea Bars/Cafes/Teahouses

39 3rd Ave, New York 10003

Took a walk thru the neighborhood, almost walked past this joint. very close to Sunrise Mart on Stuyvesant and right next to my fav icecream shake – Ben & Jerrys.

Seems to be a Taiwanese chain for bubble “tea”, multiple locations in the USA.

Menu for black teas: 1 black tea plain, then like 6 black flavored “teas”
actually if you see the menupages, most of their “teas” are mixed flavored sugared crap and bubble tea, coupled with their deceptive name as a “teahouse” = very lame. I never thought i’d say it, but compared to this place, Tavalon is the teahouse, tea bar.

Prices: 3$ for the “small” size (2 size choice)


me: What kind of black tea is this ?
he:  its Taiwanese black tea
me pause then: … mmkay, ….can i get the small size, black tea, no sugar
he: no sugar, okay… hot or cold ?
me: well, how about in the middle, not too hot not too cold
he: we have the small size and larger size /and points to the cups
me: i want the small size,
he types something
me: i mean can you make it so the temperature is … in the middle, not too hot not too cold?
he: we cant do that, we only make hot or cold
me: alright ?!?!… then hot
he: tapioca ?
me: no

i seat, look around the room, pretty big, pleasant setup, young people working the bar and tables. young customers, most of which are slurping on the tapioca ballz or eating some sort of colored cookies.

i wait like a minute and get served this cup of burning hot black tea without a teabag or nothing inside, just liquid. So, likely they have big pots of pre-brewed tea. Hot or cold. or maybe they throw the hot stuff on ice. Either way, i dont care, it wouldnt have been too hard to figure out how to lower the temperature of the resulting tea. Would i have to tell them to mix half and half of the damn things, how about putting some ice in it. Sheesh…

You know what that is. A foot as a logo for a teahouse. UGLY (imho).
You know what that is. A trashcan. there goes about $1.50

Flavor: plain, bland, regular black tea. not keemun, not assam, not yunnan in any case. to my scalded tongue it felt like some bland mix of black teas. there was also some of those components flavonoids or whatever that you also get in teabag teas or really cheap loose black tea – the sort of sharp-tangy-tart-dry-astringent ‘noids. or the tea was sitting around for long time and it formed those tearubigins that also give that feeling. (Ofcourse this is just my opinion, afaik they could be using some rare loose leaf from 800 year old wild Taiwanese tea trees and i’m just some confused dude who cant discern ouzo from vodka.)

Overall: meh, blah, get cheaper “black tea” at McDonalds or Starbucks or DunkinDonuts. I’d rather get better tea from Tavalon Tea Bar, or the Whole Foods Cafe – which are close by.

New Kam Man .NY Chinatown

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New ! So the sign says

Havent been there since 2 years ago, but never wrote about it. There’s a couple chinatowns in NY (Flushing, Elmhurst, i hear also in BK), this one is in Manhattan.

200 Canal St, NY 10013 >> Goog Streetview


NYmag photo gallery

They have some teaware, strainers, accessories, tea bags, bottled teas (itoen, suntori).

Then there’s a little corner with a couple containers that a man serves you loose leaf tea. a couple black, a couple oolong, i forgot the rest, cheap prices, medium-low qualities (my opinion), haven’t tried that many.

>> Clickydyclicky << for any notes i might have for their products.

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Mah Fresh Japanese Tea Dealers :D. They also have teaware (cute and low priced too !)

parent company in Japan as Shirakata Denshiro Shoten,
Based (distributed) in the USA from Torrance, CA,
their teas can be found at some Japanese markets.

Nice clean, organized website, checkout on their website.

Shipping was as fast as UPS can move from Lala-land to NuYawk.

Communication was good, always answered questions, no issues.

Prices seem good to me.

Package: lots of paper pamphlets, instructions, Den’s catalog, envelope. Got a sampler tea ~10g with the order.

Teas are packaged airtight in some nice solid plastic bags, with oxygen absorber packs.

Good detailed labels with origin, weight, a “best by” date, and brew instructions.

Highly recommend this store.

I didnt finish all that tea yet, but some tea notes can be found by … > CLICKY !!!! <

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One of the top quality tea shops on the internet.

Based in Texas, Guang and Irene run the shop. Website:

Selection of tea is ok, around 2 green, 2 black, mostly oolong and puerh.

