Trader Joe’s Rishi Oregon’s Chai tea latte mix(es) and concentrates

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Rishi Masala Chai Tea concentrate,
found @ Wholefoods ~6$,
most spice in flavor and aroma,
but i can taste some of that lemon, they’re using too much of it.
I’m actually not drinking this everyday because its too spicy for me as a “comfort morning drink”
Its a liquid, needs to be refrigerated after opening.

Trader Joe’s Spicy Chai Tea Latte Mix found @ TJ ~3.5$ (10oz)
see original review
i dont find it that spicy anymore, and compared to Rishi Masala about half the spice (to me)
but its more comfortable to drink repeatedly (for me anyway)
sometimes I get an aftertaste, and can get a tad of spice powder gritting in your teeth (no minus from me, but some might not like)

Oregon Chai The original Chai Tea Latte mix packets @ Walmart ~ 3.5$ (8.8oz)
also have it in a liquid concentrate box – see my review
this is like sweet milk drink
mild spice
meh, but no aftertaste or powder in teeth

Oregon Chai Vanilla latte mix
oh so nasty i almost refunded the sip i took,
couldnt get an actual refund cause i lost the receipt



Earl Grey rounds .Bigelow .Twinnings .Republic of tea .Numi

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Got craving for some Earl Grey so rushed to the local Walmart acquired some Tbags and fancy Wholefoods but didn’t find any Harney or other English goods.

We have here: Bigelow, Twinnings, Numi all Tbags and some loose Republic of tea Earl Greyer.

In 3/4 cup water, steeped for 2.5min
Upped RoT EG to 3.5g cause 2g was nothing


Bigelow Earl Grey– good flavor, aroma, medium bergamot, my pick from these … Even tho it’s still weak in the flavor…
Numi Earl Grey– can feel the Assam tannin already, low bergamot, no go, will probably use to mix w milk.
Twinnings Earl Grey– too much citrus for me, med bergamot.
Republic of tea Earl Greyer– meh, med-low bergamot at 3.5g used, low aroma. 6.5g used in 3/4cup… No change, and getting some tannin…i think this is just stale

Golden Yunnan .Rishi Tea

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like 9$/55g

tea leaf better than dust but not very exciting looking… looks tired and anemic and with spits of some golden leaf.

photo 2

tastes vaguely of yunnan,

disappointed by this, i had some Rishi stuff before and it wasnt shit, but this is close to shit.

not getting again,

Chinese Breakfast .Numi Organic Tea

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like 7$/36g of tea dust (i actually weighted the dust itself it was about 2g/bag)

as the swill swishing BS obfuscating the actual puerility of the content: everything is organic, 100% and all some such

photo 1

tastes like inorganic DUST collected from the bottom of a chinese supermarket

yep, nope. hell nope. you likely have better luck at a chinese supermarket, and cheaper.

Southern style Sweet Tea .Olde Savannah Bev

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I’m back!!! .. At least for this post… And i smell alcohol!!!
Found this bottle on sale at a local liquor store for about 6$

Smell bourbon? Oak barrel?
Flavor …funky, +black tea flavor! +alcohol, +with a twist of “medicinal”(from my childhood memories) (might be the wine+citrus from the label) mixed with the ETOH
! Ah I know! A bit like jagermeister
Not very sweet
noticeable alcohol (10%)

Overall: imho pretty good; Buy again? yep yep :))

Southern Style Sweet Tea .Arizona

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Real Brewed… not …fake brewed … ? … like …those other tea companies


mild lemon

mild black tea.

Overall: similar …maybe … a bit better than McDonald’s sweet tea which seemed just sugar water.

Ntingwe Kwazulu Leaf Tea .Taylors of Harrogate

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found at Whole foods ~15$/box just curiosity and a little drunk (not driving, but drunk walking)

Sounded like nigerian but its south african.

no i dont have a tripod yet, ’tis why parts are oof … f3.5 or so does that.

Thought its leaf tea. its CTC. yeah. not leaf. but it is leaf. its CTC little tiny pieces of leaf. those things that end up in teabags. except teabags cost less. or do they. not feeling calculatorific today, you work it out.

Method: 3g 5-6oz water at 190F x 2-3 min

Flavor: hello teabag. breakfast tea english component of. tarty-tanninic not really any assam malty. borderline pleasant to me. in between pgtips and yorkshire gold. tho you got to make the extra step of straining the leaf/i do drink without straining.

Method: cold brew water bottle. Prolonged infusion such as this came out unpleasant, as some additional flavor came out coloring and changing from just tanninnic….  not enjoyable.

Overall: meh. not assam. not again. CTC no.

Premium Brewed Earl Grey .deLISH

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1.5$ @ Duane Reade (NY) (delish being a recently squirted duane reeed market brand covering the whole gamut of convenience store- snacks drinks and so on)

sweetish liquid, not snapple sweet. CITRICs PUNCH. minor tea taste/feel.

“tea with citrus flavor” … more like CITRUS water with tea flavor.

and now, presenting, the

set? for the natural shit?


premium brewed black tea (filtered water, black tea)
calcium gluconate
natural flavors
citric acid
ascorbic acid (vitamin c)
magnesium oxide
zinc picolinate
vitamin e acetate
vitamin a palmitate
niacinamide (vitamin b3)
calcium panthothenate (vitamin b5)
cyanocobalamin (vitamin b12)
folic acid
pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin b6)

i kno these aint flavors, but still




“serenitea tranquilitea new york citea” … oh stfu.

IN CONCLUSION: taste like lemon piss tea.

incup: Ntingwe Kwazulu

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taylors of harrogate

“leaf” tea

failed to mention “processed” cut & rolled into little nuggets like CTC

its alright, resemble components of english blends

havent had coffee lately so it did have a kick after i drank it.

Yunnan Black Gold 1 leaf / 1 bud Simao Black Tea .Yunnan Sourcing LLC

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Yunnan Sourcing (review)(product link) 12.6/250 g = $1.4/oz , 23/lb …. :O :O
Production: Spring 2009

Dry:  looks ok, mix of mostly black leaf with some gold. Wet leaf reveals i’d say about half full leaf half broken. not sure about the 1leaf 1bud description…


Method: various you name it i did it, (usually at breakfast i do an eyed pinch (which seems to measure about 6g) + 8oz @ 190-208F x 2 min (reinfused twice more and all added together))

Flavor: quite malty –burnt sugar or molasses?(which i am vague in memory about). When i first brewed this tea and still today after its almost gone, it tastes not like a yunnan black mixed with gold, but more like a gold mixed with black.  Some mildly mild vegetal to it maybe like green bell pepper skins (here i go now using this word).  Mild astringency-tannins coating mouth pleasant maltiness on tongue and palate afterward.  I dont sense much “wine” quality like in gold gold. No noted harshness with regular infusion. Overinfused (5g+6oz@208>2min) can go medium in the strength of tannins (which i then qualify it as a black :)) but i dont mean bitter and not like a teabag. No smokiness of any kind (which i was looking for in this purchase as i had hoped to re-experience the previous Premium Yunnan Black Gold)

Overall: Pretty good for the low price! carefully brewed, flavor can approximate higher quality yunnan (gold)! … still wanting some smokiness tho ……..

Keemun Mao Feng .ItoEn

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Tea notes> Black tea> Keemun (for more)

ItoEn NY Store (review)(product link)9$/oz= 144/lb

10g of stuff doing the ikea glass ghettobrew

3.5g of stuff doing the fancy gaiwan review style infusion

Dry: leaf looks smallish and quite broken for a maofeng… just a couple longer leaves.

Method: 3.5g in 4oz, 10g in .5L and various other. did in gaiwan, glass, plastic, foam and various other cups and pots.

3.5g/4oz/200F h2o/2 min: smell: malty burnt sugar/molasses?) solid flavor keemun malty, some woody tho i dont think much. low smoky. Strong flavor, it comes with some hardness to it, but not teabag/cheap harsh. Aftertaste is good, more of the tannin. infusion #2: more watery, 1/3-1/2 less flavor, harsh tannin more prevalent than flavor compared to infusion #1. #3 (4 min) is very low flavor low astringency. no greenness to it as i felt in this other qimen maofeng.

Wet leaf… uhm, i see lots of chop

Overall: pretty good, price/flavor/leaf aspect not my favorite.

Irish Breakfast .Harney & Sons

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Tired morning in search of unflavored black, shop had these,

2009-09-30_0198.thumbMethod: used 2 tbags for max flavor bang(one of them broke by accident in the cup) + 8oz hot hot h2o

Flavor: what flavor  ?!?!? 😦 … 😡 … tasted after 3 minutes, then left to soak another 5, got this bland black tea, some astringency, low everything, unsatisfying. at least no cardboard tastes (EG H&S)…

Overall: bland, flavorless.

Spicy Chai Latte powder .Trader Joes

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Found at … Trader Joes, $2.99+tax for 284g

allllllllll the way to the 3rd picture —————> Oregon Chai latte left, TJ’s Chai Latte right.

list of ingredients, here i go a typin’: sugar, non dairy creamer (coconut oil, corn syrup solids, sodium caseinate (milk), sodium citrate, mono and diglycerides (soy), salt), nonfat dry milk, tea blend (black tea, darjeeling), natural flavors, honey powder (sucrose, honey), spice blend (cinnamon, clove, cardamom, anise, ginger), vegeable gums (carrageenan, guar gum), madagascar bourbon vanilla extract.

Method: 1 scoop (i weighted the powder as ~ 30g) & mix with 6oz hot water (as per instructions.) From the total of 284g of powder that would make 9.5 servings x 6oz water = 1.6L tea.

First of all you’ll quickly be enveloped by the aroma of the spices … delicious. Can see fine particles of various color in the liquor (ground up ingredients).

Flavor: chai masala, spicy spices indeed!, not very milky(i guess because theyre using nonfat milk), not watery. one of the spices i feel more, might be the cardamon? or anise?. there is a little spicy-peppery feeling in the back of the throat. sweet but not too much, i might add some, cant really point to honey. Can feel spice particles if chewing with teeth.

Overall: pretty GOOOD as a chai masala, i like, i buy again and again.

The Original Chai Tea Latte Concentrate .Oregon Chai

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Found at Trader Joes, $3.99+tax (i’m not tax exempt afaik) for 32oz/944ml

Been eyeing this for 3 years and I just gave in (I blame it 😉 on World of Tea’s chai tea post, and then these guys started talking about it on Teachat 😀 , anyway ! THANKS ! go CHAI, masala chai that is)

This is a liquid concentrate of “chai” masala latte or whatever, made for Oregon Chai it contains an already made solution of the infused tea and spices. Aside from the bunch of useless crap on most of the label, there are a couple lines on how to prepare, and the ingredients (also on their website): Water, organic* evaporated cane juice, honey, organic* spices, organic* black tea, ginger, organic* vanilla, organic* natural flavors and citric acid. For a company that specializes in “chai” i’d say there shoulda been a longer list of spices. 22g carb/120ml(4oz) //(44g sugar in 8oz)(before milk) vs coca cola 27g /240ml(8oz)

Refrigerate after opening, consume in 4 weeks … shoulda read the label first

Method: add milk or such in equal quantity to the concentrate.

Flavor: with 2% hot milk a bit less than same quantity oregon: taste is similar to chai masala, sweet, tho a bit too milky, pleasant. Honey. Spices are there, not dominant resulting in a chai thats a bit simple-bland. Kinda reminds me of chai lattes made at The Coffee Bean in Los Angeles (overly sweet chai-ish, but i liked it better than Starbucks version).

With hot water, it tastes like: sweet, honey, black tea.

Overall: ok-alright for a sweet milky concoction, but not great as a chai masala, probably wont buy again.

