Yerba Mate .Cruz De Malta

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local market ~2$ + tax /.5Kg

Method: cold water + like 2 fist fulls of mate + a couple ice chips in a pot, strained after ~ 3 minutes.

Flavor: uhm …. blechy.  sorta fried-sorta Oily-smoky flavor weirdness + some plant greenness + plant husk/woodiness + some lemony quality to it + medicinal … some tea-like astringency(from the greenness on tongue). Didnt quite like it…

added some lemon juice – it cut the weirdness (or its not felt anymore) – flavor now is quite low(or its not felt) …

added more lemon juice – lemon smell to the liquor, lemon flavor/sensation starting to dominate, rest= some grassy/plant, not as weird as plain and a little pleasant and refreshing (i think pretty close as some Paraguayan friends made it for me.)

(after adding lemon juice im getting some fleeting headache poundings, or it might be the effects of the first drinkings without lemon-tho some other days i had not added lemon and drank plain mate/ considering myself not to be much affected by placebo this might be a coincidence, otherwise it could be from the mate in a mix with other variables-its night, im a little tired, some cola i had, its hot… who knows.)

Overall: alright with lemon, dont like plain.


Yerba Mate Unsweetened .Guayaki

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As i was saying in my previous assam bottle post. NYC, WholeFoods, Central Park. Hot. Sun. Baking. No sunscreen. Oops. Burning. Ouchie.

I think i see a space in the yerbamate on the label so this post is called yerba & nbsp ; mate… profound.

This was 1 out of about 3 unsweetened, unmixed, unflavored bottled teas at Wholefoods, not a good day… Whole Foods needs to hire me. I want that 20% off employee discount. I’ll buy more unsweetened unflavored bottled teas than they sell to 100 people.

Onto the main feature:

Taste: WTF?! salt ?! WHATF ? … SALTY ?? EEECHHCHCHBEECHH…. i actually flipped over the bottle and there it was on its back label : SODIUM 11mg x 2 = 22mg (how much is that in grains of salt?)
+ taste low of yerbamate, a better dilution of flavor than others have achieved…
some of the naturally lemony i think of the mate,

but its just Nasty To Me, i can’t take the salty weirdness . eeeechhhhhyness. i did drink it all tho. i just couldnt believe my tastebuds, and everytime, “there it was”, “there it was”, “there it was”, “there it was”… weirdly torturing myself, and still don’t believe !

Overall: gee… toughie but quickie,  SALTY DRINK = NO.

ps. ok it says “a grain of salt is about 5.85×10^-5 grams” so 1 grain = 0.0585mg, from which you calculate that 22mg salt = 376 grains of salt. (also in theory, a grain of NaCl is a cube of 0.3mm sides, sqrt376=19, so which leads to 22mg pure salt being approx a solid salt cube of 5.7×5.7×5.7mm).

YerbaMate – Terere .Cruz de Malta

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first yerbamate experience, done traditional paraguayan style -iced water.

fill the horn 3/4 with the yerbamate leaf, pour in the cold water about 1/4 of the horn. sip thru the special straw (it has perforations at the cup end which will strain the leaf while you drink.)

very refreshing and good.

flavor: medium, separating the lemon flavor, this yerbamate seems to taste grassy, with some straw taste (meaning the plant part, not the drinking straw.)

Assam Black Tea .Honest Tea

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Out and about NYC, stop at “Central Perk” (Whole Foods/Columbus) get some snacks and drinks, head to Central Perk to bask in the sun.

Disappointingly, Whole Foods had a really bad stock of bottled teas this day, just itoen green-white, the others were mixed bullcrap sweetened and herbal bs energy bs vitamin boosting health organic natural crap. Of which i did get some – bottled yerbamate.

I did want to try something new so… got this which looked more “normal” even tho it had a little tiny bit of “sugar” on the label, and i don’t have such a good experience with Honest teas.

Taste: cold. mmm. well. not that bad on the citric additive – doesn’t taste that lemony. As for the black tea taste… uhm… there is …some… black tea taste… barely perceptible tho, couldn’t really say “assam yes !”, more like… “oh, this is probably black tea”. … didn’t sense any sugar. not much astringency.

Overall: not that bad, not nasty as others, but not much flavor either. pick between this and water? … water.

click it for bigger pic.

