Green Tea Matcha Blend .Kirkland by ItoEn

December 25, 2009 at 6:54 pm | Posted in Green Tea, just green tea, Matcha, Sencha, Tea Reviews | 8 Comments

Found at Costco under their Kirkland brand, box mentions made by Ito En
~13$/100 tbags of 1.5g (150g, 5.3oz, 2.5/oz, ~ 40$/lb … meh not bad)

observe the careful use of f2.8  … sorry… no light handholder required it.

Method: many, 8oz-4oz, 100-200F. Settled on 4oz ~ 150F

Teabag: sucks. string is short. paper end thats supposed to hang on cup edge is soft and only fits thin cups. even then when the tbag fills with water it can pull on the shitty paper end and drag it into the water. Nylon bag for yall who have a thing for plastic + water. Does well to color the water greenish that quickly turns yellow. Dont know what the freak are those whiteish bits in the tbag.

Flavor: There is a faint matcha smell to it. Flavor is a low & bland mix of matcha and cheap sencha with a little roasted or maybe its some remnant grain somewhere in the sensory perceptorium. With 130F water i got some fishyness (likely in aroma, eitherway not my thing).  1 teabag in >4oz water tastes like water. Not much greenness not much sencha grass, no nothin’, no tannin or roughness or anything remotely exciting about this.

Overall: NO. lack o flavor yello vision.



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  1. I was given a box of this by a butler on a cruise ship in January 1009. I really enjoyed drinking this tea and don’t remember any fishy taste. I’ve just ordered two large boxes of it, so I hope I wasn’t just lucky and that the taste is consistent over time.

  2. most likely you’ll have the same taste, its how teabag companies manufacture them – develop a mix of leaf to keep taste the same all the time.

  3. I just had this tea for the first time, and I’ve been a green tea drinker for years. It is delicious! There was no fishy aroma or taste. I left the teabag in the cup for almost 4 minutes, so to me, it was actually strong. So today, I will leave it in for 2-3 minutes. If you left it in there for 30 seconds, which is what the manufacturer’s instructions are, yes, you will have a watery taste.

  4. i always try new tea in various times, water amount, etc to see what i like, i dont follow manufacturer suggestions.
    this i did 1 tbag (then 2) starting 4 oz to 8 oz and times of 1,2,3,4,10 minutes
    and temps 130-200F.
    i might have duller taste buds or others might have more sensitive tastebuds so it is not to be expected that everybody has the same experience.

  5. didn’t like this one..and id does have a fishy taste

  6. Been drinking this tea for about 6 month now and I got different experiences froms different boxes (using same water temp and amount…) Fisrt box was delicious, bright green with a grassy taste while the last one was kind of yellowish with a fishy taste (and not good at all…) as it happens, when I looked at the last box for answers, I found out it was well past the expiry date… Maybye that could explain the very different experiences I had and the comments on this pages as well…

  7. I think your temperatures are too low for this tea. it is not high grade. If you make it with 170 degree water it would taste better. For bulk priced tea it’s a good value.

  8. i did, didnt like it either way

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