Pure Black Teas’ Tea .Ito En

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Found at a store on Park ave Manhattan … $2.5+tax! … got it only because i never had before


Flavor+aroma: a little fruity-flowery with a black tea tannin with that darjeelingy “twist”, medium astringency.

Overall: GOOD !! yay  😀 good bootled black tea, tastes like darjeeling, i see myself getting plenty of this, if its around 1.5$. Flavor is not as fine & refined and has more astringency and tannin as compared to my memory of ItoEn’s Weil for tea Darjeeling (discontinued) can.

Anyway that will make a good addition to the bottled teas list … i’d put it on #2, but right now i be feeling it a bit more enjoyable than Tejava… so there you go

Pure Black you have taken the #1 spot !!!

of bottled black tea
in my world of tea enjoyment,
probably will be there for a good while.

.*`’; fireworks ‘”#%!`’.

ps. itoen please change the label on these bottles, i’m appreciating them as plain and inconspicuous. barely noticed there was a plain black between the rest of the teas’ tea bottles – the color of the tea kind is very non contrasty with that blue background and those colored lines distract my eye (i know, i’m very important in the world of ad design and tea packaging)… also pls keep it simple and dont go overboard with all the natural antioxidant bs. that wont matter when people want to drink and they dont have money.

Lifeboat Tea .Williamson Tea

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found at Stop & Shop (NY)
$6.49/80 bags/e 250g/= ~17$/lb … ‘s alright with me

got because on the box said tea from Kenya (which someone tells me has more caffeine).

blifeboat-tea-williamson-tea-01 blifeboat-tea-williamson-tea-02

mirroring the quite previous post (Fairtrade Tea (Irish Breakfast?) .Punjana) allow me to paraphrase and quote myself’s typing:

Flavor: similar pattern of flavors like Yorkshire Gold .Taylors of Harrogate maybe somewhat more mild. Some assam maltiness + minor ceylonish, astringency and some kinda fruity? aftertaste or something in the throat. .. asking for milk and sugar.

Overall: its english or irish (no insult intended from me being confused). needs milk. nothing special.

not feeling it for this type of tea right now…

thats it. thats my tea note. nothing special, just like this tea blended and packaged in the UK at 7 Portland Close, Houghton Regis, Dunstable, England LU5 5AW. just in case you wanted to know.

Fairtrade Tea (Irish Breakfast?) .Punjana

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found at Stop & Shop (NY) > which actually landed in the Irishnews
$7.99 80 tbags ~250g = ~ 17$/lb meh not bad.

birish-breakfastpunjana-1 birish-breakfastpunjana-2

looking for more PGtips my left eye rested upon this shiny “new” item. Actually the eye was on their shiny green “Irish Breakfast” package, but i chose this ’cause it said “prized leaves from the Phulbari and Borengajuli tea gardens in Assam, India” -yes they had Assam text bolded on the boxxx…but it cost +1$ extra for their fairtraded prized leaf.

Flavor: similar pattern of flavors like Yorkshire Gold .Taylors of Harrogate maybe somewhat more mild. Some assam maltiness + minor ceylonish, astringency and some kinda fruity? aftertaste or something in the throat. .. asking for milk and sugar.

Overall: its english or irish (no insult intended from me being confused). needs milk. nothing special.

not feeling it for this type of tea right now… am matchafrothing at the mouth :O for the itoen fukamushis i got 1 week ago

Black and Green Tea with Acai Berry and Vitamins .Fuze

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bgfuze-black-green-acaineeded a minimum for creditcard purchase

Smell: berries?

very busy label-packaging: annoying. Black+Green TEA largest… even tho it barely tastes as such.

Flavor: somewhat sweet (15g/serving, “About 2 Servings” <— !?! = 30g sugar in 480 mL, total drink is 547ml), some “citric flavor” (not lemon/orange/grapefruit), some mild berry flavor,

no idea where green OR black tea flavor is at… cant sense any in the aroma either…

Overall: not bad, i enjoyed it more than snapple’s acai thing, but does not taste like tea to me 😦

<– comp screen- not watching porn. but no large pic… just in case …

dont see anything else drinkable in Fuze’s current lineup, and the one Fuze i sorta liked (oolong !) was discontinued.

Earl Grey .Twinings

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Black Tea notes > Flavored > Earl Grey | Twinings

Served at Opia restaurant(NYC), menu said Mighty Leaf, but i received this. oh well… 4$


~5oz ~ 3 minutes, good smell, medium-low flavor, added ton of sugar (as i like it, brings out the bergamot, diminishes “tannin/bitter”, tho ends up too sweet/syrupy, & I get a “dirty” aftertaste in the mouth from the sugar).

The “good” earlgrey flavor i like. Their lady grey was weird..

Did another ~ 2oz reinfusion which came out more dilute.

So probably 1 teabag/6oz/3min is the most you can get out of this tbag.

Was ok, better than Harney&Sons (tho it might have been dilute, there was almost no flavor in it).

Sweet Tea .McDonald’s

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1$ ?

Tastes like …candy …this thing is very sweet (and i like sugar).
there’s some kind of indian blend black tea flavor (lipton ? 😉 ). no astringency (well yeah, thanks to a ton of sugar)

2008 Yunnan Gold “Jin Si” Golden Tips Black Tea

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TEA> Black Tea> China> Yunnan (for more) link). 11.5/2oz = 5.75/oz, also at 69/1lb; nice price.

long post, with comparison and video.

Leaf: nice gold, some darker leaf.

Method: 2g 4oz, 4g 4oz, 4g 8oz, 190 thru 208F water filtered, 2-3min.

Flavor: good strong yunnan gold flavor, malty, some “honey”, some “wine”
2g 4oz 3min is alright with me, clean taste, pleasant, easy, very minor tannin, but 4g 4oz 2min is more my taste.(tho it brings out a med tannin with some astringency)
Pleasant aftertaste of the same flavor.

Comparison: Houde, Davids Golden Monkeys, Yunnan Sourcing Pure Small Buds.
note: these observations are under a “tense” state & senses “honed” to detect something. In real life – day to day – i just make tea and drink it for pleasure… plus: I’ve already had a couple sessions of “comparison” between these 2 so i’m rather caffeinated and jittery :D.

Leaf: Davids sure looks like a gold golden goldy…

Houde ……………… ………………   …………….Davids Golden Monkeys ……… ……………..Yunnan Sourcing Pure Small Buds.

Liquor Aroma: Houde: less strong, more towards “chocolate”; Davids: “sweet”?!


Houde- LEFT, Davids-RIGHT

Davids darker liquor, flavor & aroma are less intense(1/3 or 1/4) towards “dull” when cold, compared to Houde. There are some flavor differences but i cant really detail.

4g/4oz/190F/2 min (or longer)

Houde ……………… ………………   …………….Davids Golden Monkeys

Leaf left to float just for show/pictures/video, other infusions leaf was guided below water 🙂

Houde & Davids very similar, more tannin/astringent, not sure i’d be able to tell apart.

I dot have the YG from YS (well, i do, but its 1 yr old). from memory when i first opened it: flavor: again very similar, maybe a bit more pungent and more “fresh” than both (not saying either are old/stale, just a flavor observation in my mouth and memory.)

Leaf: Houde darker & floats, vs Davids which doesn’t float. (whatever this observation means.)

Wet leaf: Houde: not as nice as Davids: very nice, FAT buds.

Houde ……………… ………………   …………….Davids Golden Monkeys

Comparison conclusion: Houde & Davids very similar flavor, not sure i’d be able to tell apart in day to day drinking.

no smokiness in either of these. (i actually enjoy a little of that, and so my favorite yunnan black gold tips on golden monkeys tippy hairy tea of all time is the Premium Yunnan Black Gold from Yunnan Sourcing.)

China Black Tea .FooJoy

February 21, 2009 at 2:26 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Keemun, Tea Reviews | 1 Comment

Found at Hong Kong Supermarket/Elmhurst NY. ~3$/box(7oz) ~ 0.4/oz  ~7/lb … for real

Unlike any of the teabag boxes i’ve bought this one has a bag of plastic with flaps that fold over the teabags – kinda helps to keep from ventilating but its not perfect… still for 3$ its a nice thought.

Method: 1tbag/6oz, 2tbag/12oz <3min. Teabags seem a bit weird, not very permeable, seem a bit slow to infuse too. I opened a bag and infused the fannings by themselves and it came out much faster.

Flavor: low strength, keemun-like thing? Aroma is nice similar to keemun maybe some very low smoky.
If steeped a bit longer: a sharp wave of “teabag tannins” on the tongue. Medium astringent in sides of mouth, but this goes away with the swallow. Aroma is nice similar to keemun maybe some very low smoky.

Tastes much better cold, astringency is not as apparent. There is some low aftertaste similar to flavor, not bad.

Overall: still a teabag with the kind of astringency/tannin i dislike, ok flavor. not sure i’d get again.

Golden Monkey

February 16, 2009 at 2:39 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Tea Reviews, Yunnan | Leave a comment

TEA> Black Tea> China> Yunnan (for more) (review)(product link)  $15/50g = 8.5/oz, 102/lb … a bit high for me
review sample courtesy of David’s Tea.

I’m a HUGE fan of yunnan black tea (dian hong). gold or no gold. From the name and the pretty website …i guessed 😉 this would be a gold one.  No idea why label says this tea is from Keemun

Leaf: looks good, mostly gold – yay, some gold dust (the amount of this will give more or less froth/foam when pouring water on tea). Aroma from bag is a bit light. Wet leaf looks good, see mostly buds.

Method: 4g in 4oz 206F/96C water 2,3,3min (and other various). It could go for more than the 3 infusions i listed.

Flavor: good yunnan gold flavor. not as strong as i remember (YS’s pure small bud), malty, some honey, some “wine”, not sensing any “foody, ceylon” (that i dont like). not smoky.  Tannin/astringency in the sides of mouth is not bad, low. Aftertaste: Quite a lot of “tannin” that ends up on the palate and throat (makes throat feel dry). Feeling caffeine effects.

Overall: a good tea/con: price. does good reinfused.

Assam Milk Tea, Loire River .ChinChin

February 10, 2009 at 10:30 pm | Posted in Black Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Found at Hong Kong Supermarket/Elmhurst NY. ~0.7$/can

Manuf by King Lucky Food Industrial Corp. Yes i did just write that. At least their website lists products they make, unlike the biggest food corp in taiwan.

“Experience the peaceful leisure of afternoon delicacy”

well, dear, its 9pm, well into the night and certainly past my bed time… here’s what i’m experiencing:

Flavor: milk 2% fat <–*¡Ay Mijo!* what a ugly rofl image.
so yeah, milk with a weirdness to it (like from milk powder, but more better than this crap: Hillside latte) There is some tea flavor 2/3 milk 1/3 tea something. sweet.

Overall: meh, not bad, i might buy it, bordering on watery.


Ps: enjoying with  Assam Laksa (weird flavor), and Kari Laksa(delicious, tho a bit salty) from Taste Good right next to Hong Kong Supermarket in Elmhurst.

Black Tea Drink .Tung-I

February 10, 2009 at 10:08 pm | Posted in Black Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Found at Hong Kong Supermarket/Elmhurst NY. ~0.7$/can

Manuf by Uni-President Enterprises (Taiwan), tho i cant find this product on their corp website …hmmm.
Ah: Wikipedia lesson of the day: Uni-President Enterprises Corporation (TSE: 1216) (traditional Chinese: 統一企業公司; simplified Chinese: 统一企业公司; pinyin: Tǔng Yī Qì Yè; Wade-Giles: T’ung-i Chi-yeh) … the largest food production company in Taiwan … responsible for running Starbucks, 7-Eleven, and Carrefour in Taiwan :O !

and if you want to know calories this drink made it on the web apparently.

