2008 Menghai Dayi 7452 Ripe Pu-erh Cake .Jas-etea.com

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17$ +ship @jas-etea

First impressions…
… to be updated at a later time

Cake well pressed no flex/no crack sound on twisting

Good enjoyable flavor no offtastes/pond/medicinal, … nonthreatening

4.4g@195’F longbrew/grandpa style

Yunnan Bo Nay Tea .FooJoy

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found at Hong Kong market, Elmhurst NY ~ 6$/box.  they also had box a bonay(pu), still teabags, that said its “pieces of cake” tho priced +2$ moar.

Method: various- 1 tbag to 2 tbags that were individually wrapped (pshhh) + 4-16 oz 190-300F water x 1-3min.

Flavor: first the aroma/fumes emanating from the liquor = hot dust! oh my. Tastes like mostly OLD dusty books… mild woody puerhish. mostly dust flavor 😛 uhmmmmmm Played with this so many ways, the dustiness wont go a-way. When cooled down the liquor has a mild sweet finish. dust. mmkay (alright i lie, when cold there is less dustness perceived.)

Overall: me nicht dig dust in meinen teee.  ZWEI DREI NEIN DUST NEIN !!!

Yunnan Tea Tuocha .Triple Leaf Brand

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~ 2$ /box of 20 tbags


1 tbag in 6 or 8 oz: bland, low flavor of …maybe puerh… tho seems more like a heavy roasted oolong !?!
1 tbag in 4 oz : more “flavor”, tho also harsh and unpleasant tbag tannins.

Overall: definitely not. trash’t it.

Puerh Tea .Zhenping’s Tea

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i went looking for keemun, nothing spotted at 2 markets in Elmhurst

found at Hong Kong Market @ Elmhurst, NY
3$/3.5oz = .857/oz = 10 $/lb … i hope it will have some flavor resembling pu T

now i look at the label :\ distrib by Lip On Trading …shoulda read that before.

0 calories from fat !!!
yeaaah !!! !!! !!! !!!!! ! !

Method: ~4g in 4oz + 190F water x .5/1/2/3 min

Flavor: feeling some acidy quality to the liquor (“stinging” the tongue). flavor: low-med: wood-puerh…ish + some harsh tannin in back of throat= extra infusion time –> more harshness that will go to bitterness. Some aftertaste of that harsh tannin on the tongue: sort of medicinal 😦 -chocolate.

Overall: not liking, not even sure i’ll finish this thing.

Dim Sum Bo Nay Tea .FooJoy

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found at Hong Kong market, Elmhurst NY ~ 2$/box. got because i couldn’t find the regular Foojoy bonay (puerh) tbags.

Method: 1 tbag + 6 oz 190F water x 3min AND 2 tbags + 6 oz 190F x 3 min.

^click the crop to see thee boxee

Flavor: mild liquor aroma of flowery chrysanthems (a bit stronger when 2tbags), there’s a bland/watery to the liquor (even with 2 tbags which surprised me as the foojoy black tea did much better when doubled), very mild pu-erh-like woodyness. low astringency. a sweet quality/feeling when the liquor fills the mouth, but doesnt last. but there’s something i dont like about it (aside from wateryness) sort of a oil-fried-fishy-sardine thing….might be some aromatics from the crysanthem component that i’m interpreting wrongly, but whatever it is i dont like it. not much aftertaste.

Also had it after some fried food, cheese and vegetables, i didnt find it paired well. rather have some sencha or yunnan.

Overall: no, watery, bland.

2004 Loose Leaf Imperial Puerh .PuerhShop.com

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TEA> Puerh> Looseleaf Pu (for more)

Puerhshop.com(review) (not available anymore). 6.49/100g  = 1.8/oz ~ 21$/lb … mmm…..

Leaf: chopped loose pu. you know the kind.

Method: 4g 4oz 4min or so, and various other variants…

Flavor: good loosepu flavor, you know: some dark chocolate-like hints, wood/bark, no camphor, no pond, no dust, medium astringency mostly sides of tongue.

