Home roasted green TGY oolong

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bored… trying not to use my last yunnan golds, or the remaining 5g of good matcha, resorted to playing with things i dont drink as often…

used one of Yunnan sourcing’s green oolongs (no label, so almost 2 years later i have no idea which green wu it is.)

placed the oolong nuggets on aluminium foil, then in they went –
countertop convection oven

400F, 1 min + 1 min (1st min still looked green, so i put it another min, then it started to smell like sort of burnt hay/weeds).
Picture – top is roasted, but doesnt look as brown as i see it …

liquor sure isnt greenish anymore 🙂

flavor: muted flavors of the original green oolong, missing: flowery. not much of that green feel (some say metallic)
with …roasted feel… roasted like… when you place a vegetable on a really hot plate – roasted/burnt skin (like those roasted red peppers),
pleasant, cant feel as much astringency, some green tannin on the tongue(less than unroast),

noticeably different from being a straight green or a “real” dark oolong which i guess are also oxidized and stuff. maybe i feel some faint tobacco but its mixed with some of that burnt hay thing.

maybe next i’ll try a lower temp for longer time to even out the flavors (have the inside of the nugget done as well not just the outside – as i think happened here)


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