Huang Jin Gui of Anxi * Fujian Oolong Tea .Yunnan Sourcing LLC

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Yunnan Sourcing LLC
$17/250g = 30$/lb
This is the spring picking.
“Huang Jin Gui (Golden Turtle) is another varietal of Anxi Oolong tea. Lacking the slight sour-bitterness of Tie Guan Yin, it is characterized by a smooth sweet flavor with a rich slightly nutty after-taste. This is the earliest tea to be produced in the spring-time.”

Opened the package a uniform intensly green little oolong nugget bunch stared at me. So i stared back. And stared. Yes for some reason i stared.
The oolong nuggets are small ~.5cm, uniform size, look like tightly packed during processing; not much smell.

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Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

updatetastes better when less than warm, can taste more types of flavors.

~~try 2~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1tbsp blk scoop …~ 50C (warm water) , 3-4min: try 1 sensation.

re-infusion of above with … ~ 75C? 5min : midline tongue green sensation and mild astringent on rest of mouth, the egg-foody sensation almost disappeared, somewhat mild flowery (when start breathing thru nose).
interresting. probaly too hot/long infusion due to astringency but i liked it.

continued reinfusion#3 ~50C, 3-4min: nice, maybe flowery, maybe less astringent, but what stood out is an awesome sweet aftertaste (when you swallow) (not like sugar in your mouth, less penetrating-weird feeling than a ginseng-oolong -which i dislike anyway).

#4 ~40C or less? 3 min –> wow, nicely flowery! at good strength, like another door opened and flowery flavor came out!

this is turning out into a very pleasing experience, a great tea.

did >6 (4oz ea) infusions, forget exact number but the tea lasted long time and color did too.

~~try 1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1’tbsp’ blk scoop – 190F – 2-3min

Smell: i want to say ‘foody’…eggs.

Taste: medium intensity but its evasive. liquor dense. green flavor. maybe egg-like still feel like. nutty-towards buttery – i want to say sour but not the intense one – makes mouth pucker? is that the word?… that sour-like feel of real butter. that same feel remains as aftertaste., maybe some sweetness after last liquid goes down. mouth puckering…

interesting. not very nutty or flowery as i’d expect from an oolong, but i’ll play with it see what happens.



Fujian Oolong .Chado Tea

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some hints of tobacco

uninspiring, bland,

poor aftertaste (watery in my book)… eh as long as i took the pictures i’ll put them up.

keep? NO.

Tie Guan Yin * Iron Goddess of Mercy * Fujian varietal .Yunnan Sourcing LLC

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Yunnan Sourcing LLC
their details:
“Tie Guan Yin * Taiwanese Grown Oolong Tea * Iron Goddess of Mercy * Fujian varietal * Spring 2007
hand picked…hand roasted just enough to dry…
low oxidization level (just 25%) preserves the flowery and fruity notes…”

a tgy, Didnt know what i was tasting since the package was not labeled in english 😛 , but i opened it and a familial smell struck me,
oy, i should know by now what i like, but this was another roasted oolong.

Really tiny oolong nuggets (some smaller than 4mm)! dark/shade of green…

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
liquor is obviously dark from too much stuff, but for easier infusions imagine a lighter shade of orange.

1 tbsp black scoop + 4oz 180F + 3min =

smell is flowery,
taste: roasted/little toasty & tobaccoish, astringency yes probably from the green side of things. didnt detect any floweryness,
pretty long aftertaste.

will have to retry- since i messed up the first time. — still the same impression.

wet leaf : very super nice …very 🙂 :
most are entire leaf plus some little stem, but the leaf is greenish, silky soft, very tender & tears very easily when handled, i have no idea how they twisted the leaf in those little nuggets.

dark(roasted) oolongs are not my thing, i dont know why i keep buying them 😛

Fine oolong .ChadoTea

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as with the other 2: darjeeling 2nd flush oolong, fujian oolong

there isnt much green flavor …kinda black, and liquor is dark orange/brown

taste as with the other: black-ish, and a hint of tobacco.

i hope i dont pick another tasting like these, imma go out of my mind. keep? NO.

Darjeeling Second Flush .Chado Tea

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a fujian oolong?

“A much more subtle tea than the first flush oolong. Very aromatic, delicate and refreshing.”

looks black, smells black, brews black (dark) (it seems very well oxidated-fermented)
flavor: 4/7 … smells & tastes a bit like tobacco leaves, no green tea taste anywheres. maybe a little bit of orange in there. interesting.

tried some re-infusions but nothing i like.

keepr? no.