Prices are not low, but the tea is very good. You have to keep watch because many know of the place and things run out quick 🙂 and some teas are seasonal as well.

Communication: great customer service, always responded to emails, quickly, even before ordering.

Shipping was fast, couple days to the NYC.

Packaging was great, good paper bags, on the thick side, with plastic lining, and ziploc.  Been storing for a couple weeks no leaking detected. Excellent detailed color labels on the bags about the tea, a picture, harvest year, location, weight, fermentation/roasting (!).

There is alot of detail work put into everything which shows alot of care,

I highly recommend this store.

Some tea’s i’ve had from this store: > CLICK ME RIGHT HERE <

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All the pu talk left and right, especially on Teachat(Adagio), led me to this store.

As the name implies, PuerhShop is focused on Pu’er Puerh teas.

Year of Green Puerh Tasting Kit

They have alot of samples(pieces of the puerh cake for less$), and now have cheap & very large Tasting kits.(see left, Year of Green kit 12$)

They’re based in the USA, Indiana.
Website is The site is nicely organized, easy to navigate. Payment thru Paypal or Google Checkout.

Shipping was fast from their store and the US Postal Service did their job well (surprisingly) and i got the package in a 2 days (NYC). (which was good because i got increasingly jittery thinking every 15 minutes about new tea.)

Communication was fast and good, always responded to emails even before ordering.

Prices: i’m not that familiar with puer & prices, but i read that everywhere prices for pu are going up. I found the prices at this website very accessible and the size of the samples very good. As for quality, i’m not familiar with puer & quality so i don’t know yet.

Entire package contents

  • The “sample kits” come in ziploc bags.
  • They send along little free samples in little ziplocs with regular order (not with sample kit) seem good for about 2 separate sessions.
  • Regular order of looseleaf tea comes in these cute silvery plastic foil (thin), heatsealed airtight – nice.

> Click here for “our”(my) reviews of PuerhShop teas <

Ito En Flagship Store

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Yup, they have a store. Not anymore. ITOEN Nyc store has closed down as of 2010.  BOO.

Some asian markets in Los Angeles (Mitsuwa) have a standalone Ito En booth, but it wasn’t this big. Actually for a ‘flagship’ store its not that big, i had imagined something with alot more stuff. I suppose its proportional to demand.

Located in Manhattan, 822 Madison ave x 69th, you get a nice walk, and after the thousand dollar bag boutiques in glass skyscrapers, you reach what looks like the city’s part with smaller, old, cute buildings.
822 has their ito en restaurant upstairs, downstairs on the right is the store.

The store is well laid out – looks very good visually, well organized.

There are some pre-packaged loose tea bags, didn’t investigate those.

The looseleaf teas are stored in a wall sized fridge, in air tight bags. Every time you ask for something, the staff takes out the bag, cuts it open, dispense tea, immediately re-seals the bag and puts it back. While it seems nice, i am recently wondering if that is good for the leaf as even for a couple minutes when the leaf is outside with a different temperature and atmosphere it could lead to formation of some condensation.

They also have 2 little fridges that hold some of the .5L teas, and the canned teas such as Sencha or Oolong shot, and Weil for tea. They do not have up front any of the 2L bottled teas (i didn’t ask for any so don’t know if they do have.)

In the back there’s the pottery/hardware section, with a good selection of japanese pots, kyusus, good selection of prices from 30 to 300$. Next time i’m getting one, i really like how they look and feel.

The staff is very helpful, friendly and not pushy.

Tea selection is mostly japanese, but also have some chinese green, oolong, 1 yunnan gold tips, maybe some others.

They give you the tea in these sealed pretty thick plastic bags.

Very pleasant experience.

>> CLICKYDYCLICK << for Ito En Tea Reviews I made

Adagio Teas

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I cant buy the plain tea bottles at stores in my enchanted forest so i thought to give them a try from online.

Nice website, no issues. Was emailed when delivery sent,
they have a very nice shipment tracking page 🙂

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^ some data blanked out, for any potential stalkers. take that. unless you’re blonde 96-46-26 <– call me looking for a platonic relationship based on occasional emails that my wife will read.

