Yunnan Black Gold 1 leaf / 1 bud Simao Black Tea .Yunnan Sourcing LLC

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Yunnan Sourcing (review)(product link) 12.6/250 g = $1.4/oz , 23/lb …. :O :O
Production: Spring 2009

Dry:  looks ok, mix of mostly black leaf with some gold. Wet leaf reveals i’d say about half full leaf half broken. not sure about the 1leaf 1bud description…


Method: various you name it i did it, (usually at breakfast i do an eyed pinch (which seems to measure about 6g) + 8oz @ 190-208F x 2 min (reinfused twice more and all added together))

Flavor: quite malty –burnt sugar or molasses?(which i am vague in memory about). When i first brewed this tea and still today after its almost gone, it tastes not like a yunnan black mixed with gold, but more like a gold mixed with black.  Some mildly mild vegetal to it maybe like green bell pepper skins (here i go now using this word).  Mild astringency-tannins coating mouth pleasant maltiness on tongue and palate afterward.  I dont sense much “wine” quality like in gold gold. No noted harshness with regular infusion. Overinfused (5g+6oz@208>2min) can go medium in the strength of tannins (which i then qualify it as a black :)) but i dont mean bitter and not like a teabag. No smokiness of any kind (which i was looking for in this purchase as i had hoped to re-experience the previous Premium Yunnan Black Gold)

Overall: Pretty good for the low price! carefully brewed, flavor can approximate higher quality yunnan (gold)! … still wanting some smokiness tho ……..


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