Flavor: syrup-y, sweet, tea, black of some sort. No astringency, no tanninness. A grain-y quality (ingredients list barley alongside: eau, sucre, the noir, orge).
Didnt know Taiwanese fancy le francais… mah dawgs, le WOOF

Overall: meh, sweet syrupy drink… not unpleasant, i’d actually buy again.

Earl Grey Supreme .Harney & Sons

January 17, 2009 at 1:05 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Earl Grey, Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

1.8$ hot water + teabag @ au bon pain (not bread, but pain, as in painfully overpriced).

was waiting around so i thought i’d get some tea to pass the time…

The teabag smelled really nice, the profile i like. Dipped it in 8?oz about 3 minutes…

Taste: uhm… lets say some mild citrus/lemon? + uhm… cardboard? … i tried to figure out
what the heck i was tasting… re-introduced the bag in water, swirled it around some more
maybe got some mild bergamot, tannin/atringent came out, added all that sugar, but in the end …

Overall: nice smelling teabag bag, tastes like sweet cardboard juice (if sugar added).

Black Pearl .Lipton

January 1, 2009 at 2:36 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Tea Reviews | 1 Comment

What better way to start the New Year than with Lipton tea bags in my fav mug ! YAY tea !

And: since i have a ($10) scale with “+/- 0.1g precision” i did weigh the tea content of the “pyramid” teabags. its ~ 2g of “leaf”… And this leaf does contain a couple bits longer than 2mm. which may be stems. or represent the 3mm long leaf found in the lipton tea fields?


Compare leaf, left to right: Lipton black pearl, Ineeka black, Yunnan “gold” premium, Yunnan gold (YSLLC)
bottom: an oolong.
leaf size itself wont give a better flavor. just comparing manufacturer claims.

Method: 2bags in 16oz mug, 1bag 4oz, 1 bag 8oz, etc x 3-5 min, 200F water.

Flavor: not much flavor other than teabag black. some astringency and same nondescript Lipton black tea flavor (an Indian mix of some kind). depending on infusion strength tannins remain coating the mouth, sometimes give a sweet feeling…. Might have a bit more flavor than regular teabags and less of the “dusty”-“concentrated” “tannin”
as regular lipton bags… Maybe not as much flavor or tarty/tanninic as Taj Mahal, PGtips, Yorkshire Gold(my fav tbag), but none of them is “a winner” on my tastebuds. I drink it, its not really trash, but not that good.

Overall: these PYRAMIDS or the “PURE LONG LEAF” !!! did nothing to make the tea taste better. The only reason I would buy any tea bags is the “convenience” factor. throw it in a mug, 3min, throw it out, drink, wonder why didnt spend 2 more minutes to use the better tea i have (i suppose i dont want to run out of the good stuff, so i drink tbags.)

PureLeaf Iced Tea Unsweetened .Lipton

December 18, 2008 at 11:02 pm | Posted in Black Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

~ 1.5 depreciated US dollar$ @ yer locale supermarché.

related to this post: Pureleaf Black Tea with Lemon .Lipton

had some food earlier (cream cheese and buffalo wings) so the taste i got was a puckering sensation in the cheeks with minimal tea tannin or tea taste.

clean mouth = strong citric on front & top tongue which is the dominant sensation = 😦
minimal tea taste 😦

Overall 😦

yes ? NO

Himalayan Black .Ineeka Teas

October 16, 2008 at 9:45 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Tea Reviews | 8 Comments

Found at: Whole Foods. 9$/35g = 7$/oz = 112$/lb

Package: dope ass aluminum box. sealed “air tight” in 2 spots with labels (pic)(maybe someone pulled off the sealing tape that would have gone around the whole lid… that would have convinced me its airtight).

Ah… the “Brew Tache” the “feature” of this product… a winged maxipad-like teabag. Do notice that the wings spread out from the middle, not from the top so the whole bag can hang in water … probably some design compromise. i suppose then that the leaf won’t expand beyond the half of the bag’s height? – Then what is the point of this design – as opposed to just making a bigger bag on a string??? or a spacious bag out of a less flexible material “so the leaf can expand” (like those pyramid tbags) ???

Leaf: cracked open a bag: 10$ cheap scale says contains about 2.6g of tea (the label says 14bags, total 35g, so my scale is pretty close to the real weight of around 2.5g)

Method: as thoroughly detailed in their labels, i tried to fit it to MY cups… after all everyone has little tiny transparent glasses just for the right fit of their bag … and so i SPREAD THE WINGS of this … T … Ta … TACHE  and uhm yeah… i attached it “TO BRIM OF CUP” …

no… no… not really… ok…
…………………………………………..^ the bag is hanging above the 4-5 oz water i want to use
and then the very detailed instructions continue specifically stating TO “POUR HOT WATER OVER LEAVES” … WOOOOOW . R&D sure did their job on this one… so i guessed for 4oz water @ 200F ….and then i watched the “FRESHNESS UNFURL”  for 3 minutes. (since its for the US market they probably intended for the bag to stew in american sized cup of ~8oz).

btw. where the hell is the “whole leaf” in this shit? all i see is chopped shit. whole leaf my ass. her ass.

Taste: astringent, indian black tea, some floral? quality to it? I’m not really feeling straight assam, not darjeeling, maybe nilgiri or whichever one is left sikkim? watever… flavor is more clear- maybe less mixed or maybe better “quality” tea leaf than lipton pyramid teabags.

Overall: overpriced tea, stupid box design inside & out, stupid teabag, waste my money and time…

come on. i just “threw” 9$/35g @ this “nicely designed” box, tea-bag invention, label, because after all it contains “perfection and freshness” (tho there is no harvest date on it, so who the hell knows how long its been on the shelf)… and after filling 3/4 of the damn label with bullshit (because after all how else would it sell at WholeFoods unless it was 100% certified organic),
the best directions you have for your “fresh” and “award winning” (see comments by Mr. Momma) ~120$/lb tea is:

1. open teabag
2. put teabag in cup
3. pour hot water, steep 3 to 5 minutes

are you joking.

how big a “cup” 4oz or 8oz… how much water, temps, etc…….. whaaaaaaaaa………

Sweet Tea .Tradewinds

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Was roadtripping thru the country’s great states of NY, CT, MSSCHSTS, ended up in the town of BOSTON. 100$ /night @ Hyatt Suites, not bad, some continuous machinery/elevator-like noise, but uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm got used to it. At least the 27inch HDTV had stunning picture on 2 or 3 hd channels displayed on the panel’s hd-lite pixels…

Grabbed this tea from the RocheBros supermarket, probably ~ 1.5$. Their other products (Tradewinds) had kettle brewed and such words, and a big container of kettle brewed tea that looked VERY similar to Trader Joes, visually, maybe its not the same thing.

Taste: SHWEET. that’s all folks.

some reminder of a honey-like sensation, but maybe just me. mostly sweet sugar sweetness. (not as sweet as i make it seem, i love sugar btw if i didn’t say it in another post.) and maybe some reminder of black tea, but it was just barely there. at least no lemon showed up.

Overall: sweet tea. not my thing.

Nana Iced Tea .Wissotzky Tea

September 15, 2008 at 2:51 pm | Posted in Black Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Had some time to waste in the supermarket, came upon this in the kosher isle. price ~ $2.5 !  …well, it is imported.

Label: “natural tea concentrate from tea leaves”. mmkay, i’m feeling mellow today… so no cuss words for this pile of printed words. good thing its natural bs concentrate.

Smell: mint ! nice.

Taste: pretty strong mint, nice mix of mint + lemon + sugariness. No bitterness, doesn’t feel like over-extracted mint. The lemon/citric acid is here but it blends very well.

Overall: i really liked this mix. I drank it all in a short time. I liked it much better than the Honest Tea bottle.

Yunnan Special Grade Black Tea

July 16, 2008 at 12:55 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Tea Reviews, Yunnan | Leave a comment

TEA> Black Tea> China> Yunnan (for more) (review)(product link) . $2.99/100g/3.5oz = ~13$/lb is really cheap.

Leaf: Aged in CNNP factory storage since 2000. Jim recommended to wash it before proper infusion. I tried with and withoot wash and don’t remember any significant differences in taste (maybe less astringent with a wash, but not by much. The subsequently infused washed leaf did produce a slightly less cloudy liquor.)

This tea comes in a box, inside a paper bag, not sealed, no lining.

Method: 10sec swirled wash, then 3 min @ 200F.

Flavor: Thump of astringency/tannin on the tongue bordering on bitterness, follows a …”generic” yunnany black flavor but it does not hold much power in itself (~1/3 of total taste). Astringency is strong with this one. Maybe the expression is “brisk” not sure. Seems to remind me of breakfast teas… the bagged kind. Might have some good caffeine levels or maybe its just the HEAT IN THIS ROOM …melting my brain cells.

Overall: Not that interesting in flavor – low yunnanness. Baggy feel.

Yunnan Gold Premium Black Tea

July 16, 2008 at 12:49 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Tea Reviews, Yunnan | Leave a comment

TEA> Black Tea> China> Yunnan (for more) (review)(no more available). $4.99/100g/3.5oz = ~23$/lb is cheap.

Leaf: alright, not many gold tips but its got a little gold ‘dust’ in the package…

Method: boiled filtered water/200F stream hitting the cup.

Taste: yunnan black but sort of …”generic”?, not really wine, not really caramel, some very distant smoky? More flavor that the other yunnan black from Puerhshop & much less astringency 1/3 compared to 2/3 or more in the other one. Not really tea bag flavor…Interesting part seems to leave a sweet aftertaste feel. Interesting part #2, on 2nd infusion seems to get a greenish sensation as i remember from this keemun maofeng tasting… not “black-ened” enough?

Overall: its ok. not enough flavor. not sure i’d get again.

Tea Peach .Ito En

June 10, 2008 at 10:53 am | Posted in Black Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

$1.49, found at Sunrise Mart (NY)
tho it says on the label its made with Black Tea….

If i’ve tried American peach teas (Peach Tea .Lipton, Giant Peach Juiced Tea .TazoSummer Peach Iced Tea .Snapple, Peach oo-la-long .Honest Tea) why not see how Japanese tea people do it…

^ i am big, just click on me

Taste: … FRUIT ! i am pretty sure this is the closest of the bottled Teas to a real fruit taste i’ve had (Giant Peach from Tazo is my favorite of the bunch, but i can’t remember details to compare which was the fruityest)….remembering childhood …having peach compote (fruit boiled in water + sugar).(note: the word is compote, no relation to compost.)

so, Fruit + fruit tangy/tart in the mouth, sugar is medium-low = can feel sweetness but its not dominant. It feels very fruity-real to me (haven’t had peach in a while tho).

I don’t taste/feel anything weird (citric/strangeness.)

Some aftertaste, some from sugar, a fruity sense on the palate, tongue… its not watery, and i feel i want to drink more (or maybe its the heat).

Almost forgot: no tea taste :\ …. maybe its in the aftertaste feel combined with the sugar, but very not present at all.

very satisfying on this hot day…

Assam Black Tea .Honest Tea

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Out and about NYC, stop at “Central Perk” (Whole Foods/Columbus) get some snacks and drinks, head to Central Perk to bask in the sun.

Disappointingly, Whole Foods had a really bad stock of bottled teas this day, just itoen green-white, the others were mixed bullcrap sweetened and herbal bs energy bs vitamin boosting health organic natural crap. Of which i did get some – bottled yerbamate.

I did want to try something new so… got this which looked more “normal” even tho it had a little tiny bit of “sugar” on the label, and i don’t have such a good experience with Honest teas.

Taste: cold. mmm. well. not that bad on the citric additive – doesn’t taste that lemony. As for the black tea taste… uhm… there is …some… black tea taste… barely perceptible tho, couldn’t really say “assam yes !”, more like… “oh, this is probably black tea”. … didn’t sense any sugar. not much astringency.