Packing was ok, just that the small aluminium containers of tea leaf are not well sealed at all, and the mint one stunk up the whole box, and i think it polluted some of the others :\ — yes it poluted the 1st layer of the pilochun in one of the containers next to it… not good 😦 … see, this in contrast to other stores which use just plastic bags, WHAT IS THE POINT OF THE FANCY CONTAINERS & PACKING/LABELS WHEN THEY SPOIL TEA????

if wanna be fancy, at least use vacuum or just plain heat-sealed plastic bags that don’t let air in/out.

Their dubiously named teas such as mambo, golden monkey, something melody, harmony…concerto… darjeeling #1,2,44 … wtf?!… seems that normal naming would have confused the average customer… but this inhibited me from inflating the order, so i got something they probably have greater turnover: yes, you guessed it: herbal tea (u can see the little boxes in the pic) – ooo, i got a bilochun from them, forgot!, i should try that …

Overall: good store for American(which i am one) demands of tea & beginner to loose leaf teas.

last point: What adagio has going on -which i think is of great value- is the many ways its enabling people to come together in a tea community, experience & talk about teas: Teachat forums, the live Teachat …chat, Teacritic blog thing, Teamap, and Teamuse, …and more !

> Click to find our tea reviews for Adagio Teas <<

Tea Bar/Cafe at .Whole Foods Market

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Tea notes > Tea Bars/Cafes/Teahouses

heres the one in NYC, Manhattan:

heres some area pics of Columbus Circle’s Time Warner Center,
Whole Foods is down those escalators, in the basement.
big store there, also very big check-out lines, take few items and use the express line.
The cafe here is about in the middle of the store.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Heres the Whole foods at Union Square.
The cafe is upstairs in the dining hall.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

12oz cup is ~ $1.60,
large $1.95 (i think tax is included)

Free Image Hosting at

in the larger sizes (as i asked once) they dont put more tea, just more water.

Suppliers seem to be In Pursuit Of Tea or Rishi Tea,
from which they also sell small packages of the looseleaf tea itself.

If theres no/small line service is quick, no issues encountered.

Tavalon Tea Bar, New York

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Tea notes > Tea Bars/Cafes/Teahouses


So … they are a tea bar. Nice white walls by now are rather dingy and dirty looking. Got a feeling of kitchen… laboratory… (maybe from the test tubes laying around with tea leaf in them,, for sale yes).
DJ booth for the hip people that frequent the place, and some late nite raves? and a sidewall with some white-top transparent plastic jars with loose tea in them (which i wouldnt buy) the other wall of this elongated facility is a large mirror (purposed i suppose to maximize the feeling of space)…Didnt really like the setup, i dunno, somewhat not very pleasing to my deranged psyche.

and some LCD/plasmas displaying the menu – which for what purpose they are on TV i dont know… the menu was static… maybe when the DJ starts to scratch and stuff the TVs have a purpose then? oh and the speakers they had sonically sucked with some music they were playing when i was there.

They seem to have alot of business, most people buying the bobo?..booby? “tea”…anyway,

Service: While there were ~1 people in front of me, i waited about 5 minutes for a small cup of tea… maybe it was just that day.

they have a website where you can enjoy spending your money for their tea. have fun!

some “tea reviews” for tea produced at this establishment > CLICKER <

Overall: not bad for plain loose tea. but slightly overpriced.

Yunnan Sourcing LLC

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Based in China, in Kunming, Yunnan province; Running the shop is Scott Wilson (real name, American.)

Store: (the original on Ebay). Website has 10% or more discount compared to EBAY !

Payment: Paypal.

Tea: Well regarded among pu’er lovers as having great quality stuff.
He’s focused on pu’er mostly, but does have some greens, black, oolongs.
Also has some tea accessories, yixings, gaiwans, and more.

Prices: low, shipping is not bad (600g tea reg ship 12$)

Speed: fast: shipped next day, received 16 days later in Queens, NY right before the new year.

Communication: quick , no problem.

Package: is nothing fancy-which i prefer; “show off” packaging doesn’t make the tea taste better, good thick cardboard box, nothing broken.
Loose tea was in double ziploc bags with a layer of bubble wrap. Nugget oolongs are in vacuum packed bags.
Did not smell any leaks as i opened the box.

