Uji Gyokuro “Kame-Jiru-Shi” .O-cha.com

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Tea Notes> Green Tea> Gyokuro (for more… well it’ll be a lonely one for a while)

O-cha.com (review)(product link) $27.95/50g/1.76oz, 15.79/oz = $253/lb. πŸ™‚ i won the lotto baby …

Dry leaf: jp green tea, senchalike, seems darker and blueish hued compared to regular sencha.

more craptastic pics than usual, will try better next time πŸ™‚ ….
#3 is regular sencha. (not same brightness,whitebalance) but you can see a difference.

Fluffed up leaf …. liquor, and #3 wet leaf.

Method: varied, also did the 140F 1g/1oz start with 1-2min, etc blah blah. this tea did very well in any condition. It was interesting how much more leaf expansion occurred with the gyo compared with sencha. it fluffed up like a balloon.

Flavor: liquor has lots of mouthfeel, upon swallow you feel the greenness tannins in the mouth doesnt really remind me of sencha, just that … green feel of tea, and then you get the flavor of … i call it “boiled spinach” that i’ll associate now with gyo until proven otherwise. Not much astringency (no dry or harsh or anything unpleasant), just some of the green-spinach tannin left over mouth. Strong flavored. (as i usually ended up doing it: 3g in 3oz water, 1 min, 1 min, from the 3rd infusion it continued with the full mouthfeel liquor however alot lower flavor)

Overall: seems like a HQ T howeva I dont really enjoy the flavor(s) at this point. maybe it’ll be craved in the future.


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