Ntingwe Kwazulu Leaf Tea .Taylors of Harrogate

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found at Whole foods ~15$/box just curiosity and a little drunk (not driving, but drunk walking)

Sounded like nigerian but its south african.

no i dont have a tripod yet, ’tis why parts are oof … f3.5 or so does that.

Thought its leaf tea. its CTC. yeah. not leaf. but it is leaf. its CTC little tiny pieces of leaf. those things that end up in teabags. except teabags cost less. or do they. not feeling calculatorific today, you work it out.

Method: 3g 5-6oz water at 190F x 2-3 min

Flavor: hello teabag. breakfast tea english component of. tarty-tanninic not really any assam malty. borderline pleasant to me. in between pgtips and yorkshire gold. tho you got to make the extra step of straining the leaf/i do drink without straining.

Method: cold brew water bottle. Prolonged infusion such as this came out unpleasant, as some additional flavor came out coloring and changing from just tanninnic….  not enjoyable.

Overall: meh. not assam. not again. CTC no.


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