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Based in USA, Virginia. Many of the teas are(used to be) sourced from YunnanSourcing(china). Originally started selling pieces of his large orders and facilitating group tea buys on the Badger&Blade forum (known as Netsurfr), helping expose more people to good tea πŸ™‚ thx. Later on, teadrunk on menghai sheng, started his own website, which continues to help those of us who can not wait a month for shipping from China πŸ™‚

Store: jas-etea.com

Payment: built-in checkout. (M,V,D no Amex)

Tea: Good variety.

Prices: seem good to me, probably close to YSLLC’s, with some margin, shipping seems priced fine ~6$/600g, USPS.

Speed: my order took 4 days to receive, including over weekend.

Communication: quick , no problem.

Package: USPS box, very nicely packed. Some teas in great zip-loc bags some that can stand up, others are in silvery-plastic foil. Pu Beeng was bubble wrapped. no damage sustained.
Did not smell any leaks as i opened the box.

>> Click to find our tea reviews for JazzeeTea!!! <<


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