Didn’t get any pu’er…   😛

>> Click to find our tea review for Yunnan Sourcing LLC <<

Zhong Guo Cha

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ZGC is mostly for wholesale/b2b, so their website is not yet complete, Phil Parda (owner) says its about 1/3 of the stuff they have.

They have a distribution center in the USA-east coast (CT), so delivery times should be good (i got <24hours to NYC).

Selection is large, mostly Chinese teas, as well as accessories, Yixing teapots and gaiwans (email questions if you cant find something on the website.). Prices are varied (i think on the high side).

Communication was not a problem, very quick responses (<2hours).

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Teas are in plastic bags with some sort of lining, they’re heat sealed airtight. Some (less fragile) are vacuum packed.

Pottery had its own boxes, nothing was broken.

They send along free samples, but quantity is small, 1-2 infusion sized.

ZGC website.

Our reviews for their teas >> CLICK !! <<

Hong Kong Supermarket, Flushing, NY

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Hong Kong SuperMarket has more than 1 location around NYC. thats good.

Location: 3711 Main St, Flushing, NY >> GOOGLE & Street view
Location: 8202 45th Ave, Elmhurst, NY >> GOOGLE & Street view

and… PARKING sucks (for both locations). some 1hour spaces on Main st, some 1hour coin operated on Northern, some pay parkings but very crowded in weekend. Haven’t seen if there’s a free store parking like there is in Elmhurst (tho its not that big so you might have to wait for a spot.)

Well, not exactly what i was looking for, no “real” loose leaf tea sold from containers (like Wing Hop Fung in LA, or even Kam Man market in NYC), but they do have a huge selection of boxed teas (alot of Yamamotoyama & TenRen) & some “cheap” looseleaf in boxes or those plastic packages like i bought. and great number of other manufacturers, including Japanese, sencha loose prepackaged, oolongs loose prepackaged, even 3-4 arabian teas.

Some tea-accessories: strainers, glass boiling pot (7$, tho i didnt check if its good to put on an open flame), thermoses, cheap-looking (and ugly) tea-cups.

mmm yeah, the unpacking, … tea bag porn !

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
got a little present, some sort of crackers.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
receipt, and some boxed teas orgy.

so, store rating? not a real tea store, service was – self-service, they did take my money, im not super-excited on that front…but i did get teas in return… something that hopefully will taste like tea.

lookout for these reviews: but i didnt like any of them…
YamaMotoYama oolong bags… / Taiwan TGY… / TenRen Tung ting oolong tbags / TenRen ti kuan yin tea bags…

Dobra Tea Store and Tea Room (Burlington, Vermont)

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Recent roadtrip Free Image Hosting at thru the beautiful state of Vermont guided us to this cute college city by the water.
Just as i walk out of the parking lot, the first thing i see is this establishment!
Dobra – probably czech/polish owners?

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Very nice setup inside with tables to sit and enjoy some tea, in a wonderful atmosphere, had a nice feeling while in there.

In the left corner by the door is the tea shoppe. Tea is dispensed from a wooden drawers… unprotected from air/Quantity seems not much, so maybe they refill the drawers.

They have a variety of teas, black, oolongs, greens, couple whites. didnt notice herbals (not that i would look for them anyway).

Take home packaging is just paper bags with twisty top but no lining.

Free Image Hosting at

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The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

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Tea notes > Tea Bars/Cafes/Teahouses

heres one in las vegas, in the Venetian’s mall.
Your Image Thumbnail

$1.50 + tax for cup o tea

some looseleaf teas that are scooped from french jars and bagged in store before being dipped into the hot water.
choices: blacks, some green, 1 oolong, some herbals.
tried a couple,

not bad, would do it again.

find my tea reviews from The Coffee Bean > CLICK ! <

Casbah Cafe .Los Angeles

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Tea notes > Tea Bars/Cafes/Teahouses

3900 w. sunset blvd, Los angeles
right at the corner of Hyperion
in the silverlake area

It has a hippie/feeling congruent with the local population.

inside is small, packed,
a rather large area is dedicated to clothes and other things for sale…
about 5 small round tables and 4-5 larger tables, about 5 outside tables.

