Super Butterfly Wuyi

March 13, 2009 at 5:39 pm | Posted in Green oolong, Oolong Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment (review)(product link-oos, goog cache)  $30/50g = 17/oz… 272/lb ! :O thats some expensive stuff
review sample courtesy of David’s Tea.

Dry leaf: ok, some smell of green oolongyness with a hint of tannin dust 😛

4g———————————————–4oz gaiwan—————————–#1


#3 ————- pictures are dark so liquor is darker.

4g 4oz 194F/90C

#1- 2min: smell “nutty-buttery”, taste ok ~ green …”regular” oolong, feels a little dilute, not completely watery – there is some “body” to the liquor from some sort of acidy quality. some nutty-buttery in the aftertaste. no astringency/tannin. no flowery/orchid anywhere (aroma, flavor).
#2- 3min: same nice smell with a hint of tangy tannin, flavor same, pretty regular. no astringency/tannin (very low). a little tiny sweet aftertaste on the tongue.
#3- 5min?: hmmm, lower in flavor, some low tannin now. still low on the astringency…

not feeling much from this session… thinking either not hot enough, or not enought leaf?

4g 4oz 212F/100C

#1- 3min: hmmm, not much has changed, strange. mildly tanninic or astringent tho not in a green feel- more like a little dryness in the mouth…. same flavor: some regular oolong, but not much flavor- just the “body” of the liquor in the mouth…
#2- 3min: medium tannin, same flavor.

there is some roasting or is it oxidizing? in the leaf- liquor is a faded orange, but wet leaf shows no signs.

checked my tastebuds with a 1 year old gaoshan green oolong which had more flavor and aroma than this…

Overall: low tannin/astringency, low flavor. cant find something to enjoy in this.


Organic Orchid Oolong

February 2, 2009 at 10:04 pm | Posted in Green oolong, Oolong Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment (review)(product link)  $10/50g = 5.68/oz
review sample courtesy of David’s Tea.

Leaf: small oolong nuggets. I’m no florist so not sure if this is orchid smell, but definitely some sort of flower mixed with green oolongness. Wet leaf shows some signs of oxidation (browned margins), though flavor remains on the very green side. Some stems.

Method: 4g tea, 4oz water, time (various minutal variations: 1,2,3)
tried the 90C but seems to burn the leaf: astringency (+) in the first infusion, and throughout the subsequent.
then did 70C: seems to do better, no astringency.

Flavor: (not counting the 90C one): seems to be a sort of “regular green oolong flavor” …green… 😀 (my favorite word lately, someone lend me a tea verbiage manual), with a sort of mint-like sensation/flavor. Aroma is flowery?-herbal!? medium strength, i’m not sure i’d call it orchid (it reminds me of chamomile).

Overall: not my thing.

Guan Yin Wang

February 1, 2009 at 6:33 pm | Posted in Green oolong, Oolong Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment (review)(product link)
review sample courtesy of Julian @ amazing-green-tea.

pics a bit in blurryville…

Leaf: nice tightly rolled green oolong. I’m guessing a kind of TGY?. Nice “flowery” aroma (tho not overly pungent) escaped the opened 7g package.

Method: 3.5g + 3oz water around 90C/194F. Time: 30s, 1min, 3min, 5min, 10min.

Taste: like a gaoshan/high mountain oolong i think, without any “egg-flavor”(as i call it) = yay, just a nice “green”-oolong.  Not much astringency/tannin in front of tongue but very small. Mostly just flavor. Did very well in re-infusions. Not much astringency was present. Aroma was still present, less than the opened package “hit”, i think maybe its similar to honeysuckle flower, but i havent done any side-by-side to be sure.

Overall: very nice everyday oolong for my taste. Low astringency, just flavor, no “foody-ness”, nice aroma, can be reinfused many times.