Aftertaste: now this is the interesting part of this pu. Its quite magical at times, one time i got this quite strong sweet aftertaste (esp when breathing thru mouth, but it was all over the mouth not just back of throat), recently i got another change in the aftertaste but i forgot how to describe it… Havent been able to reliably reproduce the experiences, so might be related to what i ate/mindset (tho most teas haven’t given me such a curious experience)

Overall: quite enjoyable & $sheep !

and some video of the pu infusing and rising some steam…

2005 Golden Sail Brand Loose Leaf Pu-erh Tea .PuerhShop.com

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Puerhshop.com(review) (not 2005 but 2006/but may be a different item: product link). 2.24/4oz :O  = ~ 9$/lb ( o_O) * !!?!

received with an order, its a ~ 8.4g sample.

Leaf: looks chopped up loose cooked/shu pu. some gray dust + on leaf might suggest “old” ?

Method: not regular tasting setup, but starting to enjoy sitting down at my desk with camera on a Joby Gorillapod instead of standing at kitchen counters and bracing to hand hold 1/8 sec exposures 4.4oz in 200F 4oz, x2

there was lots of slick “film” on the surface of the liquor, but as it cooled down too fast i didnt manage to shoot it.

1min: hot vapors of nutty dustiness (not really liking), flavor of dusty wood. some sort of concentrated tannin in the back of throat but not rest of mouth, not much aftertaste but doesnt feel watery.

2min: some sort of wet soil, dirt, dust, concentrated tannin (maybe can say like dark chocolate bitterness but that’s too much compared to this).

Update: did try it with less time but the flavors did not change for me (less concentrated yes). too much “dust and soil”

Overall: not enjoying this.

2006 Changtai 339 Pu-erh Tea Cake .Puerhshop.com

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Puerhshop.com(review) (product link). was 17.99/368g(13oz) = ~ 22.5$/lb (sweet price)

received with an order, its a 6.6g sample.

Leaf: looks mixed?/different colors (… no idea)

Method: not in my usual setup, I laid out the little teacups from the gaiwan set for their first time usage in ~ 2years.
3.6g in 4oz gaiwan but in batches of different unrecorded times most >25 sec <1min.
Photoed in natural light to avoid unpleasant colors of incandescent/fluorescent bulbs.

First of all a superb smoky smell quickly emanated from the liquor, it immediately drew my attention. (I am a fan of low smokiness especially in yunnan blacks, but i dislike lapsangs.)


first little teacup was 30sec and the unfurled leaf did not release enough flavor =  watery on my tongue, though the smoky smell was nice and strong. follows: tannin greenish, tannin/astringency, 4oz later cant feel tannin much anymore, last oz was longer and felt green astringency. smokyness still going.
1-2 min after drinking, a mild sweet sensation felt in the back of throat but also tip of tongue?! I think i was also feeling the smokyness on my tongue ! (in my opinion the smokyness is nicely balanced, its not strong overpowering).
about after 8oz total the wet leaf smells of green pu 🙂 aside of smoky.
more green now 🙂
a little longer infusion and green tannin/astringency stands out but still “smoky”

Overall: the 1st green pu (of not that many) I am excited to drink !

Update: 2 days later this gives me as too much smokyness, and the smoky i feel now as rather on the chemical side as well just like lapsang…

2006 Banzhang Arbor King Pu-erh Tea .Puerhshop.com

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Puerhshop.com(review) .

got this as a sample with another order. can’t find any info on it.

Method: 200F filtered water, cupwan, 30s,40,40,50

correcting artificial light white balance sucks. colors are probably off.

30s,  in 3oz,  (just ate some fat&sugar, may affect taste)
smell/aroma: nutty
flavor is nice, strong, does not taste green, so i guess its a shu. “soft wood” flavor (based on some memories),
some throat dryness,  no astringent/tannin in rest of mouth=i like.

30s, 4oz,  darker liquor
more intensy woody + aroma (nose)
like. no astringent/tannin

40s, mild tannin.
50s, flavor changed a little, some tiny concentrated bitterness spike. somewhat watery now.

Wet leaf: looks like parts of leaf, some intact leaves here and there. gritty-sandy feeling, brittle hard leaves.

Overall: i like this.