Overall: not that bad, not nasty as others, but not much flavor either. pick between this and water? … water.

click it for bigger pic.

iced tea with lemon .teany

March 6, 2008 at 6:34 am | Posted in Black Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

part of the drown my sorrow with three bottles of tea day.
iced tea with lemon .teany,
Morrocan Mint Green Tea .Honest Tea
green tea with ginseng .teany
see the level- thats how much i could drink from them.

label is simple, somewhat retarded looking. i coulda done better.

aroma: faint but : lemon + some black tea

taste: 3/4 lemony + 1/4 or less: black tea taste + faintness sweety in the aftertaste.

the frikin fudgepackin definition of american bottled tea= LEMON SUGAR WATER. and a label with natural organic f**** antioxidants that will keep away all of mankind’s diseases plus whatever your dog gave you when you kissed it(more like whatever you gave the dog- since the human mouth is the filthiest of all… except that big lizard thing) …SH** ….alright. i’m calm. shit. i was about to go off again.

again. why do i even try? curiosity? just hope. oh well. its just how i dont like it. u might.
obviously it dont goes on MYF*KN LIST OF TEAS *I* LIKE. (not narcissistic or self absorbed.)

Kettle Brewed unsweetened Black Tea .Trader Joes

March 2, 2008 at 11:18 am | Posted in Black Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | 11 Comments

Having had their bottled “green tea” i wasn’t expecting much,
and much wasn’t found.

Looked nice, thick (3.78L=1gal), and more cost effective (around $3.7) next to the awesome Tejava bottled tea ($1.70, 1L), also the “kettle brewed” sparked some minor interest.

Opent bottle, whatcha think it smells like? yeah, the lemon smell of citric acid.

Whatcha think it tastes like? yeah, the ****ing lemon taste of whatever makes it taste like lemon…citric acid?

This is some watery brown colored lemonade with some shitty ass watery black tea scraped from the bottom of long lost barrels arrived on the tea ship from friggin who knows where.

tea taste…? well, if you’d distillate the entire gallon, then you’d probably get about 1 cup of black tea. the shitty black tea they used to make this shitty dirty ass waterylemonade shit. 😡

having said that. i’ll drink the whole bottle, just to see if my pee turns brown.

update: couldnt guzzle more than 1/3 of it. if i look at it one more time i’m gonna be sick.

ps. my pee . – still yellow.  then, . my liver just destroyed caramel color of 1/3 gallon. thx. i’d rather drink cola for that.

Yunnan Gold Tips looseleaf tea .Ito En

February 26, 2008 at 4:34 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Tea Reviews, Yunnan | Leave a comment

TEA> Black Tea> China> Yunnan (for more)

Ito En $7/oz (ok, i just read that, i read that right, yes $7, …112/lb… damn! thats one expensive oz i bought.)

Leaf: looks black, i see 1 gold tip. */* overly critical
but do you see the rightmost 2 pics? thats all gold tips… picture shadows make some look darker, but in reality theyre all gold , GOLD BABY GOLD.

Yunnan Itoen, Center&Right Gold tips YunnanSourcing
this should be called Yunnan Gold Tip.*/* now i’m just mean
Where is gold tips ??!!!
Show me gold tips !
… yeah i like seinfeld

sortof blind testing – i already know taste of 2/3 (bias) but tried it anyway,
lined up the cups, tried to measure similar quantity of leaf with my dispenser, marked all the cups on the bottom,
poured water ~200F , less than 1/2 cup so about 5oz(i think i shoulda used less), took pictures, figured some time passed,
maybe 2-3 minutes. strained in bottom marked cup, took to another room, and switched the cups around.
marked the cups with their reviewing #, and started teasting: (at end i put the actual tea in the paranthesis next to the #)

please excuse the lack of ability to describe in better detail someone else could relate to

#1 (Yunnan Gold Tips .Ito En)
aroma: fermented? black + astringent +”vegetal”
not very “defined”,
most astringent,
sort of a generic black +vegetal? sourish?-pinches-“stings” the mouth cheeks
very mild and faded honey, not smoky, nothing that interests me…
not a yunnan i’d like to drink.

#2 (Premium Yunnan Black Gold (Dian Hong Cha) .Yunnan Sourcing LLC)
aroma: maybe black? …triggering memories …cant describe, chicken farm…?!
similar astringent,
taste not as powerful honey-wine as #3,
very mildly smoky (i think this is the memories stimulant). i like this one.

#3 (Yunnan Pure Small Bud Black Tea Gold Tips .Yunnan Sourcing LLC)
aroma: strong “honey wine”
some mild astringency,
a dark black honey malty,
like the taste.

Weil for Tea – Darjeeling .Ito En

February 24, 2008 at 4:07 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Darjeeling, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

found at Ito En’s Flagship Store. *discontinued*

Aroma: mild smell, maybe DJ

Taste: wow, this is very very nice. I’m not your usual fan of DJ so this is kind of surprising to me(i liked it!)
A good, well defined flavor. The taste has a couple components, so its not monotonous. It reminds me of the darjeeling base from my favorite earl grey.

This is not overly infused as most bottled teas thus you get almost NO astringency/briskness !! just a clean tea flavor.

Ofcourse this doesn’t taste as strong as a fresh infused loose leaf tea, but they managed to create something very good.
i wouldn’t have guessed this is a bottled/rtd tea!

: Wonderful ! pricing aside ($1.9/can (245ml)…!!), i would definitely get this. I hope they can package this in larger sizes, and make it cheaper. anywho, it goes on the list.
Too bad they had to put Weil’s name on it. This would have sold without it. ok, maybe not as much. maybe it will help to getting it in more supermarkets? i hope so.

Organic Black Currant bottled Black Tea .Harney and Sons

February 11, 2008 at 5:37 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Herbal Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Flavor: alot of “stuff” in this liquid: citrus front of mouth, straight down the tongue in the back some berry-like sort of bitter-sour, “foody”, licking the palate and tongue can feel a lingering sweetness from the added sugar (but there is almost no other sugar feel), cant really feel the honey as in their bottled Black Tea.

Alot of aftertaste around the mouth-palate: mostly a sort of sourness like after drinking black tea with sugar + the berry flavor, + a little more citrus leftovers… = unpleasant to me, feels like mouth is dirty. Only in the empty mouth, can i feel some vague distant reminders of some sort of black tea flavor.

i dont know what currant is, but i read its some kinda berry. anyway. this is some kinda black tea.

Overall: alot better composition and flavor than Snapple’s Acai thing (surprisingly i now read almost the same words in that review), but i dont like it, mostly due to aftertaste, and no tea flavor.

oh yeah, price like their other: 2.4$ (this time found at Au bon pain)

Yorkshire Gold .Taylors of Harrogate

February 8, 2008 at 11:42 am | Posted in Black Tea, Breakfast, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

found at Myers of Keswick – Manhattan’s only British import store;
they also make some good pork pies 🙂
They have yer bunch of English teas such as Taylors, Typhoo, Twinings, PG Tips and more
(their tea list, call for availability).
I got the box of 80 tbags (13$ (good price)) .

Package: does not have any covers for the teabags; if most of the companies are doing this am i to assume the teas wont’t spoil ? (i doubt it, and i placed the bags in an airtight box).

Liquor: a very nice dark orange.

Method: 1tbag + 8oz 200F 2min.


added milk: wow, this is so very nice! i dont usually drink tea with anything, even the pg tips i drank it clean, but this tea works so well with the milk! – there is no more astringency, and the tea flavors are combined in a very pleasing milky way.

very nice, brisk?, complex mix of flavors unlinke most others that are rather monotonous in profile.
The astringency is here, alot, but its not as strong,deep and penetrating like ex: PG Tips. It works very well with the rest of the tea. Not bitter.
The flavors i cant really describe maybe say some caramely? black tea ? … in any case its just calling for MILK to be added to it – when i first drank it i thought ?huh? wheres the milk? i shall have to add some…

Overall: very good tbag. i see i buy, i lack i find.

My preference now stands at: Taj Mahal < PG Tips < Yorkshire Gold

Organic Black Tea .Harney and Sons

January 27, 2008 at 12:09 pm | Posted in Black Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

found at Whole Foods Market . $2.4 … !

flavor: black tea, some faint sweetness, not much astringency (i suppose from the sugars that cover it), and some mild honey flavor (i thought the black tea tasted like honey, but it was on the strong side- so i looked on the label, and yup, there it was….it pissed me off, along with all the sugar and other shit it has). It finishes with some citric/lemon in the back/backsides of the mouth. But no more other weird tastes…

lets count the words on the front label:
master tea blenders
fine teas
harney & sons
master tea blenders
organic black
crisp pure
energizing black tea
made from fresh brewed tea
16floz 473ml

ok, now… crisp & pure fresh brewed, i then imagine the contents are ‘pure black tea’ and ‘citric acid’…right… lets see:
triple filtered water
contains less than 2% of organic cane sugar
organic honey

brewed from select organic black tea
ascorbic acid
citric acid
sodium citrate

alright. so. wtf… can i just get some of that “PURE” BLACK TEA ???… gd bullshit.

overall: not bad, not bad, not sugary, but deceptive front label. It will go on the bottled tea list.

China Keemun Tea .Twinings

January 11, 2008 at 1:37 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Keemun, Tea Reviews | 1 Comment

Methodical: 1tbag + 8oz @ 200F x 3-4min

Taste: maybe low keemun, smoky, some woodyness, and more astringency than flavor. Astringency doesnt quit, keeps going and going. Dryness, dusty on tongue/throat. I like to say that it reminds me when i was in middleschool, and used to chew on the No.2 pencil, which had a sortof crusty glaze on the wood – thats how this tea tastes to me – like chewing a No.2 pencil.
Ofcourse, astringency is the main “flavor” here, these, above, are detected while trying to ignore the astringency.

Again? No.

The black Yunnan tea from Royal King Brand (while not keemun, tho i dont know for sure it is yunnan and not some sort of blend)- has better flavor, so if RKB made keemun i’d like to try that.

Irish Breakfast Tea.Twinings

January 11, 2008 at 1:36 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Breakfast, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Methodman: 1 tea bag + 8oz @ 200F, some minutes …around 3.

Taste: cant really distinguish. feels like a blend of black teas. teabag astringency. maybe ceylon blended with something. can feel that ceylon flavor i dont quite like on my tongue. Lots of tannin/astringency sticking to tongue, throat, feel dusty-dry-rough on tongue now. Astringency doesnt quit like in the PG Tips, and unlike pg tips, astringency is not replaced by a sweet aftertaste.

Overall: flavor of …anything is mild-low, astringency is more potent than flavor.

Again? no.

Will do it “English style” soon … not “Irish” ‘cos its early in the morning and drinking alcohol in the morning is considered a sign of addiction… I’ll make it Irish…later…in the afternoon 😉

Anteadote Pure Black Tea .Adagio Teas

December 28, 2007 at 5:42 pm | Posted in Black Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews, Yunnan | Leave a comment

Adagio Teas (review) 2$/ea or 24$/case of 15 + s&h, sometimes also found at Whole Foods.
Anteadote Black, Oolong, Green, White, Jasmine.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Package: Product of China. no “organic” wording on this one… nice 🙂 the label is really crooked, rotated on a corner… (if its the chinese packing plant, they should slap them around with a large trout.)

Liquor: dark-brown, smells a little sweet, reminds me of assam.

Flavor: black tea taste about medium strength, astringency is low! feels like a sortofa mixture maybe, assam-ish something. *** apparently after a little live chat on their website, they say its just Yunnan gold black tea (oops, its there too, on teh label…i should clean my glasses, …i should buy some glasses to have some to clean) … i really have to wonder where my tea tongue is at… oh yeah, here it is:

to me it tastes like an assam/sortof wine-y, maybe if i stretch it i would place it with this Yunnan Pure Small Bud Black Tea Gold Tips from Yunnan Sourcing but this bottled tea i dont feel any tobacco-ish-ness-y in it.

