Dim Sum Bo Nay Tea .FooJoy

September 19, 2009 at 12:54 pm | Posted in Pu-Erh, Tea Reviews | 1 Comment

found at Hong Kong market, Elmhurst NY ~ 2$/box. got because i couldn’t find the regular Foojoy bonay (puerh) tbags.

Method: 1 tbag + 6 oz 190F water x 3min AND 2 tbags + 6 oz 190F x 3 min.

^click the crop to see thee boxee

Flavor: mild liquor aroma of flowery chrysanthems (a bit stronger when 2tbags), there’s a bland/watery to the liquor (even with 2 tbags which surprised me as the foojoy black tea did much better when doubled), very mild pu-erh-like woodyness. low astringency. a sweet quality/feeling when the liquor fills the mouth, but doesnt last. but there’s something i dont like about it (aside from wateryness) sort of a oil-fried-fishy-sardine thing….might be some aromatics from the crysanthem component that i’m interpreting wrongly, but whatever it is i dont like it. not much aftertaste.

Also had it after some fried food, cheese and vegetables, i didnt find it paired well. rather have some sencha or yunnan.

Overall: no, watery, bland.


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  1. This is interesting…I’ve seen this for sale and been tempted to buy it both because it’s so cheap and because I’ve had good experiences with Foojoy’s other offerings…I rather like the foojoy black tea too.

    After reading this, maybe I should pass though!

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