2006 Changtai Banna Tuocha (昌泰版纳沱茶) .Puerhshop.com

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Puerhshop.com(review) (product link). was 4.99 now its $5.99/80g/2.8oz = 2.14/oz = ~35$/lb.

Cleaning out my magical drawer …

Leaf: tuo weighs ~80g of leaf without anything else. Seems “airy” – not very dense. Lovingly stabbed it… repeatedly… with mouthwatering pleasure. Tried to follow what would seem the direction of the leaves – hoping to preserve as much intact leaf as possible. Tuo broke in tiny pieces very easily, crumbled is a better word. Wet leaf looks like little bits and chops, i didnt manage to get anything large…

liquor pics are darker, only represent 15s,25s,25s infusions.

Method: 6g tortured in many ways, various water 1-6oz, various water temps ~68F(20C) and 200F various temps. was tasted hot and cold.

4oz 200F water:15s,25s,25s: not sure whats wrong with my tongue these days or if something with the water: flavor seemed watery = mild flavor that goes quick. flavor profile: shu-ish “wood-bark“, some “tannin-astringency” leftover in the back of palate & tongue but low = ok and not overpowering. A little different from yesterday’s 1999 Loose Leaf Pu, less flavor. Not much smell to the wet leaf/infusion but there is a minor “strange” smell that i cant describe.

1.5?oz room temp water ~3min: hmmm, interesting… medium strength green-like tannin-astringency, wood-bark but with a different twist to the flavor that may be what i sensed in the smell and still cant describe. …could stretch it towards medicinal/camphor but not really… fried green onions? (i just fried some yesterday… pretty sure i have different clothes on today. oh oh… brain is over-processing the fried onion association, im starting to feel it on my tongue more now… settle down brain, we’ll make you some wonton soup soon.)

6oz 200F water ~7min, tasted hot, but mostly when it was cooled: interesting… similar to above but wood bark flavor is less. fleeting “sweet” sensations in the back of throat that appear 1-2 min after drinking.

I need to “recalibrate” my tongue somehow…

Overall: not bad, interresting at times (especially in the 1.5oz cold water), but flavor is mild for me.

1999 Loose Leaf Pu-erh Tea .Puerhshop.com

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Puerhshop.com(review) (product link). $6.39/50g/1.7oz = 3.63/oz = ~59$/lb.

Cleaning out my closet … forgot about this

Leaf: very nice and big on top, most leaf is below this nice layer due to being broken and smaller and whatever the physics that keeps smaller particles below and big fluffier things above. Wet leaf is harsh and gritty, not sure if from age or roast before storage.

Method: 200F filtered water + dixiecup gongfu in 2 ways:
one by 5oz tea in 3 or 4 oz water, timings 15s,30s,30s,1m,2min.
and another 5oz tea in 8oz water, timings 3-4min.

(5oz, different brew)

– all methods yielded the same basic tastes: “wood bark” flavor, somewhat/minor/very small: “old-feeling“, “dusty-old book”,
– varying “wateriness“: more water/less leaf/less time = more “wateryness” , and more of throat dryness.
– NO astringency-bitterness whatsoever.
– very small amount of “sweetness” aftertaste …very small, …i felt almost like i was squeezing my tastebuds to feel any sweetness, but alas not much, not enough to satisfy and left me longing …. i tried and will try again with more leaf less water because its like … something is missing!
– depending on water/leaf/time i got this very tough dry throat sensation, sometimes very unpleasant made me cough. not sure if its something with my throat today so i’ll try another day.

Overall: not bad, but missing something for me, and too much throat. hugest leaf to date 4 inches/10cm.

Kuro cha (Puerh + Jasmine) .Asahi

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$1.99 found at Sunrise Mart (NY)

Asahi ! hope i didnt buy some alcoholic tea 😀

Got home, tasted it, …. hey… not green tea…

Peek better at the english translation:

ingredients: Puaru Tea, Jasmin Tea, Vitamin C

… puaru… well… that kinda sounds like puer… 😛

found the JP product page, which google translates as:

Feature: “Chikara born aged, black tea”
With time and maturity-fermented green tea “black tea”, through the use of the unique flavor of deep rich can enjoy a cup of tea.
● aged fermented green tea “black tea” Pu-erh tea (Yunnan Province, China produced) and a deep rich flavor仕立てました.
● de Sukkiri to finish it easier to drink, jasmine tea (China-producing province of Fujian) blends.
● fragrances unpigmented

OK….so its a black tea either that or aged black/puerh + jasmine…? no? yes? I’ll classify it as an RTD puerh.