The bottle label says something of ‘smooth peppery taste’ <– what the f* that means i dont know. there is no pepper of any kind in this tea, i’m pretty sure, i just went and sprinkled some on my tongue.

…after tasting, i find there is a weird little flavor i cant describe-maybe faintly medicinal, but i think its there, like in their green tea bottle.

Not much aftertaste, but doesn’t feel completely watery, some remnants on tongue and back of throat.

Overall: taste is medium, ok, not bad, if found in a store i’d buy it, but if Tejava was there… i pick Tejava Premium iced tea bottle-which is more crisp, strong, defined, astringent. should i put this one on the Favoritea Bottled tea list… well ok, there isnt much choice out there…

Caffeine in Tea and the (false)myth of removing caffeine in a 30 seconds infusion (S: decaffeinate tea)

December 10, 2007 at 10:19 am | Posted in Black Tea, Tea and Health | 2 Comments

Following is a post by Nigel Melican, founder and Managing Director of Teacraft Ltd.
Post originally at, later expanded into an article on Cha Dao,

with his permission reproduced here:

As an antidote to the wishful thinking about the decaffeinating
effectiveness of a 30 second wash I proposed the data presented in
“Tea preparation and its influence on methylxanthine concentration” by
Monique Hicks, Peggy Hsieh and Leonard Bell which was published in
1996 in Food Research International. Vol 29, Nos 3-4, pp. 325-330.
Hicks et al measured the caffeine and theobromine (total
methylxanthine) content of six different teas (three bagged and three
loose leaf, including black, oolong and green types). They measured
caffeine extraction in boiling water at 5 minutes (69%), 10 minutes
(92%) and 15 minutes (100%). They replicated all their extractions
three times to eliminate error.
I extrapolated their data below 5 minutes which gave the following
caffeine extraction percentages (averaged over all their tea types and
formats; note while loose tea extracted marginally more slowly than
teabag tea it made only a couple of % points difference):

30 seconds……….9%
1 minute………….18%
2 minutes…………34%
3 minutes…………48%
4 minutes…………60%
5 minutes…………69%
10 minutes……….92%
15 minutes……….100%

This was very much at odds with the mythical “30 or 45 second hot
wash to remove 80% of the caffeine ” advice – as a 30 second initial wash
ofthe tea will actually leave in place 91% of the original caffeine!
Subsequent to that posting I rediscovered a paper by Professor Michael
Spiro whose group did some ground breaking physical chemistry on tea.
In “Tea and the rate of its infusion” Chemistry in New Zealand, 1981,
pp172-174, they disclose caffeine concentration diffusing into water
(4g loose leaf – it will have been CTC small fannings type – in 200 ml
water held at constant 80 deg C, and stirred with a magnetic
stirrer). First data point is at 90 seconds and shows 49% caffeine
removed from leaf (i.e. into water). Extrapolating from Spiro’s plot

30 seconds……….20%
1 minute………….33%
2 minutes…………64%
3 minutes…………76%
4 minutes…………85%
5 minutes…………88%
10 minutes……….99%
15 minutes……….100%

Thus while a 30 second “wash” under Spiro’s rather extreme laboratory
conditions (small leaf, loose in the “pot” rather than teabag, at
constant temperature and stirred vigorously) leached 20% caffeine
rather than just 9% under Hick’s more normal steeping, neither of
these findings anywhere near match the 80% decaffeination claims of
the wishful thinkers perpetuated as an Internet Myth.

Nigel at Teacraft


for the boys and girls without time to read and engulf the information (like me):

30 seconds does NOT REMOVE 80% of CAFFEINE in TEA.

good for me anyway i never followed that weird notion. i will continue with my
3 minutes, in fact i’ll continue to drink my teas following the test of tongue.


Pureleaf Black Tea with Lemon .Lipton

November 30, 2007 at 7:28 am | Posted in Black Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

supermarket (well, you know, where all the great quality all natural antioxidant fresh organic teas are found)

aye had nothing to drink, thought to lick on something new,

^click for big picture

supposedly contains fresh brewed/as opposed to stale brewed black tea (originating from south america- everyone knows southamerica is where the good black tea is made)…heres the lipton (i like them, they really try to stock every goddamn supermarket with their brand, hey ITOEN WTF ARE YOUR PEOPLE WAITING FOR???)

flavor: the citrus/lemon sensation around mouth dominates, sweetness, astringency, some tea flavor but low- still tasteable tho. some cruddy aftertaste from the sugar. the diet version has splenda if you care to know.

compared to Tazo’s Black Tea Lemonade, Lipton’s has little more black tea flavor, and less pronounced citrus.
compared to Snapple’s black tea (the earl grey), Lipton’s has little more black tea flavor, but its a small difference.

i must say, it didn’t hit like swallowing a porcupine- doesnt have such a horrible citrus /lemon spike in the tongue as i expected. overall the taste is mellow, it didnt turn out so bad. not bad mr vaseline. im still not going to put you on my list 🙂 until you come out with a no sugar no splenda/other sweetener tea.

Update: there is an unsweetened version, and i didnt quite like it… to put it nicely : PureLeaf Iced Tea Unsweetened .Lipton

Tea Lemonade with Black Tea .Tazo

November 25, 2007 at 7:56 am | Posted in Black Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

^click for big picture

all natural… ok? …alright?…but…
..i dont see… wheres the ECGC …?
……. i dont see ECGC ON THE LABEL !!! OH MY GOD WHAT HAS COME OF THE WORLD MAKING LABELS WITHOUT ECGC… yeah you know you’ll get fired.

after sticking tongue down many similar ‘tea’ drinks you know what to expect

1: lemon taste up the wazoo, citrusy all over the mouth, i admit it does taste a little better of a lemonade, maybe because its “NOT FROM CONCENTRATE”
2: it has sugar 20g/8oz so its a sweet lemonade
3: there’s Waldo?… uhhh… i mean somewhere in the citrusy depths of the liquid one can find with difficulty the taste remains of tea. more like can feel some faded tea flavor after the liquid is swallowed. swishing it around in the mouth i cant really feel anything tea-like due to the strong citrus experience.

buy again: i didnt want to buyit the first time, so i stole it from a little child who cried afterwards from not getting the daily dose of natural organic antioxidants that will counter the effects of the 2 slices of pizza 1 hamburger and 2fists of re-used oil deep fried fries, …and the 3 donuts at breakfast (no. thats not a metaphor of what i had to eat, i ate all natural organic fair trade broccoli, picked by low paid dirty&diseased illegal border-crossing spanish-speaking residents-of-Mexico. oh well, it wasnt that healthy, topped some with cheese, melted, just to make sure the antioxidants have work to do.)

Jagertee .diy home made tea alcohol mix recipe

November 19, 2007 at 8:04 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Jagertee definition: “black tea” + rum (it might be some mix of black teas, likely assam?), also maybe its supposed to have sugar in it, as most mixes of tea do….ok…here goes

UPDATE: 2nd try 🙂

Yorkshire Gold 2 teabags + 5-6oz water @ boil x 3-4 minutes, remove tbags, squeeze tbags a little. waited to cool (not long enough, and you can see on the glass some of the condensation)

Rum [Malibu Carribean Rum Coconut Flavor]
1 tablespoon (eye’d…)
Sugar (the rum is sweet, but i added 1 tablespoon sugar for my taste).

Taste: much better: malty, black tea taste similar to the original component tea, some of the nuances are covered/mixed with the alcohol & sugar. The “briskness”/astringency of the tea can be felt in everydrink, but its less strong than the tea without alcohol&sugar. At the end can feel the alcohol “burning” the buccal mucosa (mouth). the coconut flavor i forgot to notice it, heh, there’s another reason to re-try this again… and as you notice it was daylight…. this is not my usual routine – alcohol in the morning – but i had to wake myself up with somethin! right? right?

Overall: tea taste was present and very apparent, alcohol blended very well in this “recipe”. None of the flavors seemed to dominate the other- are able to enjoy a variety of tastebud tinglings, so i think it turned out good.