[might add a video, if i piece together the clips]

Anteadote Organic Oolong Tea .Adagio Teas

December 28, 2007 at 5:39 pm | Posted in Green oolong, Oolong Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | 3 Comments

Adagio Teas (review) 2$/ea or 24$/case of 15 + s&h, sometimes also found at Whole Foods.
Anteadote Black, Oolong, Green, White, Jasmine.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Package: Product of China. no “organic” wording on this one… nice 🙂 the label is really crooked, rotated on a corner… (if its the chinese packing plant, they should slap them around with a large trout.)

Liquor: golden-yellow meaning i hope tea is oxidated & most likely not much preservatives.

Smell: faint flowery! 🙂

Taste: Hot DAMN! flowery oolong tastes !!! good job Adagio 🙂 havent tasted any bottled tea like it yet. Flowery oolong ! nice ! (its no way like drinking fresh brewed oolong, i’m comparing to other bottled teas.) Not much astringency/doesnt bother/overwhelm.

Faint aftertaste, but doesn’t feel completely watery, some remnants on tongue and back of throat but again, faint.

Overall: taste is medium but good flavor, i like it. if found in market i’d buy it.

Taiwan Gao Shan (High Mountain) Oolong * Formosa Wulong .Yunnan Sourcing LLC

October 26, 2007 at 6:53 am | Posted in Green oolong, Oolong Tea, Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

Yunnan Sourcing LLC
$21/250g (8.8oz) = 2.36/oz = 37. /lb +s&h
this is a high mountain (gao shan) oolong
“nutty taste that comes through heavier roasting” — i dont know how roasted this is but doesnt taste roasted.

^ not the best pics, sorry.
opened package a nice flowery smell came out.

nuggets look good and fresh.

left liquor overnight, in the morning: liquor cold but somehow the taste seems to be intensified ! very flowery-perfumy!
i have another cup which was infusing overnight, lets see how that turns out!

in a plastic 10oz cup: filled the bottom with layer of nuggets (2inch diameter) thats probably about 2-3 of the ‘tbsp dispenser’ i have, water: ~1 oz of room temp + 8 oz 200F x ~3min, came out very nice, no astrincency.

flavor: buttery+flowery-pungent. i’ve had this type of flavor before from wing hop fung teas (here: High Mountain oolong .WHF), but this tea seems stronger, id say more like perfume. at one point i pulled an infusion the strength of flavor which i’d say is the highest pungency i’ve had so far. (it was not perfect, had some astringency present, but the main flavor was very strong).

it went like that for 3x = 27oz = 798ml,
#4 infusion is more faded taste, more greenish-metallic-apricot sensation, almost no astringency again. infusions are done for longer time each time, but i didnt keep track exactly.
id say aftertaste is long, not very much so.

many steeps later, i say: alot better quality than what ive had before.

wet leaf looks good, whole leaves, very minor signs of oxidation.


Huang Jin Gui of Anxi * Fujian Oolong Tea .Yunnan Sourcing LLC

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Yunnan Sourcing LLC
$17/250g = 30$/lb
This is the spring picking.
“Huang Jin Gui (Golden Turtle) is another varietal of Anxi Oolong tea. Lacking the slight sour-bitterness of Tie Guan Yin, it is characterized by a smooth sweet flavor with a rich slightly nutty after-taste. This is the earliest tea to be produced in the spring-time.”

Opened the package a uniform intensly green little oolong nugget bunch stared at me. So i stared back. And stared. Yes for some reason i stared.
The oolong nuggets are small ~.5cm, uniform size, look like tightly packed during processing; not much smell.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

updatetastes better when less than warm, can taste more types of flavors.

~~try 2~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1tbsp blk scoop …~ 50C (warm water) , 3-4min: try 1 sensation.

re-infusion of above with … ~ 75C? 5min : midline tongue green sensation and mild astringent on rest of mouth, the egg-foody sensation almost disappeared, somewhat mild flowery (when start breathing thru nose).
interresting. probaly too hot/long infusion due to astringency but i liked it.

continued reinfusion#3 ~50C, 3-4min: nice, maybe flowery, maybe less astringent, but what stood out is an awesome sweet aftertaste (when you swallow) (not like sugar in your mouth, less penetrating-weird feeling than a ginseng-oolong -which i dislike anyway).