Smells a little of jasmine but doesnt carry into taste (a little… but its very faded),

Taste: some roasted sensation…either roasted corn…maybe barley-like?. Aftertaste sorta seems to remind of (shu) pu-erh… but its faded. There is some medicinal flavor(more apparent when the tea is cold). But flavors blend pretty well together and has an interesting profile (except for the medicinal part). Didnt notice any unpleasant astringency/biterness (or i forgot).

Overall: Not bad, its different, @ 2$ on the expensive side. of a 0.5L bottle. Get again: YES.

2003 Songpin Imperial Pu-erh King Tea Cake .Puerhshop.com

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Puerhshop.com (review) cake sampler (outlink) $3.49. Shu pu, 2003.

Memorial Day Weekend. Interrupt bbq with some pu. Reach into T storage area grab something…

 Dry leaf:
 Leaf looks dark,
 smells not green,
 its not sheng,
 it must be shu ! 😛
Picture is of the entire sampler.

…someone unplugged my Tiger… waiting for water to boil…on the stove !
Method: boiling hot filtered water + the smaller piece seen in picture.


30s no wash but drank: bit watery+ sort of a sweet feel tip of tongue + tree bark (woody). Oh i’m going to like this.
40s same
35s more woody bark
30s same
30s same but not feeling the sweetness very clear, seems tastebuds are now blocking this flavor. a little of dark-chocolate “astringency”. Kinda not feeling flavor concentrate enough, doing longer steep next
1m more developed, “denser” profile, more clear “dark-chocolate astringency“, very nice.

couldn’t drink everything at the same time so combined them all + another 2-3 more infusions(possibly could go longer but i got tired). left to cool down. drank later: very enjoyable, flavor as noted before + some sweetness in the aftertaste (not strong, but present. maybe there’s another way to infuse this for more sweetness but i don’t know how).

Wet leaf: brittle. (well cooked or from storage?)

Overall: this is the kind of flavor profile i like. Similar to Royal Pu’er Cha (Yun Nan Cha) .Zhong Guo Cha but this here puerh cake seems more …mellow? that royal puer was stronger in flavor and stronger “dark choco astringency” and developed more rapidly (being looseleaf, not compressed cake piece) but this 2003 has definitely sweet sensations on the tongue. No harshness, no unpleasant flavors(pond,dirt,etc), no strong distracting astringency/tannin … = YUMMM !

2006 Arbor Yinhao Tuocha .Puerhshop.com

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Puerhshop.com (review) from the Year of Green Tasting Kit (store link).
Year of Green review: 2006 Arbor tuo, 2004 CNNP Old Tree, 2007 Mengsa,
2007 Old Banzhang, 2007 Menghai Crab.

Dry leaf: very tightly compressed. I don’t have a puer knife so i tried to stab it with my sharpest tip food knife …that didn’t work… it would just cut-break into the area it was penetrating- so i didn’t go on with that and just put muscle to work and used my hands to break off some better pieces from the tuocha. It took a minute or two and broke some.

the color was pretty dark when infused, and got darker quick if left around, but
these pics seem a bit more saturated and maybe a tad darker than i remember.

200F filtered water, wash 30s, then drank the next 30,30,30s (pictured).


some interesting flavors, some similar to King of Pu-Erh,

but then its hard to infuse & enjoy because the “astringency” comes on pretty quick and strong.

one plus is sometimes it goes into a sweet-tingly? feeling aftertaste on the tongue, but also frequent dry-throat sensation if astringency reaches strength. there’s a very distant medicinal feeling(to me), also something like aged? no pond/fishy.

all these flavors show up (so far) when astringency/tannin is also high.

i’ve infused it shorter or more water, but it comes out watery = the flavors and astringency are diluted.

