Taiwan Gao Shan (High Mountain) Oolong * Formosa Wulong .Yunnan Sourcing LLC

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Yunnan Sourcing LLC
$21/250g (8.8oz) = 2.36/oz = 37. /lb +s&h
this is a high mountain (gao shan) oolong
“nutty taste that comes through heavier roasting” — i dont know how roasted this is but doesnt taste roasted.

^ not the best pics, sorry.
opened package a nice flowery smell came out.

nuggets look good and fresh.

left liquor overnight, in the morning: liquor cold but somehow the taste seems to be intensified ! very flowery-perfumy!
i have another cup which was infusing overnight, lets see how that turns out!

in a plastic 10oz cup: filled the bottom with layer of nuggets (2inch diameter) thats probably about 2-3 of the ‘tbsp dispenser’ i have, water: ~1 oz of room temp + 8 oz 200F x ~3min, came out very nice, no astrincency.

flavor: buttery+flowery-pungent. i’ve had this type of flavor before from wing hop fung teas (here: High Mountain oolong .WHF), but this tea seems stronger, id say more like perfume. at one point i pulled an infusion the strength of flavor which i’d say is the highest pungency i’ve had so far. (it was not perfect, had some astringency present, but the main flavor was very strong).

it went like that for 3x = 27oz = 798ml,
#4 infusion is more faded taste, more greenish-metallic-apricot sensation, almost no astringency again. infusions are done for longer time each time, but i didnt keep track exactly.
id say aftertaste is long, not very much so.

many steeps later, i say: alot better quality than what ive had before.

wet leaf looks good, whole leaves, very minor signs of oxidation.



High Mountain King of Oolong .Wing Hop Fung

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dry leaf mild smell

208F x 2min = nice pungent flowery/orchidy, minor astringent but not unpleasant, works for me
can do ~ 2x –> 0.5L (from the 3rd infusion taste looses floweryness, becomes somewhat vegetal greenish).

not enough infusion time/too much water, it feels watery, but has a honey aroma…

good param: 1.5x black dispenser ‘tablespoon’ sized. in 8oz 190F, 4min. 1xblack dispenser ‘tablespoon’ sized. –> wash ~170 1min, –> in 8oz 190F, 3min:
smell pleasant pungent flowery, flavor low!?! watery… 😦

3x little dispensers 3/4 glass full 190F

its deep “pungent” flowery kinda flavor immediately taste reminded me of another oolong, seems that is Monkey Picked Oolong. darn cant remember taste particularities of the monkey picked but theyre very similar.

its good 4.5/7

2nd infusion still strong. same 3/4 full.

Cold High (mountain?) Top Oolong.Wing Hop Fung

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green oolong? doesnt look too oxidized to me.

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pictures not at the same scale

Final: rebuy: …No. looking for something more exciting.

better smell compared to lower temperature infusions.

but taste is not that much different than at 190F.
mild taste, greenish astringency/feel + roasted/tobacco. // a sensation up the nose of ‘dryness’ ?!?!?! mildly annoying.

flavor mild, ok , aftertaste, minor astringency, roasted, bit tobaccoish,

either mixed with dark wulong or itself is oxidized. (the dry leaf seems un-evenly colored thats why i say maybe mixed.)

redo: use big scoop for this one.

Guan Yin Wang .amazing-green-tea.com

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Amazing-green-tea.com (review)(product link)
review sample courtesy of Julian @ amazing-green-tea.

pics a bit in blurryville…

Leaf: nice tightly rolled green oolong. I’m guessing a kind of TGY?. Nice “flowery” aroma (tho not overly pungent) escaped the opened 7g package.

Method: 3.5g + 3oz water around 90C/194F. Time: 30s, 1min, 3min, 5min, 10min.

Taste: like a gaoshan/high mountain oolong i think, without any “egg-flavor”(as i call it) = yay, just a nice “green”-oolong.  Not much astringency/tannin in front of tongue but very small. Mostly just flavor. Did very well in re-infusions. Not much astringency was present. Aroma was still present, less than the opened package “hit”, i think maybe its similar to honeysuckle flower, but i havent done any side-by-side to be sure.

Overall: very nice everyday oolong for my taste. Low astringency, just flavor, no “foody-ness”, nice aroma, can be reinfused many times.

[might add a video, if i piece together the clips]

Make at home iced/cold bottled oolong tea

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Here we have your oolong tea brewed hot with your best parameters, then poured into bottle and stored in the fridge.

#1 was the high mountain king of oolong. <SO-SO>

next day, tea is cold indeed, seems that mild astringency is #1 sensation, floweryness seems lost (maybe coldness impairs the feel). as its getting towards room temp, floweryness seems to make a comeback but not as crisp and nice,
not much other flavors, taste is rather dull.