1. TEA

they do have a rather varied selection of chinese teas about 5 greens, 5 oolongs, 1 puer, couple black

small cup is $2.5 large is 2.8

they all involve a couple of buggers:

1. tea is stored in ‘glass french jars’ hopefully airtight, on a raft <em>above</em> the area where other drinks are prepared such that vapors running upwards can pass by the tea jars… hmmm not the ideal placement
2. jars are transparent
3. girl couldn’t find the tea i wanted and got the wrong tea…
4. she put boiling water over the tea leaf… oolong… :/ = they dont know how to make tea, except black.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

to find any tea reviews from them, type in the search box casbah.


they do have good coffee, much better than Starbucks and Coffeebean (always burnt).
its because of the supplier they use (i forget the name).
good coffee.

snacks and salads and some food is also for sale.

Find my tea reviews from Casbah Cafe > CLICKY ! <

Leaforever .Pasadena

December 20, 2006 at 10:51 pm | Posted in Tea Stores | 2 Comments

in the Colorado Paseo Mall /Pasadena/CA

Free Image Hosting at

Conceptually the store looks nice. There is an enough choice of tea with a bit more indian, but present as well are japanese sencha, and chinese oolong. for the beginner it has most of the well known tea types: assam, nilgiri, earl grey, darjeeling, oolong, jasmine pearls.

(at the time of this review)
but, theres a limited selection. like 3 oolongs mostly dark, 1 green. 1 puerh.
Teas are stored in large metal containers on the back wall, and also same teas are in 100g(?) metal tins on the side walls.
There were a couple of the large tea containers that were empty, out of stock…

the rest of the floor is mostly occupied with blocky(occupy alot of space for little use) display setups for 10 expensive tea cups, some accessories and some books.

there are 3-4 tables to sit down. they have free internet if you want to spend some time in the store.

there are usually 2 sample teas brewing by the door.

Staff was friendly and helpful.

they got a website with info but the flash navigation is a bit slow.

I’d say this store is ok for a beginner.

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Ten Ren Tea .Los Angeles – Chinatown

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in the same shopping mall as Wing Hop Fung except whf is at the street front, TenRen is at the back of the mall.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Nice floor space, well organized. Chinese region looseleaf teas mostly oolong, some accessories, boxed teas. Not as much variety as WHF. The second part of the store is a drink serving arrangement for bobo tea and such (i did not check that out).

The teas i noticed were: ~ 4 varieties of each: puerh, white, oolong green, oolong black, green. there was some lung ching as well.

The teas are categorized by kind, and price. there is no region provenience information.

Teas are stored in large metal containers.

Owner lady was very nice, pleasant, put up with my fiddling even tho i got 1oz of 4 oolongs.

they have a bunch of websites .coms, .nets selling packaged teas, but the one where you can order loose leaf tea i think is which also has info on the many store locations.

STORE RATING: YES. will return but due to smaller variety it’ll be #3 on my list.

also. not so sure that quality is high. probably somewhere around medium, maybe medium-low high.

Find my tea reviews from TenRen > CLICK !!!! <

Fine Tea Store Practices

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Whats a good tea store?

good selection

friendly staff …its not hard, ok (3/3)
not pushy, dont try to sell after you say i dont need that thanks. (1/3, thanks Chado Tea)

sell 1 x 1oz tea as sample for cheaper than if you buy 4oz /4. damn it, its a sample… you want me to buy more let me have a cheap sample …. (0/3)

should have a place to try out tea, and let you try it out without getting all pissy. i understand abuse, but there arent many people who’re searching for loose leaf tea. its a niche market, get with it.

have some already brewed daily sample tea to try out. (2/3 stores i been to had this).
know the damn tea youre selling,  or at least come out with a paper you can read off of. (0/3 stores)
where is this tea coming from? iowa? china ? what region of china

when was it picked – how long has it been sitting around

Wing Hop Fung

June 17, 2006 at 2:50 pm | Posted in Tea Stores | 1 Comment

Los Angeles – Chinatown (website) aparently they have a website where they sell the products from the market including the teas :

the WHF store is part of a mini-mall building. The mall’s underground parking is partly free = with validation (each store validates for 30minutes with purchase; WHF requires 20$ minimum for parking validation). theres street meters, or some side-street parking without meters. Parking tickets for expired-meters is ~ $45 😛 😦 😀 😛

Free Image Hosting at

big place, supermarket,

lots of teas
(2nd floor), looseleaf, it seems mostly Chinese region teas
ALOT of greens and oolongs,
also present: pu erh bricks and cakes, and lots of commercial boxed tea bags.