#4 ~40C or less? 3 min –> wow, nicely flowery! at good strength, like another door opened and flowery flavor came out!

this is turning out into a very pleasing experience, a great tea.

did >6 (4oz ea) infusions, forget exact number but the tea lasted long time and color did too.

~~try 1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1’tbsp’ blk scoop – 190F – 2-3min

Smell: i want to say ‘foody’…eggs.

Taste: medium intensity but its evasive. liquor dense. green flavor. maybe egg-like still feel like. nutty-towards buttery – i want to say sour but not the intense one – makes mouth pucker? is that the word?… that sour-like feel of real butter. that same feel remains as aftertaste., maybe some sweetness after last liquid goes down. mouth puckering…

interesting. not very nutty or flowery as i’d expect from an oolong, but i’ll play with it see what happens.


A Ji Ren Shen Wu Long Cha .Zhong Guo Cha

September 21, 2007 at 7:41 pm | Posted in Green oolong, Oolong Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Zhong Guo Cha O-7-11-2 A Ji Ren Shen Wu Long Cha (Tai Wan Cha)
6.25/50g = 3.55/oz = 56.8/lb

This is their ginseng(ren shen) added to a green oolong, its cheaper one of 2.

leaf looks like droppings, after brewin, there seems to be clumps of powder that basically molded around the tea leaf to make the little poo like nuggets. if that is ginseng powder, man that sure is alot of ginseng 🙂

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

1.5scoop thingy -> 4oz ~180F x 3min =
smell: minor,
flavor: i’d say dense warm liquid, …minor green oolong feel & some minor nutty?cashew?, but then, upon swallow a sweet sensation in the back of the throat, then as you open the mouth air coming in you sense a sweet sensation on the tongue, palate. pretty long lasting this sweet aftertaste.

and vividly reminds me of the experience with TenRen’s ginseng oolong “King’s Tea”. TenRen’s while it had more green oolong flavor, the ginseng flavor was not as pronounced as this tea here.
Others call ginseng wulong “Lan Gui Ren”

Overall: strong sweet aftertaste, not much oolong flavor, but anywho- not really my thing.

Se Zhong Cha (Fu Jian China Tea) .Zhong Guo Cha

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Zhong Guo Cha O-9-3-1 Se Zhong Cha (Fu Jian China Tea)
$4.50/50g = $2.55/oz = 40.8/lb
yes im a cheap bastard, lets see if its any good 🙂

now. i didnt know what i was brewing, how much it cost,
after i did it, i am just like so amazed, its like omg! i totally dig this tea!
anyway… on to the serious stuff.

opened the bag, leaf nuggets look good. ok

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
liquor pic: you can see the debris, last pic is on a letter size paper.

1scoop battles warm waters for long time:
#1 4oz ~180?F x 3 min : smell: floral/orchid. flavor: nice and strong orchid/floral soooo like this very much
#2 4oz ~190F x 3 min: mmmmm… same
#3 4oz ~200F x 3 min: mm… losing orchidness… could say ~ 1/2
#4 4oz room temp water x ~15min : still going,
#5 4oz room temp water x ~20min or more: still orchidy! oh so nice, still have flavor on the tongue after many minutes…

only bugger is little dust/bits/particles that settle in the cup. to avoid them just wait till theyre all down, and slowly tilt the gaiwan into the drinking hole.

please observe the *NO ASTRINGENCY* sign. yes.

hazy tea memory from 1 year ago…. had this flavor before, liked it… wonder if it was a winghopfung or a tenren…

think this had pretty good Qi also (feel kinda warm inside, a little agitated) (but maybe the liquid was still warm enough to spark the heat releasing mechanism in the skin), will need to retry on a another day, to make sure.

im sleepy.

i think i like this one.

Oolong $2.5 for 1/2 lb .Kam Man Market

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Kam Man Market /NY-Chinatown

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
$2.5 for 1/2 lb oolong… how can you beat that?????

will it prove its value in the boiled water ?