#2: cold high top oolong. < GOOD COLD>

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

good flavor, mild astringency replaced by the ‘roasted’ type of flavor, and extra flavors i cant describe.
reminds of one of the bottled oolongs i tried… might be the oi ocha from ito en… but mine is better for less astringency and more flavor.
this one tastes good cold.

Tea Reviews

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I love tea. These are my “tasting notes”, organized by type. Some have pictures (usually of tea… :D).
tea = alternative/original/westernized name
VAR = varieties of that tea (tea) = additional varieties ^ = link to info
Thank you for visiting, enjoy…
B l a c k T e a
Just Black Tea/ unblended, unflavored, etc:
China black tea “hong cha, red tea, congou
> Qimen “Keemun^ VAR: Qimen Hao Ya (A, B), Qi men Mao Feng “Hair Peak”
> Yunnan “Dian Hong^ VAR: Yunnan Black, Yunnan Gold, Yunnan Gold Tips
> China ‘true black’ tea “hei cha” VAR: Fu bricks, Liu an, Liu bao
> Assam^, Darjeeling^, Ceylon^, Nilgiri^, Sikkim
Black, Blends:
> English Breakfast tea^, Irish Breakfast tea^
> Chai Masala^
Black, Scented/ Flavored:
> Earl Grey^
> Souchong, Lapsang Souchong^, Smokey Souchong, Russian Caravan^
> Jagertee^ = black tea + rum
oolongs, wulongs
O o l o n g ” W u l o n g” T e a
Green/ partially oxidized/ fermented wu-longs “jade oolong”
> High Mountain Oolong “Gaoshan Oolong”
> Tie Guan Yin “TGY, Iron Goddess of Mercy, Iron Buddha, Ti Kwan/Kuan Yin”
> Fo Shou “Buddha’s Palm”, “Monkey Picked
> Bao Zhong “Pouchong, Wenshan Baozhong
> Dong Ding “Tung Ting , Frozen Peak/Summit”
> Alishan “alisan wu long”
oolongs, wulongs dark, fermented
Dark/ oxidized/ fermented wu-longs “amber = baked, champagne = fermented”
> Champagne Oolong, Fujian oolong, Formosa Oolong
> Bai hao Oolong “Oriental Beauty, Dongfang Mei Ren
> Dancong “Phoenix oolong, Feng huang dan cong”
> WuYi Oolong “wu yi yan cha, rock oolong” (the WuYi & YiWu Master: MarshalN)
> Qi Lan “Rare Orchid”
> Xiao Hong Pao “Small Red Robe”, Da Hong Pao “Big Red Robe”, Rougui “Chinese Cassia”
> Shui xian “Shui Hsien, Water Sprite”
> Shui Jin Gui “Golden Turtle”
> Bai Ji Guan “White cock/rooster crest”, “White Cockscomb”
green tea
G r e e n T e a
Just Green Tea
Japan ^classification
> Sencha VAR: Shincha (1st harvest), Asamushi, Chumushi, Fukamushi (long steamed)
> Gyokuro (shade grown), Matcha (shade grown, powdered), Guricha
> Hojicha “Houjicha” (baked), Kukicha (stems), Bancha
China “lu cha”
> Longjing “Lung Ching, Long Jing, Dragon Well” VAR: ming, yu qian “1st, 2nd plucking”
> Bi Luo Chun “BLC, Pi luo chun, green snail spring”. Gunpowder
> Mao Feng “huang shan mao feng, yellow mountain fur tip”
scented mixed green tea flavored
Green Scented/Flavored/Mixed
> Jasmine
> Genmaicha^
> Touareg =green + mint + alot of sugar
> Kashmiri pink chai^ =green+baking soda+sugar/salt+sprinkled nuts …sounds good!
everyone’s favorite: pu erh tea
Pu-erh “pu’er, pu’erh, pu-er cha, pooer, po-lay, pu-lay, pooh-erh”
> looseleaf pu’er, Maocha = raw pu’er loose leaf
Shaped: tuo cha “bowl”, bing cha “cake, beeng cha”, brick
> Sheng pu “raw, green” // Shu pu “ripe, cooked, black”
here comes white teas
White Tea
> Chinese white tea “bai cha”, Indian white teas, Darjeeling.
otd tea
Ready to drink Tea “RTD, Bottled Tea, iced tea”
herbal teas
Herbal ‘tea’ Tissanes
of leaf: rooibos, mint, Kuding cha Ku Ting, Wu Tang, Bitter stalk tea, Qing Shan Lu Shui, Yerba Mate^
of flower: chamomile, rosebud, linden “lime, tilia”
of grain: barley^ “JP: mugicha, KO: boricha”
not my thing
Display teas, flower tea etc don’t like those, some have glue (i don’t eat glue, i don’t sniff glue, so …no).

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