Tea Reviews

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I love tea. These are my “tasting notes”, organized by type. Some have pictures (usually of tea… :D).
tea = alternative/original/westernized name
VAR = varieties of that tea (tea) = additional varieties ^ = link to info
Thank you for visiting, enjoy…
B l a c k T e a
Just Black Tea/ unblended, unflavored, etc:
China black tea “hong cha, red tea, congou
> Qimen “Keemun^ VAR: Qimen Hao Ya (A, B), Qi men Mao Feng “Hair Peak”
> Yunnan “Dian Hong^ VAR: Yunnan Black, Yunnan Gold, Yunnan Gold Tips
> China ‘true black’ tea “hei cha” VAR: Fu bricks, Liu an, Liu bao
> Assam^, Darjeeling^, Ceylon^, Nilgiri^, Sikkim
Black, Blends:
> English Breakfast tea^, Irish Breakfast tea^
> Chai Masala^
Black, Scented/ Flavored:
> Earl Grey^
> Souchong, Lapsang Souchong^, Smokey Souchong, Russian Caravan^
> Jagertee^ = black tea + rum
oolongs, wulongs
O o l o n g ” W u l o n g” T e a
Green/ partially oxidized/ fermented wu-longs “jade oolong”
> High Mountain Oolong “Gaoshan Oolong”
> Tie Guan Yin “TGY, Iron Goddess of Mercy, Iron Buddha, Ti Kwan/Kuan Yin”
> Fo Shou “Buddha’s Palm”, “Monkey Picked
> Bao Zhong “Pouchong, Wenshan Baozhong
> Dong Ding “Tung Ting , Frozen Peak/Summit”
> Alishan “alisan wu long”
oolongs, wulongs dark, fermented
Dark/ oxidized/ fermented wu-longs “amber = baked, champagne = fermented”
> Champagne Oolong, Fujian oolong, Formosa Oolong
> Bai hao Oolong “Oriental Beauty, Dongfang Mei Ren
> Dancong “Phoenix oolong, Feng huang dan cong”
> WuYi Oolong “wu yi yan cha, rock oolong” (the WuYi & YiWu Master: MarshalN)
> Qi Lan “Rare Orchid”
> Xiao Hong Pao “Small Red Robe”, Da Hong Pao “Big Red Robe”, Rougui “Chinese Cassia”
> Shui xian “Shui Hsien, Water Sprite”
> Shui Jin Gui “Golden Turtle”
> Bai Ji Guan “White cock/rooster crest”, “White Cockscomb”
green tea
G r e e n T e a
Just Green Tea
Japan ^classification
> Sencha VAR: Shincha (1st harvest), Asamushi, Chumushi, Fukamushi (long steamed)
> Gyokuro (shade grown), Matcha (shade grown, powdered), Guricha
> Hojicha “Houjicha” (baked), Kukicha (stems), Bancha
China “lu cha”
> Longjing “Lung Ching, Long Jing, Dragon Well” VAR: ming, yu qian “1st, 2nd plucking”
> Bi Luo Chun “BLC, Pi luo chun, green snail spring”. Gunpowder
> Mao Feng “huang shan mao feng, yellow mountain fur tip”
scented mixed green tea flavored
Green Scented/Flavored/Mixed
> Jasmine
> Genmaicha^
> Touareg =green + mint + alot of sugar
> Kashmiri pink chai^ =green+baking soda+sugar/salt+sprinkled nuts …sounds good!
everyone’s favorite: pu erh tea
Pu-erh “pu’er, pu’erh, pu-er cha, pooer, po-lay, pu-lay, pooh-erh”
> looseleaf pu’er, Maocha = raw pu’er loose leaf
Shaped: tuo cha “bowl”, bing cha “cake, beeng cha”, brick
> Sheng pu “raw, green” // Shu pu “ripe, cooked, black”
here comes white teas
White Tea
> Chinese white tea “bai cha”, Indian white teas, Darjeeling.
otd tea
Ready to drink Tea “RTD, Bottled Tea, iced tea”
herbal teas
Herbal ‘tea’ Tissanes
of leaf: rooibos, mint, Kuding cha Ku Ting, Wu Tang, Bitter stalk tea, Qing Shan Lu Shui, Yerba Mate^
of flower: chamomile, rosebud, linden “lime, tilia”
of grain: barley^ “JP: mugicha, KO: boricha”
not my thing
Display teas, flower tea etc don’t like those, some have glue (i don’t eat glue, i don’t sniff glue, so …no).

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