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39 3rd Ave, New York 10003

Took a walk thru the neighborhood, almost walked past this joint. very close to Sunrise Mart on Stuyvesant and right next to my fav icecream shake – Ben & Jerrys.

Seems to be a Taiwanese chain for bubble “tea”, multiple locations in the USA.

Menu for black teas: 1 black tea plain, then like 6 black flavored “teas”
actually if you see the menupages, most of their “teas” are mixed flavored sugared crap and bubble tea, coupled with their deceptive name as a “teahouse” = very lame. I never thought i’d say it, but compared to this place, Tavalon is the teahouse, tea bar.

Prices: 3$ for the “small” size (2 size choice)


me: What kind of black tea is this ?
he:  its Taiwanese black tea
me pause then: … mmkay, ….can i get the small size, black tea, no sugar
he: no sugar, okay… hot or cold ?
me: well, how about in the middle, not too hot not too cold
he: we have the small size and larger size /and points to the cups
me: i want the small size,
he types something
me: i mean can you make it so the temperature is … in the middle, not too hot not too cold?
he: we cant do that, we only make hot or cold
me: alright ?!?!… then hot
he: tapioca ?
me: no

i seat, look around the room, pretty big, pleasant setup, young people working the bar and tables. young customers, most of which are slurping on the tapioca ballz or eating some sort of colored cookies.

i wait like a minute and get served this cup of burning hot black tea without a teabag or nothing inside, just liquid. So, likely they have big pots of pre-brewed tea. Hot or cold. or maybe they throw the hot stuff on ice. Either way, i dont care, it wouldnt have been too hard to figure out how to lower the temperature of the resulting tea. Would i have to tell them to mix half and half of the damn things, how about putting some ice in it. Sheesh…

You know what that is. A foot as a logo for a teahouse. UGLY (imho).
You know what that is. A trashcan. there goes about $1.50

Flavor: plain, bland, regular black tea. not keemun, not assam, not yunnan in any case. to my scalded tongue it felt like some bland mix of black teas. there was also some of those components flavonoids or whatever that you also get in teabag teas or really cheap loose black tea – the sort of sharp-tangy-tart-dry-astringent ‘noids. or the tea was sitting around for long time and it formed those tearubigins that also give that feeling. (Ofcourse this is just my opinion, afaik they could be using some rare loose leaf from 800 year old wild Taiwanese tea trees and i’m just some confused dude who cant discern ouzo from vodka.)

Overall: meh, blah, get cheaper “black tea” at McDonalds or Starbucks or DunkinDonuts. I’d rather get better tea from Tavalon Tea Bar, or the Whole Foods Cafe – which are close by.



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  1. These dudes are Taiwanese in origin. And yes — you’re better off buying from McD.

  2. Ah, thanks, visiting their website for couple seconds i didnt see an english button to translate or something that said about the company so i just went for the .hk 😀
    I havent had McD’s black tea yet,
    and i just came from Starbux and they graciously did half-half hot/cold water as they prepared the “loose leaf” Harney & Sons 1.5$ cup o tea

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