Uji Matcha .Yamashiro

June 14, 2009 at 4:00 pm | Posted in Green Tea, Matcha, Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

Found at Sunrise Mart NYC, $7.15/40g(1.41oz) = 5$/oz

Method: 2g +6oz @ 66C (too hot for me, added some 1-2 oz of room temp)

Flavor: strong kind of “tannins”, tending towards bitter :/ (i say tending but i feel it as bitter). can feel powder on palate+tongue. drinking this first thing in the morning and im getting lots of stomach movement/churning. Other subtleties i didnt notice, the bitter part ended my interest in this.

some faint fishyness to aroma … not helping me like it…

Overall: nope …



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  1. Bitter? Powder on tongue? have you a proper matcha whisk? Granted, this tea does not have the sweetness that one would normally expect from a cozy matcha, it is flat on the tongue and a more restaurant tasting basic than a ceremonial, but the fishyness simply isn’t there in my can.

  2. I have tried other maccha teas and have enjoyed this one greatly. I do not find it bitter at all, but herby. It’s delicious. I only wish I could find a place to order it.

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