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September 18, 2009 at 9:28 pm | Posted in Green Tea, Sencha, Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

part of my “In search of fuka” …

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O-cha.com (review)(product link)  $22.95/3.5oz, 6.5/oz = $104/lb. i sure seem to be getting rich …

Dry leaf: green sencha, not all broken (as fuka is said to be, during manufacture), see pics, some leaf is quite long. (i’ve been drinking slowly out of this for at least a month) /Opening the bag in the first weeks i got a strong fresh  delicious sencha, was like wow! (thats what you get ordering straight from Japan, and good vendors = yum.)

…. ….    … ……………. 2g 4oz …. ….    … ……infusing…

#1 2min ….. ….    … …… #2 2min more …. ….    … ……2g wet leaf

#1   70C 2min

Flavor: good flavor, quite strong tho not in your face, good body, medium vegetal, some “spinach” (what i used to call “egg”. yah, i know, but hey, eh, oh well, getting there.), good aftertaste with tannin coating mouth, not harsh, some sweetness already!

#2   reinfusion ~60C 2min

Flavor: hmmm, some watery, low flavor, possibly extracted most in #1, tannins in mouth are more aparent, tho not bitter or harsh.

4g 4oz

4g in improvised scoop

#1   70C 1 min

Flavor: oh yum strong ass fuka! sencha sencha high (well also from the heat of the liquor makes me a little happy/agitated). sweet on the tongue, vegetal… gentle strongness… after coming down from the high, maybe the flavor strength is still medium. good lasting sweet aftertaste.

#2   60c 3 min

Flavor: now there’s some overinfusion here, tinge of strong tannin a bit harsh, not bitter.

Overall: very good (especially when fresh).



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  1. Nice review with the emphasis on experimentation and — as always — drop dead gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing.

    Don’t most people go shorter on the second infusion of sencha than they go on the first? If I like the first at one minute, the second may seem best at 20 to 40 seconds and the third may be only back up to a minute or even less.

  2. Hi Sal, thanks, as usual you are much too kind 🙂
    i usually dont do the short steeps because i dont like to drink hot liquid, and then rush with doing the next infusion and such, and storing the liquor from 1 infusion until the 5th takes alot of space on the desk…
    i usually do 4g with 4-8oz or so, 2min, and 2-3 reinfusions, its how i drink most of my tea…
    actually most of the tea i just put a bunch of leaf in a mug, strain in another mug and drink. any harshness/bitter/unpleasant/watery and that tea is gone. … i dont like to strain my mind and squeeze neural impulses from my tastebuds into imagining minute variations of flavors or maybe its this maybe its that…)

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