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part of my “In search of fuka” …

Tea Notes> Green Tea> Sencha (for more)

O-cha.com (review)(product link) $24.95/3.5oz(100g), 6.5/oz = $114/lb.

included a comparison with Ocha’s Fukamushi Supreme.

There is a difference ! uh, while i forgot which is which, the one on the left might be the fuka supreme.

Method(s): last used which is not the one depicted above: 5.5g + 4oz @ 155F x 1 min. I do bottle brew these and at one point one of them became less pleasant but i forgot which so what i just said is quite irrelevant…

Liquor: fuka supreme: cloudy, YM: settles quicker and clears up more (not evident in the pics above)

Flavor: YM: nice clean taste, more refined than the fuka supreme, greenish yet not hard grassy, good fukamushi with more of a matcha flavor to it, even this first infusion has a sweetish aftertaste to it.  The fuka supreme is more hard and a bit of a harsher tannin.

Overall: liked both…


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