*PS: alcohol is bad, damages liver, stomach linings, direct toxic effect on some cells, hepatitis, cirrhosis, pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer, etc etc. Alcohol+ smoking a major cause of esophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer and more. I don’t like mind altering substances, i enjoy reality as it is… Oh, you’re wondering why i had the rum… Shit. you got me….Oh wait, i know, its for educational purposes only. not that it means give it to students, students should not drink in class.

~~~~~~~~~~~ 1st try:

yunnan black [Yunnan Pure Small Bud Black Tea Gold Tips .YS] (i dont have any assam right now)
(infused a tad longer to give it some astringency)
quantity: ~ 1/4 of 4oz gaiwan (so thats 1oz ?)

rum [Malibu Carribean Rum Coconut Flavor]
quantity: i’d say ~1 teaspoon.. maybe it was too much.

result–> surprisingly most of the tea taste is gone… i dont think i sense any astringency…!… i dont know… tastes alcoholic somewhat watery… tea? what tea?
ok i think i might have had too much alcohol to tea ratio… i just dont like to spoil 4oz of good tea… ah.

Assam Finest .Tavalon Tea Bar

October 28, 2007 at 6:24 pm | Posted in Assam, Black Tea, Tea Reviews | 1 Comment

Tavalon Tea Bar

12oz $2.5 …5 minutes like they said…

gonna get right to it: very astringent. wow. that was some slap on my tongue. really, i just could not take it too much… couple sips i threw it away. i confess, i am a little baby. i rather more preferred the other black i tried there – yunnan.
Either thats how its done, and i dont like it, or was steeped too long,

either way, they should have suggested some milk or sugar when i got it. (at least for the people who dont know what assam is).

Royal Golden Yunnan .Tavalon Tea Bar

October 28, 2007 at 6:21 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Tea Reviews, Yunnan | Leave a comment

TEA> Black Tea> China> Yunnan (for more)

Tavalon Tea Bar(review) 12oz cup at $2.50 +1.50 (uhm… “premium tea” extra bonus price? special water? royal cup?)

they sell the loose leaf yunnan on their website for … 108$/lb … funny.

waited like 5 minutes for the cup. 12oz suppa’ hot water + tealeaf bag.

Flavor: uhm… mild yunnan, minor astringency, watery, not much aftertaste.

Overall: yeah. i didn’t feel too royal after drinking this, except by having the money to throw around…

in contrast to this watery thingy i ‘enjoyed’ some assam

Yunnan Pure Small Bud Black Tea Gold Tips .Yunnan Sourcing LLC

October 2, 2007 at 5:34 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Tea Reviews, Yunnan | Leave a comment

TEA> Black Tea> China> Yunnan (for more)

Yunnan Sourcing LLC (review) $24/250g = $2.72/oz , 44/lb, nice! … + s&h
Production period: Spring 2007
“Early spring tea is picked when the buds are still young, the tea is then rolled, briedly fermented and then wok-dried by hand. The flavor is the smoothest… “

Dry leaf: leaf smells pretty medium-high like apricot+honey
theres little hairs on the leaf, and leaves behind plenty of golden dust on the paper.

Method: 1 blk dispenser ‘tbsp’ 3min 190F, also tried 200F

Liquor: probably the same golden dust makes a contribution to liquor being cloudy, and adds some frothyness on the margins of the cup(when it dries you can see the gold dust particles), also the gold dust adds texture in the last sips (when most it is settled around the bottom of the cup). [the picture here is from 2nd or 3rd infusion].

Flavor: mmmm yunnan, id say flavor is more strong/prominent than the premium yunnan from them maybe its the young leaf it has stronger flavor to be extracted= there is a more prevalent sort of mild astringency feeling, not very harsh, aftertaste does not stay long. but its not watery as some of the cheap crap yunnan from WHF.

i’m not going to say smoothest flavor. i’ve had smooth, this does not fit that.

i’d say this taste profile goes towards my ‘foody’ sensation, and wine-y. some tobacco-ish sensations?! ,,, …not my liking. i think im about to say it feels …confusing… might be due to my feel of the astringency and the prominent flavor – i think they wine-y part reminds me of keemun/qimen. no, i think its sort of …darjeeling-ish, from that tobacco sensation. oy.

this definitely has caffeine. yup… not felt that in a while from a tea. i think its rather strong. good for me, i need it at the moment.

Overall: i like it. but i personally prefer yunnan with a touch of smokiness, not the wine-ceylon-foody (as i sense it).

Premium Yunnan Black Gold (Dian Hong Cha) .Yunnan Sourcing LLC

October 2, 2007 at 11:25 am | Posted in Black Tea, Tea Reviews, Yunnan | Leave a comment

TEA> Black Tea> China> Yunnan (for more)

Yunnan Sourcing LLC (review) 16.4/250 g = $1.86/oz , 30/lb ….  :O :O    *** DISCONTINUED ***
Production: Fall 2006
“Aged just enough, liquor is mellow, smooth but with a depth of flavor that is not to be missed. Other black teas don’t stand up to this!”

Dry: This smells good from 1 meter away (thats 3 feet). I’ve not seen a black tea with such long intact leaves in my last year of tasting teas! (or maybe i have, what do i know, i’m getting senile anyway…)

Method: 1black scoop “tbsp” 4oz @ 190F

Liquor: little dust/residue in the liquor. smell hint of smoky.

interruption: Ohhhhh sooo goood…. mmmmm…
…ok… i’m back

Tongue: so good… “full taste” (fills mouth with flavor), chocolaty aftertaste with a little tiny astringency, oh so nice

not bitter, not wine, not watery, not “foody” (personal sensation)

i want to say ‘soft’ but not lacking flavor, soft as in not rough, no unpleasant astringency, everything melts very nice on the tastebuds. i think as they say it ‘mellow‘ is better.

good, longlasting aftertaste.

i so want to describe the flavor in more detail but i dont have any other words to match…

Compared: to the yunnan gold from Jing Tea, Jing’s was more caramel (but it had what i call “foody-ceylon” flavor which is not my preference). another comparison with Yunnan Gold Tips looseleaf tea .Ito En

Overall: lets just say… friggin’ awesome (imho) three thumbs up (thats all the thumbs i got).

Darjeeling Tea loose leaf tin .Twinings

September 5, 2007 at 2:22 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Darjeeling, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

why no tea delivery why? see what you maked me do?

today we’ll implement our Tgrade rating system. just for fun.

metal box with freshness preserving seal.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Tgrade start: 7

(-1) diced up 1mm leaf bits and pieces. ok with strainer.

smell: (-1)
1/3 tobacco
1/3 hot meat
2/3 hot vapors of green bellpepper

1/3 tobacco
2/3 green bellpepper skins

ok lets just stop right there.

lets see, i’d categorize this as… “taste of ass” (Tgrade paragraph 7 line 12), which conforming to the Tgrade rules earns you an extra + (-10).

Tgrade = (-6) (7 -1 -1 -1 -10)
not bad…. not bad at all if used for compost or having a dumpster space filler.

PG Tips .Brooke Bond

August 18, 2007 at 4:55 pm | Posted in Assam, Black Tea, Breakfast, Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

blend, pyramid teabags, bad packaging just like the taj.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
^ largest teabag picture ever! sorry

I think the English (people who live in England) fancy this T quite a bit/ not everybody 🙂 thank goodness: Twobs
I wonder how the English drink their PG tips?
1. milk , milk + sugar
2. lemon, + sugar?

as the debate goes milk in first or milk in last (Cha Bei)?
i decide im in the mif category: lazy, dont have to stir

What can i say, mixed with milk totally removes astringency, but even so not my taste- so i add some(ok,alot) of sugar. I think taste is then pretty good and strong. Compared to Assam Taylors of harrogate that had a bit more funk to it, id say more kindof a fermented-tangyness, but flavor wasnt as strong (unless i did it with too much water.)

1 tbag + 7oz + 208F + 3min = flavor kind of slaps your mouth: STRONG ASTRINGENCY,
black tea taste sort of assam, rather a wine-y & feeling of fermented ?flavor – sour?
strong aftertaste, numbs the tastebuds (covered up with tannin, but can feel some astringency in the back) after which it lets taste a medium strength sweetwiney.

not bad… i thinks more pleasant experience than the brooke bond taj mahal which seemed bland? ill have to check with lost memories… yeah the bb taj was just a bland assam maltiness

on second try, @ 1.5min, still too astringent-bitter-sour whatever, need to put milk or sugar in this shit to calm it down.
dont like

some brooke bond commercials bideos on you-tube

Overall: My preference now stands at: Taj Mahal < PG Tips < Yorkshire Gold

Assam Brahmaputra STGFOP .Dobra Tea

August 10, 2007 at 6:13 am | Posted in Assam, Black Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Dobra Tea ~$2.5 /oz

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

4min 190F 8oz 1’tbsp’ dispenser (blk one)
mild* assam flavor*, malty*, caramely *

*I dont remember the exact flavor and astringency levels of the assams i had -which did not get more of since going the chinese tea route discovered teas with low astringency allowing more pleasant cups of tea- so i dont know exactly how mild the flavor is in this one, thus i am unable to give it a fair rating….

ah who am i kidding, i’m not the tea oscars judge: –> 4/7 dont like astringency, might be put down with some sugar & milk which i’ll try next!

Earl Grey .Stash Tea

August 8, 2007 at 11:27 am | Posted in Black Tea, Earl Grey, Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

Free Image Hosting at

thank the beejeesus i never paid money for this, or its posesesed black tea ‘decaf’ !!? bretheren
some kind of shiteous black tea astringent blend combined with chemical-hospital-like-taste
nowhere remniscent of any earl grey flavors i’ve tasted before.

its craptastic ! ! ! !
keep away this devil food

English Breakfast Decaf .Stash Tea

August 7, 2007 at 7:31 am | Posted in Black Tea, Breakfast, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Free Image Hosting at

I really messed the
picture before this
post, so it is a weird
coincidence. Shall we
try to express the
horror that is this ?
Here goes..
!!!      HORROR      !!!
a narrow astringency
of black tea tanins,
maybe its cinnamon?
tangyness, tartness,
just horrible horror …


a chemistry person
once told me the way
they decaffeinate
coffee creates chemicals
which are carcinogenic
i wonder if that goes
the same with decaf T.

English Breakfast .Bigelow Tea

August 6, 2007 at 3:09 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Breakfast, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

if youre wondering why i said i dont like breakfast blends, but i keep drinking them… the answer is: my trash is empty, and i need to feel like i’m paying the garbage pickup for a reason. this seems to have better ‘quality’ than the Darvilles of Windsor blend; still…

Free Image Hosting at

flavor: 3/4 strong black tea astringency, i think more of a wine-y assam flavor. strong aftertaste, coating, with a touch of sweetness at the end of a couple minutes. yup better overall than the bland DoW English Breakfast.

it deserved to be rated: 2.25/7 😛

oh yeah, roadtrip Free Image Hosting at landed in Springfield Mmaassaacchhuusseettss (thats right, i didnt win the spelling bee.)

Marriott in downtown Springfield. 2 tea bags one of which was this. 2? 1 breakfast, 1 chamomile, i say room was for 2, that shoulda prepared 4tbags, but its probably standard hotel procedure, i mean its not like it costs 150$/nite.

town had a creep-y quality to it, maybe its just the downtown (crime statistics, ah numbers, what do they mean anyway?).

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
on a 2 digit numbered floor, the hotel being rite next to the freeway on high heels & bridge(s) imparts a somewhat vibratory quality to the floors which requires (me) an accommodation time as i unnaturally fear the wonderful vibratory qualities while encased in large man made structures.
Free Image Hosting at
Had some trouble aquiring alcoholic type beverage needed to quench a drunkards cheap thrills. supermarkets didnt sell alcohol, we had to drive to the nearest liquor store… alrighty then, weirdos.

English Breakfast .Darvilles of Windsor

August 6, 2007 at 2:54 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Breakfast, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Bored in the T-J-Maxx.. what am i supposed to do 1 hour while someone else plays with 3 clothes for 1 hour? huh? huh?
i guess… buy some ‘tea’ if one is to believe tea is to be found in a tj maxxx.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

the package really convinced me of the quality, they’re appointed by the Queen of England you know.

flavor: 3/4 black tea astringency, 1/3 some black tea blend non-foody assam.

now, what am i to do with 49 tea bags ? huh ? HUH?

if a hobo is to dumpster dive my trash he’ll be really happy to enjoy some ‘quality teas’ from a company that “has been blending and supplying teas since 1860… the oldest established business in Windsor”

with tea like this it must be the english hobos that keep you in business.

maybe its supposed to go with some milk and shoogha’ but that gives me diarrhea.

//dont mind me, very groggy from waiting on a chinese tea delivery, stuck with drinking Tbags.

English Breakfast Tea .Vermont Artisan Tea

August 6, 2007 at 1:13 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Breakfast, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

had this at the Essex Inn, Vermont (nice place, location of the New England Culinary Institute.)

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

tea seems to be a chopped up (not dust) black tea blend, in a plastic tea bag.

received 1 teabag in what looked like ~16oz water.

needless to say: flavor 1/3 = low, smell was stronger than flavor. some astringency but low – nice part.

Not bad, but not too good either.

but much better than the horror Stash English breakfast tea bags they have in rooms.

If this is the company that produces the tea:
looks like theyre very busy in the tea business- oolongs!?

Keemun Hao Ya .Rishi Tea

July 22, 2007 at 10:03 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Keemun, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

found at whole foods nyc columbus circle

whole foods has a coffee & tea place inside, starbucks like, pay there not at the exit checkout.
it houses a variety of Rishi teas (of course fair trade antifloxidants organic usda angus beef natural ecgc et c . e tc.)
for sale as loose leaf tea in containers, or to buy in a cup of boiled water.
large cup of tea is 1.95$, but they just put it in more water.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
between concrete, grass, tea… and … can you spot the owl?

this keemun wasnt bad, good taste, strong keemun flavor. not bad. good purchase 1 of 3 (1bad green t, 1bad black t).

buy again: yup. if you’re at the whole foods AVOID the bottled teas and get some of these teas instead. much better choice.

Iced black tea .Tazo

July 22, 2007 at 9:51 pm | Posted in Black Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

didnt take a pic of this cos it didnt deserve it.

bad boy.

let me down after that good Giant Peach


brown poo: mild + weird sweet taste 1/3 black tea taste, weird tea blend i think dont know wtf it is…

unfortunately i drank it, along with a “green” poo from honest tea

Orange Pekoe Classic Black Teas bottle .Snapple

July 10, 2007 at 11:19 am | Posted in Black Tea, Earl Grey, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment


Free Image Hosting at

this is horrible, citrus/lemon, COLORED WATER !

9$lb Yunnan Black .Kam Man Market

July 10, 2007 at 7:52 am | Posted in Black Tea, Tea Reviews, Yunnan | Leave a comment

TEA> Black Tea> China> Yunnan (for more)

Found at Kam Man Market/NY, 2.25$/4oz = 9$/lb

this is their regular yunnan black, the cheapest one. yeah, indeed.

Leaf: looks a bit crappy, some smell…

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

^^^ Damn you Imageshack now i have to check all my posts…

Flavor: low yunnanness, astringency medium, with some tbag astringency, maybe low smoky.

feeeling confused… the smoky sensation, lack of flavor…

Overall: not for me.

Earl Grey Classic Black Teas .Snapple

July 9, 2007 at 2:13 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Earl Grey, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | 4 Comments

Free Image Hosting at
“lightly sweetened”

new? first ive seen it anywhere, got this and another they had in the fridge: Orange Pekoe

kinda hurt my wallet, ~2$ (incl NY tax)

very hot days of ny/long island, full of wonderful humidity 😉

lets see:…
cold, watery,
lemon/citrus sensation
washed-super-diluted tea taste, very faded earl grey flavor
cant really sense the sugar,
annoying aftertaste probably from any sugar combined with the citrus sensation.

T-rating: 1.5/7 = hell no , got better ways of wasting money.

… and then i get really pissed off, with tasting their orange pekoe 

Snapple Peach iced tea mixed/ blended with yunnan black looseleaf tea

July 2, 2007 at 3:24 pm | Posted in RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews, Yunnan | Leave a comment

so i thinks… lets try some mixing today…. hoping to make snapple iced tea TASTE LIKE TEA,

but i was wrong.  dont know what snapple puts in its drink, but its so strong it blocks all other tastes… this sweet citrusy/lemon, mildly astringent liquid…

8oz snapple + 1 tbsp yunnan black loose tea (now i feel kinda wasted it…and it was gold tip too…)

result: 1 snapple flavor with a totally separate perfumy creamy yunnan black flavor (blunted by the strong snapple flavor).

this totally does not work.

i dont even think ill try to mix it with anything else, it obviously will block out any real tea taste.

100% natural Black Tea of China .Royal King Brand

July 2, 2007 at 3:11 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Tea Reviews, Yunnan | 1 Comment

TEA> Black Tea> China> Yunnan (for more)

local store NY: ~2$ /1.41oz (20 tea bags) = 22$/lb, meh cheap…

Free Image Hosting at

“organic, no preservatives” (…says Royal King from the Republic of China), i do believe them… really… seriously… i swear. i dont give a pluck about organic bs anyway…

Method 2: 2 teabags ~ 8oz ~3? min, 190F–>

Taste: better, more familiar tho still …rather mild yunnan black tea flavor, and somewhat watery,
mild astringency/tanninic, some very low aftertaste – coating the tongue, palate.
but i have to say: better than lipton :O :O (@_@)

hot the liquid tasted ok, but some minutes later, the about room temp liquor tasted almost like nothing, i had to wash my mouth to retaste and most of the flavor was astringent.

Method 3: 2teabags and then stirred around, stressed them a little, and there is a little more taste, more astringency, and prominent cruddy tea bag taste. NASTY.

Method 1:1tbag/4oz … not even 4oz of water could concentrate some f* damn flavor…

taste: watery, faded, yunnan black tea flavor, no astringency.

poor results thusfar.

will try 2 teabags in 6oz water…
i figure more infusion time or more tbags will throughly ‘astringentize’ this infusion… oh well, we’ll see…

Overall: final score 2.0/7 … no… thats not a good score= i would not buy this on purpose… damn, its getting rather depressing with all this tasteless stuff…

Organic Breakfast .Mighty Leaf tea

June 29, 2007 at 6:17 pm | Posted in Assam, Black Tea, Breakfast, Tea Reviews | 5 Comments

aka Breakfast Americana

found at Corner Bakery in Pasadena

this tea sux. dropped 1/2 the hot water then infused the tea bag.

bland, boring, tasteless. threw in a ton o sugar and that gave me some incentive to sip this liquid.

again: no.

(their website contains some of the most abundant bullshit ive seen.)

Earl Grey .Bigelow Tea

May 6, 2007 at 2:43 am | Posted in Black Tea, Earl Grey, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment


1/2 cup 3min or more

ok flavor, the pleasant kind of bergamot, went down good without sugar, low astringency


English Tea Time .Bigelow Tea

May 6, 2007 at 2:42 am | Posted in Assam, Black Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment


ok 1/2 cup water, 3 min or more

flavor assamy with some minor ceylonish flavor ,

not bad: 3/7 , low astringency

Gold tip assam .The Coffee Bean

April 7, 2007 at 1:01 am | Posted in Assam, Black Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

at The Coffee Bean

loose leaf bagged & infused in store

flavor: pretty strong flavor, assam regular malty, astringency quickly follows extra time spent in the hot water,
some throat dryness from the tannins – i did not mind , am familiar with the feeling.

dont remember any sweetness in aftertaste tho…

English Breakfast Tea .Twinings

March 12, 2007 at 10:54 am | Posted in Assam, Black Tea, Breakfast, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Was having a really bad headache… figured caffeine withdrawal

Ralphs has a really excellent tea selection *sarcasm*,
they were out of the Teajava black tea bottle so had to go with powdered tea…

but i did pick this because it had somewhat good details on the box: Assam and Kenyan black tea, and indicated a medium flavor, individually packaged teabags for longer freshness 😉

yes indeed well below 1/2 the flavor of the Brooke Bond Taj Mahal
flavor ~1.1/7, low-mild astringency

did not relieve my headache, so not sure if it has alotta caffeine

definitely not, .no ,this is shit.

Yunnan Gold (Yunnan Dian Hong) .Jing Tea

February 21, 2007 at 8:42 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Tea Reviews, Yunnan | Leave a comment

TEA> Black Tea> China> Yunnan (for more)

review sample from Jing Tea, thank you.

opened the bag: good smell, black Yunnan – with a bit of flowery.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

testing here being compared to local shop’s (WHF’s Yunnan GTR 1105).

Leaf: very nice, long, soft, golden, with tiny hairs (guess: which break off and create the gold dust-the third image which is very close-up zoomed picture). Leaf is much nicer than WHF. Jing wins 1-0

Method: (probably around) 4g/8oz/200F/3min.

Free Image Hosting at<<dang you Imageshack … i need to reupload my pics

Liquor: brownish, WHF’s cloudier but red in color… Jing wins 2-0
liquor: smells winey, it seems to remind me of a ceylon, WHF’s smells smoky.

dont know why i couldnt get the liquor to come out as i see it, but WHF is more red in color, Jing’s is brownish. Difference is minor. The picture is a combination of both therefore not a true representation of either.

Flavor: the specific yunnan taste, malty, CARAMEL but in my taste its got a touch of what i call ‘ceylon’ (from last time i drank a ceylon black tea). While WHF got a touch of SMOKY flavor (not disgusting gasoline like that lapsang i had).

Overall: excellent yunnan, handsome leaf.

English Breakfast .The Coffee Bean

February 21, 2007 at 7:30 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Breakfast, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

well what you gonna do when you have a free giftcard??? SPEND IT!

had this tea at The Coffee Bean with a big glazed muffin thing, went down good.

flavor (of tea): medium , astringency medium & alot of aftertaste-by which i mean alot of tannins (which give it the astringency) left all over my mouth.
tea tasted mostly like an assam with a bit of “ceylon” flavor.

Keemun Mao Feng (Keemun Hair Peak) .Jing Tea

February 17, 2007 at 11:41 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Keemun, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Tea notes> Black tea> Keemun (for more)

thank you (UK) for the review sample.

Leaf: LEFT: Keemun Mao Feng: leaf is longer, more delicate, with a curly appearance. RIGHT: Keemun Hao Ya (regular keemun).

Method: forget grams in how much water x 3min @ ~90C/198F (yes. who brews black tea @ less than boiling…. yes… who… i guess its me)

Taste: Infusion 1, 2 : smells like keemun, tastes like keemun, woody-chocolaty-keemuny yup, …but there is a little extra flavor somewhere there… @infusion 4 -> out pops into the liquor a tinge of green tannin !? … Might be that the tea is not enough oxidized/fermented to a ‘perfect’ black tea status. not sure.

Also not sure what is up with a couple of green leaf in the mix…

Overall: nice leaf, good flavor/interesting/unsure about its blackness.

Black tea tannins

February 4, 2007 at 11:09 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Tea and Health | Leave a comment

When drinking black tea with moderate or more astringency the tannins that remain in the mouth actually kinda inhibit my sense of hunger (unless my stomach is already growling).

Tea and health and some life expectancy

February 1, 2007 at 11:57 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Tea and Health | Leave a comment

forgot to add this to my ‘article

Russian are the biggest importer of black tea (which does still contain ‘flavonoids’ aka ‘antioxidants’)

russian life expectancy: 61 years (men), 73 years (women) …

Premium Iced Tea .Tejava

January 28, 2007 at 5:53 pm | Posted in Assam, Black Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | 3 Comments

Found at many supermarkets in California/ Trader Joes in NY, Chicago
good price: ~1.5$/L (compared to $1.8 /0.5L as other RTD teas are priced.)

This is a black tea grown in Java, brewed in California (as per their website).

its unsweetened 😀 yay!, a US made tea that keeps it real!

and look no bullsh*t on the label (sofar) … no ‘organic’ , no ‘all natural’ ,  no ‘10000mg flavonoids’ 😀 yay #2 !

it does say that there are no preservatives or anything artificial, so that’s good 🙂

Taste: its TEA 🙂 with: moderate astringency first, upon swallow flavor appears as a black tea sort of an assam-ish? flavor with a little specific taste but i dont know of what (fruity?). lingering astringency aftertaste in the back of the throat with a bit of a dryness sensation (as is most black tea astringency.)

Overall: good product, i’d buy it again (i haven’t found another black tea as this one yet).

still going 2009 🙂 Tejava rules 😀

update 3/2010: Noticed at local Trader Joes Tejava pack of .5L bottles (looked like glass bottles too)

English Breakfast .Harney and Sons

January 28, 2007 at 2:07 am | Posted in Black Tea, Breakfast, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Found at the Glen Cove Mansion in Long Island. (really nice place).

Seen these Harney and Sons <more reviews here> teabags in numerous places in Long Island…

Well for a teabag its not bad. Flavor: … i dont remember exactly the flavor i tasted, but i do remember i enjoyed the taste, and low astringency. / it was in probably >8oz water… 10oz at least.

Darjeeling .Harney and Sons

January 28, 2007 at 2:02 am | Posted in Black Tea, Darjeeling, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Found at the Glen Cove Mansion in Long Island. (really nice place).

Seen these Harney and Sons <more reviews here> teabags in numerous places in Long Island…

Well for a teabag its not bad. Flavor: some kinda black? maybe ceylon… low astringency (but it was in considerable amount of water, at least 8oz, maybe 10oz).

Classic Orange Pekoe .Tealeaves

January 28, 2007 at 1:50 am | Posted in Black Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

tried to enjoy these tea bags at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills during a looong conference.