… please wait as we attempt to infuse this tea …

3tbsp dispenser x 190f ~2oz
x 30sec: ? why did i even try?
x 1min: ? green/plant astringency like those f*kin supermarket tea bags.

i spent enough time on this webpage, pictures.

Teascale: GARBAGE. definite .NO.!


1.5 “tablespoon” dispenser x 190F x 4?min

infusion #1:
flavor: 2/7 = green/vegetal + buttery/super-low nutty. (thats the new adjective here… super-)

infusion #2:
more green/vegetal, green astringency/tanninic showing up, low aftertaste (more due to tannins).

id like to say value for the money… or… cheap ass tea for the days without money. 😀 i like the latter. keep this to give to evil guests or else theres always lipton :).

will try more tea amount, maybe will get better.

Make at home iced/cold bottled oolong tea

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Here we have your oolong tea brewed hot with your best parameters, then poured into bottle and stored in the fridge.

#1 was the high mountain king of oolong. <SO-SO>

next day, tea is cold indeed, seems that mild astringency is #1 sensation, floweryness seems lost (maybe coldness impairs the feel). as its getting towards room temp, floweryness seems to make a comeback but not as crisp and nice,
not much other flavors, taste is rather dull.

#2: cold high top oolong. < GOOD COLD>

Free Image Hosting at

good flavor, mild astringency replaced by the ‘roasted’ type of flavor, and extra flavors i cant describe.
reminds of one of the bottled oolongs i tried… might be the oi ocha from ito en… but mine is better for less astringency and more flavor.
this one tastes good cold.

Supreme Tung Ting oolong .Wing Hop Fung

May 6, 2007 at 11:03 pm | Posted in Green oolong, Oolong Tea, Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
pictures not at the same scale
nothing special here so far

i really dont remember what this tasted like… probably some greenish + flowery
didnt feel too special/but i been drinking alot of these green oolongs lately and there isnt much variety in the green, maybe its just what i got.

High Mountain King of Oolong .Wing Hop Fung

May 2, 2007 at 9:32 pm | Posted in Green oolong, Oolong Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

dry leaf mild smell

208F x 2min = nice pungent flowery/orchidy, minor astringent but not unpleasant, works for me
can do ~ 2x –> 0.5L (from the 3rd infusion taste looses floweryness, becomes somewhat vegetal greenish).

not enough infusion time/too much water, it feels watery, but has a honey aroma…

good param: 1.5x black dispenser ‘tablespoon’ sized. in 8oz 190F, 4min. 1xblack dispenser ‘tablespoon’ sized. –> wash ~170 1min, –> in 8oz 190F, 3min:
smell pleasant pungent flowery, flavor low!?! watery… 😦

3x little dispensers 3/4 glass full 190F

its deep “pungent” flowery kinda flavor immediately taste reminded me of another oolong, seems that is Monkey Picked Oolong. darn cant remember taste particularities of the monkey picked but theyre very similar.

its good 4.5/7

2nd infusion still strong. same 3/4 full.

Oolong tea .Casbah Cafe

April 4, 2007 at 10:33 am | Posted in Green oolong, Oolong Tea, Tea Reviews | 1 Comment

Casbah Cafe, yeah the one on sunset in silverlake,

she got me the wrong oolong, so i dont know the long chinese name, but it was the $3 one

they used just boiling water on the oolong so its probably not the best situation to taste this tea…

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

flavor: 3.3/7, first 3min infusion had a indiscernible mouthfeel probably due to overbrewing from the hot water, with a strong sweet aftertaste in the pharynx,
subsequent brewings had a greenish feel, reminiscent of baozhong

Wild Wenshan Baozhong Oolong .Jing Tea

February 21, 2007 at 8:58 pm | Posted in Green oolong, Oolong Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

review sample from JingTea (UK)

leaf: oh yeah, me like large green leaves.mmmmm leaf smells good

Free Image Hosting at

liquor: nice and clear tho there is some minute white debris.

Wet leaves slow to unfurl reveal their nice evenly oxidized orange borders.

flavor: complex taste – flowery yummy with green, i think there’s a melon flavor but unsure. Taste is very similar to the Phoenix oolong, but more “green” (phoenix oolong is roasted). Mild astringency is present after longer steep but nice and greenish. Flavor is slow to extract from the leaves.

