Yunnan Tea Tuocha .Triple Leaf Brand

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~ 2$ /box of 20 tbags


1 tbag in 6 or 8 oz: bland, low flavor of …maybe puerh… tho seems more like a heavy roasted oolong !?!
1 tbag in 4 oz : more “flavor”, tho also harsh and unpleasant tbag tannins.

Overall: definitely not. trash’t it.

Puerh Tea .Zhenping’s Tea

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i went looking for keemun, nothing spotted at 2 markets in Elmhurst

found at Hong Kong Market @ Elmhurst, NY
3$/3.5oz = .857/oz = 10 $/lb … i hope it will have some flavor resembling pu T

now i look at the label :\ distrib by Lip On Trading …shoulda read that before.

0 calories from fat !!!
yeaaah !!! !!! !!! !!!!! ! !

Method: ~4g in 4oz + 190F water x .5/1/2/3 min

Flavor: feeling some acidy quality to the liquor (“stinging” the tongue). flavor: low-med: wood-puerh…ish + some harsh tannin in back of throat= extra infusion time –> more harshness that will go to bitterness. Some aftertaste of that harsh tannin on the tongue: sort of medicinal 😦 -chocolate.

Overall: not liking, not even sure i’ll finish this thing.

2004 Loose Leaf Imperial Puerh

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TEA> Puerh> Looseleaf Pu (for more) (not available anymore). 6.49/100g  = 1.8/oz ~ 21$/lb … mmm…..

Leaf: chopped loose pu. you know the kind.

Method: 4g 4oz 4min or so, and various other variants…

Flavor: good loosepu flavor, you know: some dark chocolate-like hints, wood/bark, no camphor, no pond, no dust, medium astringency mostly sides of tongue.

Aftertaste: now this is the interesting part of this pu. Its quite magical at times, one time i got this quite strong sweet aftertaste (esp when breathing thru mouth, but it was all over the mouth not just back of throat), recently i got another change in the aftertaste but i forgot how to describe it… Havent been able to reliably reproduce the experiences, so might be related to what i ate/mindset (tho most teas haven’t given me such a curious experience)

Overall: quite enjoyable & $sheep !

and some video of the pu infusing and rising some steam…

2005 Golden Sail Brand Loose Leaf Pu-erh Tea

December 23, 2008 at 4:51 pm | Posted in Looseleaf puerh, Pu-Erh, Shu (cooked), Tea Reviews | 4 Comments (not 2005 but 2006/but may be a different item: product link). 2.24/4oz :O  = ~ 9$/lb ( o_O) * !!?!

received with an order, its a ~ 8.4g sample.

Leaf: looks chopped up loose cooked/shu pu. some gray dust + on leaf might suggest “old” ?

Method: not regular tasting setup, but starting to enjoy sitting down at my desk with camera on a Joby Gorillapod instead of standing at kitchen counters and bracing to hand hold 1/8 sec exposures 4.4oz in 200F 4oz, x2

there was lots of slick “film” on the surface of the liquor, but as it cooled down too fast i didnt manage to shoot it.

1min: hot vapors of nutty dustiness (not really liking), flavor of dusty wood. some sort of concentrated tannin in the back of throat but not rest of mouth, not much aftertaste but doesnt feel watery.

2min: some sort of wet soil, dirt, dust, concentrated tannin (maybe can say like dark chocolate bitterness but that’s too much compared to this).

Update: did try it with less time but the flavors did not change for me (less concentrated yes). too much “dust and soil”

Overall: not enjoying this.

1999 Loose Leaf Pu-erh Tea

October 29, 2008 at 2:03 pm | Posted in Looseleaf puerh, Pu-Erh, Shu (cooked), Tea Reviews | 2 Comments (product link). $6.39/50g/1.7oz = 3.63/oz = ~59$/lb.

Cleaning out my closet … forgot about this

Leaf: very nice and big on top, most leaf is below this nice layer due to being broken and smaller and whatever the physics that keeps smaller particles below and big fluffier things above. Wet leaf is harsh and gritty, not sure if from age or roast before storage.

Method: 200F filtered water + dixiecup gongfu in 2 ways:
one by 5oz tea in 3 or 4 oz water, timings 15s,30s,30s,1m,2min.
and another 5oz tea in 8oz water, timings 3-4min.

(5oz, different brew)

– all methods yielded the same basic tastes: “wood bark” flavor, somewhat/minor/very small: “old-feeling“, “dusty-old book”,
– varying “wateriness“: more water/less leaf/less time = more “wateryness” , and more of throat dryness.
– NO astringency-bitterness whatsoever.
– very small amount of “sweetness” aftertaste …very small, …i felt almost like i was squeezing my tastebuds to feel any sweetness, but alas not much, not enough to satisfy and left me longing …. i tried and will try again with more leaf less water because its like … something is missing!
– depending on water/leaf/time i got this very tough dry throat sensation, sometimes very unpleasant made me cough. not sure if its something with my throat today so i’ll try another day.

Overall: not bad, but missing something for me, and too much throat. hugest leaf to date 4 inches/10cm.

Royal Pu’er Cha (Yun Nan Cha) .Zhong Guo Cha

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Zhong Guo Cha A-6-1-1 50g/$10.75 ($6.1/oz, 97.6/lb)

looseleaf puer.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

200F 4 oz, no wait between re-infusions (strain liquor to new cup, immediately re-infuse leaf).

5 infusions (20oz total):

1-2 dense, strong flavor: wood, tree bark, a little ‘aged’? feel, dark chocolate aftertaste astringency. wouldnt say earthy (which i’d associate with the smell of wet soil), not old books, just woody. fine with me!

4-5 less dense, more watery. little dark chocolate aftertaste. i still enjoyed it.

very nice.
Im generally not a fan of puer (since i never had one to like…until now), i dont know why i like this one but i do.

had some pears, drank little leftover pu from yesterday, first 1/3 of tongue feels like yunnan black, back 1/2 tongue like puer , nice.

Pu-er $48 .Ten Ren Tea

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~~~ complete ~~~

: tree bark nutty :

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

looseleaf puer.
wet leaf contains mostly shred up parts, darker parts seem to be stems (alot of them), a bit lighter brown being leaves (not that many). I guess most of the bark taste comes from those many stems.

~~~ stress test~~~

hack gongfu tea technique with 1 foot water drop

10sec wash: cloudy brown liquor, tree bark nutty,
20sec brew: cloudy brown liquor, tree bark nutty, 5min wait
“10sec” brew: cloudy darker brown liquor, tree bark nutty, astringency starts to appear, 10min wait
“10sec” brew: same.

~~~ initial taste~~~

dry leaf looks regular, smells mildly of tree bark.

infusion 1tsp 1cup 190F 4min

liquor dark brown tint of red

taste: flavor 4.5/7, good, pleasant, almost completely tree bark as i sensed it. maybe a little nutty. minor medicinal taste. not that earthy, no bitterness, low astringency. did not cause me too much anguish as my first pu.

will do some reinfusions later.

Pu-Erh .Chado Tea

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looseleaf puer.

Description: “Its large leaves brew a mellow cup with an earthy taste.

…i didnt see any ‘large leaves’

Infusion in hot water. …Pooo-argh …well…. what can i say…didnt taste completely as the name might imply, but pretty interesting… has a strong smell and flavor. earthy & medicinal… definitely not my favorite.

pu erh is supposed to ferment for some time. hopefully you dont get any of the bad aspergillus sp. on that because we all know aflatoxin is not good for you. maybe aflatoxin is degraded at high temps…

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