~~~ brace yourselves for foulmouthed rant , hide your kids. ~~~

yes i do have a looseleaf bias, but i really dislike shitty shitty tea bags.

flavor: astringent shit. … maybe some tiny orange-ish flavor in a shitlly astringent black tea juice with a twist of tobacco.

horrid shit, i could never put this shit on my friggin tongue again.

~~~ psycho babble over ~~~

Private Blend .Stewarts

January 14, 2007 at 3:25 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Breakfast, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Was spending the night at the Sheraton in a certain location yesterday. My low priced hooker seemed to really appreciate tea bag… so i decide to tea bag, try… brew a tea out , taste err… tea bag….



from that : private blend? more like BLAND BLEND

premium selected tea? more like cardboard and branches

taste: 1/7 flavor of far far away ceylon blend. whatever, this is shit, worse than lipton.


PS: Sheraton has the best beds. awesome pillows, slept like a baby, thanks.

Black Tea .Lipton

January 14, 2007 at 12:13 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Breakfast, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

… as i have broken my own vow to never dip my tongue into this product, i must then put it down in my book.

…Come on Mr. C-E-O of Vaseline, you aint got noone to supervise your products? Oh wait, lemme guess – it sells… so… you dont givashit. Its ok. I understand your point$. …I feel for you tho… it must be real hard to goto work and drink that cup of warm liquid shit to impress your employees.

Lets give credit to the product designers & marketers: nice package – yellow and eye popping, (appeals to sheep) , your huge brand name stuck on the face of it, in red, nice contrasty – everybody knows lipton, so it must be good.

NEXT: the organic natural antioxidant bullshit is rubbed in your eyes… everybody loves this shit, i understand why its on the pkg.

…”150mg of protective antioxidants” … just couldnt get that up to 100000mg ?

…”100% natural tea” … as opposed to: 99% natural tea and 1% artificial polyester?

…”it tastes delicious ” … tested on dogs? because i *ass a human* i think*with my brain(the left one)* that it does not taste delicious.

TASTE TEST* : flavor: 1.5/7 , astringency low-medium, bitter very low. flavor of what? i think assamy maybe some ceylon crap… but flavor is so low it really tasted like SHIT.

*one morning in NYC when there was nothing to drink, i proceed to dip a handed teabag into the warm water, where it so dips and floats for aboot 3min. apres quoi je go and drink the resulting liquid with no preconceived notion (i really wished to taste something good).

lets face it you sellers and marketers of shiteabag. the only think you sell is: your name on a teabag.

lets also thank the supermarkets and places that put thishit on their shelves.

