Certified Organic Jasmine Pearl Green Tea .Jas-etea.com

October 7, 2010 at 6:48 pm | Posted in Green Tea, Jasmine, Tea Reviews | 1 Comment

Tea Notes> Green Tea> Jasmine (for more)

Jas-etea.com (review)(product link) $12.55/3.5oz(100g), 3.5/oz = $56/lb.

Method: 3g/~3oz water @ 190F x 1 min or 2 min, then reinfused 2 min.

pic#4 here on right is color corrected at the liquor for liquor is pinkish, not yellow.

Taste: first infusion @ 1 min light, better at 2. overall: mild flavor, mild-med aroma, nice flowery fresh jasmine, yet again- light in strength. second infusion is alright, still rather mild in flavor. third infused not much left & watery. Not much astringency no harshness detected @ 3g. Will likely use 6g in the future, 3g not enough for my dull palate.

Overall: not bad, but mild.


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  1. Steep a minute and a half, also use 4 g.

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