Overall: very good, very pleasant.

Monkey Picked ooLoNG .Wing Hop Fung

January 2, 2007 at 11:49 pm | Posted in Green oolong, Oolong Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

68$/lb don’t know if theyr* scale is off but it looks like a big bag to me…

opened their bag at home, strong flowery smell of the leaves percolated thru to the dendrites of CN1… me like the smell.

used more leaf, left for longer infusions did not create a bad taste, infact it was pretty good than my other tries… this tea grew on me 😛

1st steep flavor 5/7: flowery & pungent, some nutty-buttery, minor green astringency.

after the 3-4th infusion flavor drops to low, astringency gets mild-high.

~~ a la improvised kungfu ~~

10sec ‘wash’ …hmmm: wash smells nice, tastes like nothing.
2min: flavor @ 2/7 = mild composed of: watery floweriness.
4min: flavor @ 4/7 = mild , ‘delicate’ little flowers no green no astringency.

at least there seems to be no caffeine or stimulating chemicals in this one.

~~ a la 1tbsp x 1 cup watar ~~
knowing the waterywash i got last time, this brew got a long infusion >6min.
flavor ~4.5/7 … eh, but much better, 1/3 feel nutty, 1/3 astringent greenish, 1/3 flowery.

*purposely m-isspelled.

King’s Tea T103 .Ten Ren Tea

December 31, 2006 at 12:24 am | Posted in Green oolong, Oolong Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

this is a green oolong (i havent liked any black oolongs sofar)

weirdly their website says King’s Tea “a TenRen exclusive, is made of high quality oolong tea blended with a touch of ginseng”.
they didnt specify that when i got it… argh… i said “what’s King’s Tea” they said “an oolong”…


1st steep: 3min: flavors: i’d say it fills my mouth … is that a ‘full body’? … pleasant ,delicate
flavor: smooth fatty/nutty/BUTTERY (less nuttier than the oolong $12 .tenren) with a noticeable sharp green pungency.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

2nd steep: 5min: flavors: a touch of green peeks about with minute tannin.

3rd steep: 15min: still nutty & buttery, more tanninic but not hugely so- like 2/7. except it leaves a dry throat sensation afterwards.

used more leaf & longer steep (4-5min): more intense flavor, and astringency (greenish). but then about the 3rd infusion a surprise: sweet aftertaste – after swallow, wait 1 minute, then breathe thru your mouth you feel this sweet sensation on the tongue and roof of the mouth (palate). nice. (maybe this is from the ginseng? i dont know how ginseng tastes.)

after 4-5 infusions the nutty-buttery taste fades, and so remains a mild greenish taste, almost none of the sweet aftertaste.

wet leaf: theres quite long stems attached to the leaf… i dont like to pay for twigs… otherwise i’d got twig tea.

repurchase chance: maybe.

Oolong green tea $48 .Ten Ren Tea

October 15, 2006 at 2:12 am | Posted in Green oolong, Oolong Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

update: after weeks of use: flavor is more complex than $12.



pungent dense sweet smell

flavor: 3min @ 194F, mild, so i left it a couple more minutes. . . flavor 4/7 mild, flowery, green, low tannin, mild aftertaste.

compared to the $12, the leaf is large, tho there are fragmented leaves. but unlike the $12, the $48 leaf is very soft (picked young?)

*** i think it contains significant caffeine, i get jittery, disrupted from going to sleep! (at least the batch of tea i got this from).


Oolong green tea $25 .Ten Ren Tea

October 14, 2006 at 12:11 am | Posted in Green oolong, Oolong Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Free Image Hosting at


dry leaf has strong smell. dont they all…
this is like the $12 ???, but the flavor is more mild.?…me confused… score 4/7 on the tea-o-meter. uh, i dont know why im drinking this…

tea-keep-o-meter: NO.

