Earl Grey rounds .Bigelow .Twinnings .Republic of tea .Numi

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Got craving for some Earl Grey so rushed to the local Walmart acquired some Tbags and fancy Wholefoods but didn’t find any Harney or other English goods.

We have here: Bigelow, Twinnings, Numi all Tbags and some loose Republic of tea Earl Greyer.

In 3/4 cup water, steeped for 2.5min
Upped RoT EG to 3.5g cause 2g was nothing


Bigelow Earl Grey– good flavor, aroma, medium bergamot, my pick from these … Even tho it’s still weak in the flavor…
Numi Earl Grey– can feel the Assam tannin already, low bergamot, no go, will probably use to mix w milk.
Twinnings Earl Grey– too much citrus for me, med bergamot.
Republic of tea Earl Greyer– meh, med-low bergamot at 3.5g used, low aroma. 6.5g used in 3/4cup… No change, and getting some tannin…i think this is just stale

Premium Brewed Earl Grey .deLISH

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1.5$ @ Duane Reade (NY) (delish being a recently squirted duane reeed market brand covering the whole gamut of convenience store- snacks drinks and so on)

sweetish liquid, not snapple sweet. CITRICs PUNCH. minor tea taste/feel.

“tea with citrus flavor” … more like CITRUS water with tea flavor.

and now, presenting, the

set? for the natural shit?


premium brewed black tea (filtered water, black tea)
calcium gluconate
natural flavors
citric acid
ascorbic acid (vitamin c)
magnesium oxide
zinc picolinate
vitamin e acetate
vitamin a palmitate
niacinamide (vitamin b3)
calcium panthothenate (vitamin b5)
cyanocobalamin (vitamin b12)
folic acid
pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin b6)

i kno these aint flavors, but still




“serenitea tranquilitea new york citea” … oh stfu.

IN CONCLUSION: taste like lemon piss tea.

Earl Grey .Twinings

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Black Tea notes > Flavored > Earl Grey | Twinings

Served at Opia restaurant(NYC), menu said Mighty Leaf, but i received this. oh well… 4$


~5oz ~ 3 minutes, good smell, medium-low flavor, added ton of sugar (as i like it, brings out the bergamot, diminishes “tannin/bitter”, tho ends up too sweet/syrupy, & I get a “dirty” aftertaste in the mouth from the sugar).

The “good” earlgrey flavor i like. Their lady grey was weird..

Did another ~ 2oz reinfusion which came out more dilute.

So probably 1 teabag/6oz/3min is the most you can get out of this tbag.

Was ok, better than Harney&Sons (tho it might have been dilute, there was almost no flavor in it).

Earl Grey Supreme .Harney & Sons

January 17, 2009 at 1:05 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Earl Grey, Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

1.8$ hot water + teabag @ au bon pain (not bread, but pain, as in painfully overpriced).

was waiting around so i thought i’d get some tea to pass the time…

The teabag smelled really nice, the profile i like. Dipped it in 8?oz about 3 minutes…

Taste: uhm… lets say some mild citrus/lemon? + uhm… cardboard? … i tried to figure out
what the heck i was tasting… re-introduced the bag in water, swirled it around some more
maybe got some mild bergamot, tannin/atringent came out, added all that sugar, but in the end …

Overall: nice smelling teabag bag, tastes like sweet cardboard juice (if sugar added).

Earl Grey .Stash Tea

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thank the beejeesus i never paid money for this, or its posesesed black tea ‘decaf’ !!? bretheren
some kind of shiteous black tea astringent blend combined with chemical-hospital-like-taste
nowhere remniscent of any earl grey flavors i’ve tasted before.

its craptastic ! ! ! !
keep away this devil food

Orange Pekoe Classic Black Teas bottle .Snapple

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this is horrible, citrus/lemon, COLORED WATER !

Earl Grey Classic Black Teas .Snapple

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“lightly sweetened”

new? first ive seen it anywhere, got this and another they had in the fridge: Orange Pekoe

kinda hurt my wallet, ~2$ (incl NY tax)

very hot days of ny/long island, full of wonderful humidity 😉

lets see:…
cold, watery,
lemon/citrus sensation
washed-super-diluted tea taste, very faded earl grey flavor
cant really sense the sugar,
annoying aftertaste probably from any sugar combined with the citrus sensation.

T-rating: 1.5/7 = hell no , got better ways of wasting money.

… and then i get really pissed off, with tasting their orange pekoe 

Earl Grey .Bigelow Tea

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1/2 cup 3min or more

ok flavor, the pleasant kind of bergamot, went down good without sugar, low astringency


Earl Grey .Casbah Cafe

October 8, 2006 at 1:03 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Earl Grey, Tea Reviews | 1 Comment

Casbah Cafe in Silverlake (somewhere on sunset blvd)

~ 1-2$

they give you a cup full of insanely hot water and a teabag (seemed it was filled with looseleaf in store or something not bought comercially).

after about 30 min water was still hot, threw out 1/2 cup water put in the tea…even so , and tea didnt have too much flavor.

Earl Grey Ceylon .Heritage Teas

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got this at the local market.

~$3 /25bags (50g total) (that comes to $27/lb … thats somewhat expensive)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

good packaging tho, for keeping fresh till consumer purchase (unlike the brooke bond, el cheapo box).

taste: a bit blah, minor bergamot, but does taste close (like 1/4) to my local looseleaf Chado ‘Imperial’ Earl Grey. its an ok tea, kinda e$pen$ive, but dont think i’ll get any more of this.

NO. !

Earl Grey .Teavana

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smell: a quick whiff reminded me of the Twinnings EG… same kinda i say ‘artificial’ stank

brewed in cold water: its a hot day… 20min, orangey liquor on the bottom of the cup, swirl it around to homogenize it, and took a sip… yep same kinda flavoring as the Twinnings EG, but, much better taste, less pungent. It has a citrusy flavor- i guess it could be orange, and its very perfumey. I’d say it makes for an ok cup.

will need to compare to the EG .ChadoTea. (which as i remember felt less citrusy, but overall i thought blended very well-much better with the tea, did not stand out and bite you).

keep? no.

Earl Grey Imperial .Chado Tea

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Chado Tea  11$/4oz, 37$/1lb… not a bad price.

This is one of my favorite teas. The only EG i like.

Dry leaf, looks like some mix of black tea.

Smell: intensly of the bergamot. If you dont have a good cointaner, this will let you know because the strong smell will quickly come out!

Taste: 1 blk dispenser + 10oz water @190F  x 3-4min –> some astringency, darjeelingish… not the way i drink it –> add alot of sugar 😀 –> oh.. so… smooth… sugary bergamot  😀 😀 (make sure you have dental 😉 .Ive had many EGs, this one’s bergamot additive is the only one i like, others such as Teavana’s EG or most teabags taste nasty to me (except these EG teabags Heritage Teas, was more like Chado’s but had a funky ceylonish flavor i dont like.)

Wet leaf: chops of leaf-but pretty large, variegated brown and green look like Darjeeling tea (and it is :P, as their website says.)

ikeep? oh yes!

2007 – this is the only EG i like and stock.

Lady Grey Tea .Twinings

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Description: bergamot + ‘citrus’ flavors

well… to me it tastes a bit artificial …
Interesting, but don’t really enjoy that.keep? NO.

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