Wet leaf: chopped up, also seems like alot of young leaf which probably contribute to the high astringency/strong tannin. theres a couple real black pieces which look like burned leaf.

Overall: this tuocha has something interesting in there…but there’s lots of astringency. Not sure what aging does to it. not for me in current form.

2007 Mengsa Arbor Pu-erh Tea Cake .Puerhshop.com

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Puerhshop.com (review) from the Year of Green Tasting Kit (store link).
Year of Green review: 2006 Arbor tuo, 2004 CNNP Old Tree, 2007 Mengsa,
2007 Old Banzhang, 2007 Menghai Crab.

who am i ?             i’m very dry…        and thirsty…         30s                                                    30s

…                          40s                         1m                     1m…                                          …     le fin

Method: hotten wasser @ 200F…

30s: wash thrown via sink.
30s: watery kinda yunnan green tea taste, but this is 1 week later and doesn’t seem as much yunnan as i had it 1 week ago…
30s: still watery (not enough leaf?) but not much astringency/tannin = not harsh…
there’s some interesting flavors in here, can’t describe other than something plant? vegetable?
definitely not as smoky sensation as 1st time i opened it…
40s: same maybe more intense flavors, still not much astringency
1m: same, getting some sweet in the aftertaste (drink, wait 1-2min, you’ll feel it on the tongue)
1m: same

Overall: the 2006 Arbor tuocha is next, but sofar the Mengsa is the only one i like from the Year of green. Even tho the flavor is not as i tasted it the 1st time, this one is a maybe for me.

2007 Old Banzhang Arbor Pu-erh Tea Cake .Puerhshop.com

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Puerhshop.com (review) from the Year of Green Tasting Kit (store link).
Year of Green review: 2006 Arbor tuo, 2004 CNNP Old Tree, 2007 Mengsa, 2007 Old Banzhang
, 2007 Menghai Crab.

pkg                 dry                  ………. 35     …      40s

30s                  30s                   30s

Method: wery wery hawt 200F filtad warrrer (wah wah me soo silleee…

30s wash 1 oz water, no pic.
40s some twig astringent green
30s same
30s same
30s same
1m same but more of the same, no picture of this1.

Overall: same. same of the same more times at the same time. seemingly i donn like it.

here is
the leaf


2007 Menghai Feet of Crab Pu-erh Tea Cake .Puerhshop.com

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Puerhshop.com (review) from the Year of Green Tasting Kit (store link).
Year of Green review: 2006 Arbor tuo, 2004 CNNP Old Tree
, 2007 Mengsa, 2007 Old Banzhang, 2007 Menghai Crab.

Dry leaf looks nice, with the orange stems poking around here and there,

seems well compressed, there are marks on the bottom of the cake piece.

one little piece seemed the right size for this trial, so lets get tea-ing…

Methodman: 4oz gaiwan but using 2-3-4oz depending on leaf volume. 200F, times follow:

30                                            30                                        35
scary crabtreeeee
40                       30                                        40                scary crab         leaf tree

30s wash discarded

30s: (1st pic) watery faded “metallic” green
30s: green astringent, “apricot skins”, less watery, some astringent aftertaste.
35s: 4oz: more astringent, some harshness, at end tastebuds seem “numbed” (=cant taste much, due to  tannins coating mouth or whatever), no sweet aftertaste or anything else i can describe or detect.
40s: still numbed, but can still feel more astringency, maybe now a little bit sweet in the aftertaste.
30s: same…………
40s: *rolleyes* meh…same…

Wet leaf: got bored, played with my food…

Overall: meh. not me. i cant feel anything.

2004 CNNP Old Tree Green Pu-erh Tea Cake .Puerhshop.com

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Puerhshop.com (review) from the Year of Green Tasting Kit (store link).
Year of Green review: 2006 Arbor tuo, 2004 CNNP Old Tree, 2007 Mengsa,
2007 Old Banzhang, 2007 Menghai Crab.

