Yerba Mate .Cruz De Malta

September 5, 2009 at 10:10 pm | Posted in Herbal Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

local market ~2$ + tax /.5Kg

Method: cold water + like 2 fist fulls of mate + a couple ice chips in a pot, strained after ~ 3 minutes.

Flavor: uhm …. blechy.  sorta fried-sorta Oily-smoky flavor weirdness + some plant greenness + plant husk/woodiness + some lemony quality to it + medicinal … some tea-like astringency(from the greenness on tongue). Didnt quite like it…

added some lemon juice – it cut the weirdness (or its not felt anymore) – flavor now is quite low(or its not felt) …

added more lemon juice – lemon smell to the liquor, lemon flavor/sensation starting to dominate, rest= some grassy/plant, not as weird as plain and a little pleasant and refreshing (i think pretty close as some Paraguayan friends made it for me.)

(after adding lemon juice im getting some fleeting headache poundings, or it might be the effects of the first drinkings without lemon-tho some other days i had not added lemon and drank plain mate/ considering myself not to be much affected by placebo this might be a coincidence, otherwise it could be from the mate in a mix with other variables-its night, im a little tired, some cola i had, its hot… who knows.)

Overall: alright with lemon, dont like plain.


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