~~~ this is my own personal privately pubicly exposed opinion and it should be taken in a cup of humour mixed with 150mg antioxidants and 100% natural tea leaf.

Awake Black Tea .Tazo

November 16, 2006 at 5:54 pm | Posted in Assam, Black Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

‘blend of assam and ceylon’

thats what i was going to say. tastes like assam and some ceylon, but the flavor is not very strong, im not really feeling any love from this tea… i guess it knows something….

flavor: 2/7

get again: NO. ! 😛

Nilgiri Black .Stash

November 5, 2006 at 10:07 am | Posted in Black Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

18 teabags 3oz $1.99 = ~$11/lb

Image Hosted by

will redo due to flavor detection system equipment malfunction. 1/cup @ ~ 140F, 5-6min: tasted black, had the background flavor i disliked in the mamri ctc. was good with sugar.

English Tea No. 1 .Ahmad Tea

October 27, 2006 at 2:43 am | Posted in Assam, Black Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

found some tea bags of this in a drawer.

did about 5 min infusion. flavor: 2/7, astringent 4/7

tastes like an assam (kinda like taj mahal) mixed i think with a little bit of bergamot(speculation).

didnt enjoy that so dropped some sugar, astringency mellowed to 2.5-3/7 taste became smoother, but i just dont like it.

tried to like it, but dont. no.

Earl Grey .Casbah Cafe

October 8, 2006 at 1:03 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Earl Grey, Tea Reviews | 1 Comment

Casbah Cafe in Silverlake (somewhere on sunset blvd)

~ 1-2$

they give you a cup full of insanely hot water and a teabag (seemed it was filled with looseleaf in store or something not bought comercially).

after about 30 min water was still hot, threw out 1/2 cup water put in the tea…even so , and tea didnt have too much flavor.

Yorkshire Tea .Taylors of Harrogate

September 20, 2006 at 9:11 pm | Posted in Assam, Black Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

supermarket ~$3?

i think an assam tea (dont detect any other blends) + some bitter astringency.

there is some kinda bitter fruity aftertaste – sort of orange peel?.

for some reason i’m getting tired of assams… they’re so plain, round, nothing exciting to discover in their taste.


Yunnan Black Gold Tip Rare (1099).Wing Hop Fung

August 19, 2006 at 6:39 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Tea Reviews, Yunnan | Leave a comment

TEA> Black Tea> China> Yunnan (for more)

Wing Hop Fung (review), $39.99/lb

leaf, dry: looks like the regular yunnan.
brew: oops , 8min.
taste: … yunnan, but watery… i mean- strong yunnan mouthfull, but then almost nothing left, it all goes down the tube! its like drinking tea water or something… perplexing …
its not like the yunnan black gold-tip rare 1105 (which is very smooth), its more like regular yunnan black.

tea-keep-o-meter: no………

Masala Chai mix .Roopal

June 22, 2006 at 5:24 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Chai Masala, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

from local india store. this is a fine powder of : dry ginger, pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves.

dont worry the instructions are… on… errr… not here… how the f are you supposed to use this…
Free Image Hosting at

ok, fine, … lets improvise:
boiling water ~1cup,
dropped some assam ctc 1.5tsp, boiled for like 1 min,
added 1tsp of chai mix, boiled for like 1 min…
added 1/2 cup boiling milk (soy-not too much soy taste).

holly fudge! this is some spicy shit! too much pepper for my taste ! my throat is on FIRE!
added extra ~1/2cup very vanilla soymilk,
+1tbsp of honey.

man, that pepper is still real hot, … wooh! … it even smells peppery, and cant taste much cinnamon, there are some other flavors i cant identify. nutmeg, definitely some nutmeg among the ton of pepper.

. NO.

Earl Grey Ceylon .Heritage Teas

June 22, 2006 at 5:00 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Earl Grey, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

got this at the local market.

~$3 /25bags (50g total) (that comes to $27/lb … thats somewhat expensive)

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

good packaging tho, for keeping fresh till consumer purchase (unlike the brooke bond, el cheapo box).

taste: a bit blah, minor bergamot, but does taste close (like 1/4) to my local looseleaf Chado ‘Imperial’ Earl Grey. its an ok tea, kinda e$pen$ive, but dont think i’ll get any more of this.

NO. !

Taj Mahal .Brooke Bond

June 22, 2006 at 3:10 pm | Posted in Assam, Black Tea, Tea Reviews | 1 Comment

Package: box of 100bags $4.99/7oz/200g ($ 11/lb),(they also have a bigger box, and box of loose tea).

Brooke Bond* since 1869′ distributed by Unilever* (i thought they make detergent, ok, their website-vestigating i see they have the brand Lipton* also… Vaseline* ;..(^_^ )…mmmm….vaseline*

(*all trademarks, copyrighted names and images are property of their owner, and all that shit. don’t sue me for writing about your bland tea).(except the picture, i took it… so… its mine !, if i catch yous copy’d my pictures without permission, i will sue yous for 1gigabillion rupees)

‘an exclusive blend of teas …from the finest gardens of Assam… blah blah..
…to ensure…freshness…in each and every cup.’

if they wanted to ensure freshness in every cup, they should have invested some R&D into better packaging… this is the box of 100 teabags …entire big large side is the cover which opens = lots of exposure to air.


1bag/8oz cup, 3 min. me no like it.

2bags/ 10oz cup, 3 min. even without agitation its fairly astringent and some bitterness.

Method: 1bag/4min boiling water, 10oz cup.

Taste: ok, some maltiness, low bitterness (it feels like it could go for 5min without bittering). taste is pretty much similar to the CTC bag Mamri (but the Mamri has a funky flavor that i don’t like). this Taj M is just basic maltiness, no extra nothing.

they feel like an everyday tea kind of thing…something ok, nothing exciting.

the bag factor is convenient…for the lazy, like me.

Overall: ‘verdict’ …. i’ll just keep it till it runs out. but in the end… dont like it.

My preference now stands at: Taj Mahal < PG Tips < Yorkshire Gold

Assam CTC .Mamri

June 22, 2006 at 3:00 pm | Posted in Assam, Black Tea, Tea Reviews | 7 Comments

got this at the local indian specialty store (New India Sweets and Spices)

$2.99 /14oz /’400’g ($3.41/lb) :O (thats some cheap tea)

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

its an assam CTC ‘strong Mamri tea improved blend, flower upper assam tea’. product of india.
i think its sold to make chai, since they have some instructions on the back ‘how to prepare best Indian Chai’
1 tsp, dropped cup of boiling water over it, 3min.

smell: it has a bit of smell cant identify it.

taste: good, ok, minimal bitternes, some astringency. feels like its missing something… sugar, or spices…

kinda tastes like the Brooke Bond Taj Mahal

07-05-06: did some 5 cups , 1tsp @ 4min , into one big bottle.
taste: malty 4/7, astringency 4/7, bitter 1/6 (how’s my scale?). well, its a bit more astringent than malty, and it has an extra funky-ness i dont really like, like some sort of food flavor?…(… it feels like a funky flavor in the other ceylon i got -the earl grey ceylon…the vithanakanda does not have this. )

i just infused a new cup this morning and poured lots of sugar, hoping for some breakfast maltiness, but that funky taste remains a bugger, a bummer… not enjoying it… i’m going to try it a couple more times, if no different… i may have to toss it.

NO. //–> get Brooke Bond Taj Mahal.

Yunnan Black Gold Tip Rare (1105).Wing Hop Fung

June 12, 2006 at 2:59 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Tea Reviews, Yunnan | Leave a comment

TEA> Black Tea> China> Yunnan (for more)

Wing Hop Fung (review), $46/lb

Leaf: nice, leaves are uniformly long ~ 3/4in, mostly orange in color, touch feels soft.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

as you see upclose the leaf has little hairs on them. while brewing the leaf swells up (i think i underestimated how much i put in the pot.)

Flavor: like regular yunnan, but better, smoother, very pleasant. detect some mild smoky scent, also some smoky flavor (very mild).

goes good with sugar. (not much nasty sugar aftertaste).
tastes good cold as well.

Overall: tea-keep-o-meter: OH YES.!

Breakfast blends

June 11, 2006 at 2:18 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Breakfast, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

tried these, dont really enjoy them, prefer the unblended.

Masala Chai .Chado Tea

June 11, 2006 at 2:14 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Chai Masala, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

black CTC (dont know specifics), cinnamon pieces, some other spice pieces. less of those white plant things (i think theyre fillers they dont look like they have any taste).

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

smell: the masala chai smell, liquor is brighter than teavanas.

spicy, the cinnamon flavor is more pronounced than in teavana’s.
some minute bitterness
some minute astringency
the flavors are more flavorful compared to teavana’s.
goes well with sugar, goes well with milk.



Masala Chai .Teavana

June 11, 2006 at 2:14 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Chai Masala, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

leaves: black CTC (dont know specifics), cinnamon pieces, alot more of some kind of white plant (i say theyre fillers, they look like some kind of grain).

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

good, spicy, flavors seem more blended between them, they dont seem to want to tickle the taste buds too much… hellooo wake up.



Yunnan Black .Wing Hop Fung

June 11, 2006 at 11:32 am | Posted in Black Tea, Tea Reviews, Yunnan | Leave a comment

TEA> Black Tea> China> Yunnan (for more)

Wing Hop Fung (review), $0.43/oz = $6.99/lb :O !!! cheap !

Leaf: nice, varied length, with lighter colored leaves (are these so called gold tip?) (sorry about the 1st image is over-sharpened)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

Method: 4g? 8oz? 200F.

Flavor: here’s my notes of the first yunnan black tea experience:

woody? aroma? …good yunnan flavor woody?, i did not sense any strong fermentation like pu-erh (but maybe i dont remember)
aftertaste: minty fresh (not sure about this) & a little malty
very nice.

update 07/12/06: water 198F, more than 1 cup water, ~1.5tsp , 10 min. Wow, this is great! strong taste, low bitternes, low astringency, but the taste is very good, like it alot. Can feel some agitation from caffeine or related chemicals. really really enjoyed this, very good for morning, breakfast tea, wake-me upper. mm so good.

Overall: not bad.

Qi men red tea .Wing Hop Fung

June 10, 2006 at 8:33 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Keemun, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

well, this is a ‘red’ tea, but it was with the blacks, and online found Qi Men as a region in China where they produce Keemun, so i temporarily put it here with the keemuns. >> apparently ‘keemun’ is the western translation of Qimen.

looseleaf $2.81/oz ($45/lb)

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

leaf is very thin, its very cute.

taste: strong full taste, stronger than the other keemun i had, similar taste, i think the woody/fermented taste is a bit more pronounced here, and its got a stronger bitter side than keemun, but the aftertaste is good, minty! .overall like it well.

keep? YES.

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