Tea Reviews

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I love tea. These are my “tasting notes”, organized by type. Some have pictures (usually of tea… :D).
tea = alternative/original/westernized name
VAR = varieties of that tea (tea) = additional varieties ^ = link to info
Thank you for visiting, enjoy…
B l a c k T e a
Just Black Tea/ unblended, unflavored, etc:
China black tea “hong cha, red tea, congou
> Qimen “Keemun^ VAR: Qimen Hao Ya (A, B), Qi men Mao Feng “Hair Peak”
> Yunnan “Dian Hong^ VAR: Yunnan Black, Yunnan Gold, Yunnan Gold Tips
> China ‘true black’ tea “hei cha” VAR: Fu bricks, Liu an, Liu bao
> Assam^, Darjeeling^, Ceylon^, Nilgiri^, Sikkim
Black, Blends:
> English Breakfast tea^, Irish Breakfast tea^
> Chai Masala^
Black, Scented/ Flavored:
> Earl Grey^
> Souchong, Lapsang Souchong^, Smokey Souchong, Russian Caravan^
> Jagertee^ = black tea + rum
oolongs, wulongs
O o l o n g ” W u l o n g” T e a
Green/ partially oxidized/ fermented wu-longs “jade oolong”
> High Mountain Oolong “Gaoshan Oolong”
> Tie Guan Yin “TGY, Iron Goddess of Mercy, Iron Buddha, Ti Kwan/Kuan Yin”
> Fo Shou “Buddha’s Palm”, “Monkey Picked
> Bao Zhong “Pouchong, Wenshan Baozhong
> Dong Ding “Tung Ting , Frozen Peak/Summit”
> Alishan “alisan wu long”
oolongs, wulongs dark, fermented
Dark/ oxidized/ fermented wu-longs “amber = baked, champagne = fermented”
> Champagne Oolong, Fujian oolong, Formosa Oolong
> Bai hao Oolong “Oriental Beauty, Dongfang Mei Ren
> Dancong “Phoenix oolong, Feng huang dan cong”
> WuYi Oolong “wu yi yan cha, rock oolong” (the WuYi & YiWu Master: MarshalN)
> Qi Lan “Rare Orchid”
> Xiao Hong Pao “Small Red Robe”, Da Hong Pao “Big Red Robe”, Rougui “Chinese Cassia”
> Shui xian “Shui Hsien, Water Sprite”
> Shui Jin Gui “Golden Turtle”
> Bai Ji Guan “White cock/rooster crest”, “White Cockscomb”
green tea
G r e e n T e a
Just Green Tea
Japan ^classification
> Sencha VAR: Shincha (1st harvest), Asamushi, Chumushi, Fukamushi (long steamed)
> Gyokuro (shade grown), Matcha (shade grown, powdered), Guricha
> Hojicha “Houjicha” (baked), Kukicha (stems), Bancha
China “lu cha”
> Longjing “Lung Ching, Long Jing, Dragon Well” VAR: ming, yu qian “1st, 2nd plucking”
> Bi Luo Chun “BLC, Pi luo chun, green snail spring”. Gunpowder
> Mao Feng “huang shan mao feng, yellow mountain fur tip”
scented mixed green tea flavored
Green Scented/Flavored/Mixed
> Jasmine
> Genmaicha^
> Touareg =green + mint + alot of sugar
> Kashmiri pink chai^ =green+baking soda+sugar/salt+sprinkled nuts …sounds good!
everyone’s favorite: pu erh tea
Pu-erh “pu’er, pu’erh, pu-er cha, pooer, po-lay, pu-lay, pooh-erh”
> looseleaf pu’er, Maocha = raw pu’er loose leaf
Shaped: tuo cha “bowl”, bing cha “cake, beeng cha”, brick
> Sheng pu “raw, green” // Shu pu “ripe, cooked, black”
here comes white teas
White Tea
> Chinese white tea “bai cha”, Indian white teas, Darjeeling.
otd tea
Ready to drink Tea “RTD, Bottled Tea, iced tea”
herbal teas
Herbal ‘tea’ Tissanes
of leaf: rooibos, mint, Kuding cha Ku Ting, Wu Tang, Bitter stalk tea, Qing Shan Lu Shui, Yerba Mate^
of flower: chamomile, rosebud, linden “lime, tilia”
of grain: barley^ “JP: mugicha, KO: boricha”
not my thing
Display teas, flower tea etc don’t like those, some have glue (i don’t eat glue, i don’t sniff glue, so …no).

Sencha Megami .Ito En

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ItoEn Flagship Store. $6/oz = 72/lb.

second ‘real’ sencha, 1st was Kawane.

dry leaf: low smell. leaf seems smaller cut than Kawane. picture is of the entire 1oz, it looks small but leaf has small volume and so occupies less space in threeDee thus not disturbing the time space continuum… right? right.

this one is a fukamushi cha: its deep-steamed (longer), loose leaf is finer, infusion is cloudy.

infusion: ~1.5min in 4oz @ 130F (they say 1tsp 6oz 176F, i’ll try that later)

liquor: dark green and cloudy (with lots of floating thingys.)

, green vegetal different than kawane, i like this one, has a little flavor similar to “egg” flavor (as in this oolong huang jin gui), cant say any astringency? …
2nd infusion has a sweet aftertaste.
3rd infusion watery.

overall: i like this one. seems similar experience to the Sencha from Zhong Guo Cha, but don’t remember that having sweet aftertaste.

Sencha .Zhong Guo Cha

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Zhong Guo Cha G-17-3-2 Sencha *sample . 15$/50g = 8.52/oz = 136/lb ? is that right?

looks like sencha, it must be sencha 🙂 imho kind of small cuts but what do i know about proper sencha?! the other senchas i tried from Kowa, Chado seemed to be bigger.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

liquor: nice and green, tiny particulate matter giving it a ‘cloudy’ appearance.

taste: strong presence, vegetal, feels ‘fresh’ in some way to me, a small twiggy feel, a tiny feel of sweet on the tip of the tongue that goes with a small reminder of “egg” flavor (as in this oolong huang jin gui), some astringency feeling green.

leaf bits are small and so hard to drink straight from cup (ok, actually i did drink straight from the cup, and chewed on some of the little bits of leaf), but if one wants to down one real fast you’ll get a mouthfull. so you need a good strainer.

this feels like a good quality tea & leaf-‘cos of the strong flavor, but i’m not experienced with many senchas.

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