Oolong green tea $36 .Ten Ren Tea

October 14, 2006 at 12:07 am | Posted in Green oolong, Oolong Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Free Image Hosting at


dry leaf has strong smell.

it infused for 5 minutes @ 194F…this one is a bit of a mystery…

its kinda like the $12 but: mild green + very mildly nutty + mild floral. doesnt taste distinctive… flavor 4/7.

does very well reinfusions. leaves are very expanded after , like 1/2 cup after: 2 hot infusions, 2 room temp. subsequent cold water infusions extract a greenish, floral taste. still strong., tannins still low – i like that.

tea-keep-o-meter: maybe.

Oolong green tea $12 .Ten Ren

October 11, 2006 at 7:57 pm | Posted in Green oolong, Oolong Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

update: after weeks of use: the character of this one is simple compared to $48.



leaf: green, smell: bit nutty + greenish, but smell had stamina, was not faded = good (imho)

(1tsp+194F) x 3min

liquor: yellow-ish,

smell: very nice, strong captivating ‘fatty’ nutty + somewhat sweet!

BAM! (a-la Emerill… but no dash of pepper here)
good flavor: 5/7 = mix of green + nutty (cashew?) , distinctive. mild aftertaste. low astringency 1/7.
does very well in rebrewing: did another 194F hot water, and about 2 more room temp water. taste: seems to get greener,
astringency still remains low.
price to value ratio is high, so says me.

tea-keep-o-meter: YES. oh yes give me more!

Iron Buddha .Zhong Guo Cha

September 18, 2006 at 11:00 pm | Posted in Green oolong, Oolong Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

$6.75 /50g (website pricing is weird) = $6.75 /1.76oz = $3.84/oz (61.36/lb) fair price.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
^ well, it looks like the Finest Jade oolong from Chado.

smell: yup similar, but mild-er.

3min @ 194F –> liquor is clear yellow-ish. taste: flavor is about 1/2 as intense as Chado’s jade formosa. plus: there is a strange taste …like some kind of dust (there is no dust in the leaves, its the flavor im talking about). (yes i have tasted dust, and all kinds of dirt).
it leaves a somewhat dry tasteless astringency… so lets say flavor ~ 3.5/7, but i’m not thrilled about it.

as you can see the second pic, the wet leaves are pretty shred up, it was very hard to find an intact leaf. (i dont know what that means, or if it changes quality or whatever, its just an observation). there were quite a bit of stems in there.

did 1 rebrewing of wet leaves with room temp water, the flowery taste still there but faded, the dry astringency is stronger.

keep? NO.

Finest Jade Oolong (Formosa).Chado Tea

September 8, 2006 at 11:37 pm | Posted in Green oolong, Oolong Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

$8/oz ($96/pound)

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

flavor: 6/7 …YUM!!! what a tea! i love it!

their description is right (…my added comments):
“More delicate than any fine green tea”… uhh… ok
“lots of aroma” …YES!

superb taste” …YES : 2/5green + intensly flowery, and i mean INTENSE-LY! (i dont know what flower to compare to, but its definitely FLOWERLY)
“relaxing”: … whatever
“very green appearence” …yup, indeed.
“and 12% fermentation” …its an ooolong…

Free Image Hosting at

^ this is the plant/flower which is very very close regarding flavor (this plant, though has a more powerful sweeet smell, whereas the tea is not)

excellent re-brewing capabilities . i did like 3 in room temp water and still got the wonderful taste, with a tiny amount of astringency.

keep? YES. mmmmmmmmm….

Oolong Tea .Hana Brand

May 10, 2006 at 1:41 am | Posted in Green oolong, Oolong Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment


Free Image Hosting at

they do have somewhat correct oolong brewing ‘instructions’ on the box: ‘boil water, let stand for 2 min.’

i ‘steept’ it for 3 min.

taste: well, i cant really describe it., dont have any words for it… i guess its some kind of cooked green… warm liquid… uhm… errr… thats about it… maybe a little oily?

>1cup water @ >10min @ 194F = more intense taste, tannin 3.5/7, bitter 2/7. leaves its specific (cant describe exact taste) tanninic aftertaste coating the buccal mucosa.

keep? NO. wtf is this.

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