Dry: smell nothing. Leaf looks more orange, not much green…

Method: approx 2x2x0.5cm piece in 4oz gaiwan + 3-4oz filtered h2o @ 200F


20sec wash = watery wash
the next 20,20,30 secs tasted watery + a very distant tannin/astringent in the back of the mouth, giving sort of a metallic mouthfeel.

got pissed at no flavor so dunked it for 2 minutes… hello? …nope, same ol’ watery stuff with more concentration of the astringency.

so…ok buddy, you think yore tuff? ehhh? HUH?
w h a t did you just say to me ?
right, nuthin. you best keep it zipped ore imma slap you like yo mama did…
and in it went for about 4min…coulda been 5 :P…= a more concentrated tannin/astringency now gives it a harsh feel in teh mouthes but after that…not much flavor of anything…

20sec                20sec               30sec               2min                 4min               end.
(had a dark, cloudy day, some pics are blurry, but color looks very close on my screen, hope yours too.)

Overall: i feel nothing. i have no feelings toward this piece of tree. leaf. bush. tea.

Yunnan Arbor Puerh Tea Cake 2005 .Puerhshop.com

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Puerhshop.com cake sample $3.99. Sheng (raw,green) puerh, 2005. (no more on their website)

Dry leaf: looks like pieces & broken. Some full leaf which seem thick… mmmm…

Dry smell: green, very small ‘tobacco-ish’…

Method: ~2cm x 2cm x .5cm piece in 4oz @200F, filtered water.

#0 wash 20sec
#1 1min (oops, my bad) = strong sharp astringency of green vegetal plant/some twig.
#2 30sec = strong astringency same ‘sharp’ quality, vegetal, kinda feels remotely/memory trigger to me: mint plant
#3 30sec = the same, + the astringency/tannins coat the mouth and then –> minty after-taste feel !
there is a very very distant ‘aged’ feel.
none of tobaccoish that is still a little present in the wet leaf smell.
if left some minutes until drank, little particles settle on the bottom. Now the liquor tastes less astringent. If you reach the bottom and drink the liquor with particles the astringency/tannin is stronger.(tho this happens with most looseleaf teas).
Even if i’d remove the astringency/tannin strength got in the infusions(supposing i overinfused) there isn’t much flavor left around to taste on my tongue.

not sure if my first 1min might have burned for the subsequent infusions, but still have leaf left for more trys 🙂

Wet leaf: see the pic, its all the leaf i infused. but there’s alot of tiny bits and chopped up stuff. any pieces of leaf are large…but pieces. stems are thick(from the big leaf).
(warning: large picture:700 KB)

Overall: to me the main flavor is mild-low (it reminds me of gunpowder green tea), astringency is enough-high. minty aftertaste is ok. not bad for my first green pu 🙂 = i ain’t scared no mo’ … BRING IT ON !!!!

Pu-erh Tuocha .In Pursuit of Tea

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never been interested in the tuocha, so why not try it …
got this package from Whole Foods (while drinking a cup of the competition’s wuyi oolong)
12$ +tax

says rich earthy flavor

open pkg, earthy/meds smell… hmmm…

the little tuocha wrapped in paper is kind of cute, so i throw it into a boiling pot of water (substitute pot with about 6oz, and boiling with ~200F)

//i13.tinypic.com/6yczxn6.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. //i7.tinypic.com/72jkhkx.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. //i6.tinypic.com/8fob21h.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. //i16.tinypic.com/6xgqjhe.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. //i3.tinypic.com/6jklieb.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

4min: somewhat a dense, confusing flavor made of “earthy”-woody?-medicinal not strongly so but when i gave to wife, she goes: “are u trying to poison me?” …hmmm… is my taste changing? have i started to lose ability to detect medicinal tones of puerrrr? …anyway

subsequent 4min: more woody-medicinal now, flavor seems more defined. medicinal. ok there it is.

also get a very faint flavor that reminded of the lapsang souchong- sortof benzene-like.

astringency? not that i know of. but so there aint not much choco flavor neither.
aftertaste: not much.

liquor forms the haze on it. (what now looks to me like some sort of condensation… microclimate going on… like the smoke lingers above the liquor in a cloud-like fashion, if blow on it, disappears)

Compared it to Royal Pu’er Cha (Yun Nan Cha) .Zhong Guo Cha, and definitely i prefer the “royal pu” – there is no medicinal taste.

in conc: meh, is not good on me tongue, so am not planning on stock.