loose tea is stored in big glass containers, so they’re exposed to light (dont know if that has any importance to long term storage). didnt look like the lids were air-tight either. there’s another place where they have the green teas, also exposed to light & air.

lots of tea accessories, gaiwans, pots, cups, iron kettles.

they had a a little tea table where they were brewing sample oolong, when i was there, in a little yixing (who knows tho what else has been in this pot…) and then poured into little tiny paper cups.

service: the salesgirl had some trouble understanding the words ‘YUNNAN tea’… which were 3 feet away. she didnt seem to know much about the teas, but did recommend the expensive ones (which i passed on). there were older sales people but i did not bother them. again young sale-girl did not understand ‘mao feng’, the older more experienced woman knew right away and showed me the available selection.

Free Image Hosting at

packaging is good, their own branded plastic ziploc bags, the top is heat-melted closed so that you have to cut it to open & access the ziploc. (i dont think it has any special lining, looks like plastic all around.)

STORE RATING: YES. will return and spend all my easily earned dollar bills.

Find my review for WHF’s teas > CLICK ! <

Chado Tea Room

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Chado Tea is a local tea store with looseleaf, tea accessories, and another room where they serve food and tea. Dont know how that is.

The store has wide variety: Indian, Chinese, Japanese, there were many herbal.
The guy behind the counter knew the teas, recommended good teas so far. ~ok range of prices.

They did not have info on pick date, or region of origin. (their website seems to have that on some teas.)

Teas are stored in big metal containers, seem to have good lids.

Package is in paper bags with some plastic lining, ok for temporary storage, but not well sealed so the smell leaks out, and i suppose air goes in. their earl grey particularly can not stay in these bags.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

they have two locations, one near Beverly Center, and one in Pasadena,
also a website for ordering, and more information.

STORE RATING: YES. will do business here again.

Find my reviews for Chado’s teas > CLICK !!! <


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1. teavana in the city

first time with looseleaf was at a Teavana store in SF area. the nice visual setup of the store, carefully planned, with contrast, clean, sparkling clean, and some big silver metal containers … i said… yup they probably sell overpriced crap. and they did, filled up some 2 containers with the herbal rooiboses, paid like 30$ for that 2 years ago. we cursed them, and then when walking back to the car, we observe they accidentally slapped on an extra 2 tin cans, aww, ‘so sorry’.

year passes by, the rooibos are 2/3 empty, but they smell like new! fresh!… the tins i like, nice tins, so i decide to get some tins…

online tea store

2. emailed to ask size in inches of the tins…. week later no reply, i call by phone, and get my answer.

3. months later, decide to order some tins and tea. ordered like 30$ stuff. 1 week later, no charge on credit card, i email them. the complete email response (i blued it):

Please call us at 404.995.8221 with your Teavana order# to check the status of your order.

Teavana Mail-order Hours:
9:00 – 5:00pm
Monday -Friday
Thank you!

Derick Armstead
Teavana Internet/Mail order Dept
3475 Lenox Rd. Ste 860
Atlanta, GA 30326

(>_<) — WTF? do i fuckin work for you… bitch?
… fine… i call, like a good little bitch… longdistance…
the responder says: “the ‘system is giving some problems’ ‘lemme call u back’
me: …?!.. uh, ok
10min later: “oh, uhm, yeah, your order was just shipped
me: …?!.. uh, ok

… guess what Teavana… eat my shit, cos u aint gonna eat my money again. crackers.

2007 was in the Glendale mall, i see Teavana, wanted to see what theyre up to these days,
i go in, can barely walk 2 steps and the salespeople start jumping on me with questions. very annoying, i start looking in their catalog(actually i was fake reading), questions again: what kind of tea would you like, green, black – i say: im looking in the book … 1 minute later: have you seen our ‘new’ tea cup? …me: no (and stare back in the book)…. then she starts shoving the cup in my face and clamping on its buttons without me asking for shit… damnit!… i just ran out of the store.

I know what they remind me of…mattress sellers with theyr pushy techniques; oh yeah, or of BOSE, Monstr Cables, brainwashing people with theyr ubiquitous advertisements – nice covers for the flaming pile of shit underneath.

well, for those couple teas i got in the beginning, find them here… > clunk <

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