Royal Pu’er Cha (Yun Nan Cha) .Zhong Guo Cha

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Zhong Guo Cha A-6-1-1 50g/$10.75 ($6.1/oz, 97.6/lb)

looseleaf puer.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

200F 4 oz, no wait between re-infusions (strain liquor to new cup, immediately re-infuse leaf).

5 infusions (20oz total):

1-2 dense, strong flavor: wood, tree bark, a little ‘aged’? feel, dark chocolate aftertaste astringency. wouldnt say earthy (which i’d associate with the smell of wet soil), not old books, just woody. fine with me!

4-5 less dense, more watery. little dark chocolate aftertaste. i still enjoyed it.

very nice.
Im generally not a fan of puer (since i never had one to like…until now), i dont know why i like this one but i do.

had some pears, drank little leftover pu from yesterday, first 1/3 of tongue feels like yunnan black, back 1/2 tongue like puer , nice.

1990 Wild Tuo Cha Pu-erh Cake .Jing Tea

February 18, 2007 at 11:29 pm | Posted in Pu-Erh, Shu (cooked), Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Jing Tea sample.

Info: from Yunnan, made form leaves picked from uncultivated wild trees.
description: “Outstanding autumn forest, sweet, syrupy mouth feel.

1st infusion: a bit confusing, i think nutty, some woody? old books, mild sweetness.

3-4th infusion: mild sweetness, old books, tree bark yes thats it!, not so much woody as others i’ve tasted, no medicinal taste,
aftertaste: a mild sweetness i think tiny nutty as well that keeps me licking my palate.

Kam Lok Restaurant .San Francisco

January 3, 2007 at 1:14 am | Posted in Pu-Erh, XYZ not T review | Leave a comment


Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usWas accosted by the lunchtime flyer waving woman with low english comprehension
– when asked ” is the restaurant far ? ” she says ” YES ” !…but anyhow i went there,

Meal was ok, the dim sum shrimp was rather tasteless, mongol beef good but lots of onions, wonton soup was ok. Price was low.

Got served tea 🙂 … pu erh tea! ! ! 😀 😀 refreshing change from the same old jasmine crap i always receive in LA.

(flavor was mild, mostly tree bark and sweet, but went good with the food, finished the whole pot).

so here it is, not a tea store of any kind, but acknowledged for serving pu-er. cheers!

Pu-er $48 .Ten Ren Tea

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~~~ complete ~~~

: tree bark nutty :

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

looseleaf puer.
wet leaf contains mostly shred up parts, darker parts seem to be stems (alot of them), a bit lighter brown being leaves (not that many). I guess most of the bark taste comes from those many stems.

~~~ stress test~~~

hack gongfu tea technique with 1 foot water drop

10sec wash: cloudy brown liquor, tree bark nutty,
20sec brew: cloudy brown liquor, tree bark nutty, 5min wait
“10sec” brew: cloudy darker brown liquor, tree bark nutty, astringency starts to appear, 10min wait
“10sec” brew: same.

~~~ initial taste~~~

dry leaf looks regular, smells mildly of tree bark.

infusion 1tsp 1cup 190F 4min

liquor dark brown tint of red

taste: flavor 4.5/7, good, pleasant, almost completely tree bark as i sensed it. maybe a little nutty. minor medicinal taste. not that earthy, no bitterness, low astringency. did not cause me too much anguish as my first pu.

will do some reinfusions later.

Pu-Erh .Chado Tea

May 10, 2006 at 7:41 am | Posted in Looseleaf puerh, Pu-Erh, Shu (cooked), Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

looseleaf puer.

Description: “Its large leaves brew a mellow cup with an earthy taste.

…i didnt see any ‘large leaves’

Infusion in hot water. …Pooo-argh …well…. what can i say…didnt taste completely as the name might imply, but pretty interesting… has a strong smell and flavor. earthy & medicinal… definitely not my favorite.

pu erh is supposed to ferment for some time. hopefully you dont get any of the bad aspergillus sp. on that because we all know aflatoxin is not good for you. maybe aflatoxin is degraded at high temps…

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