Spicy Chai Latte powder .Trader Joes

May 31, 2009 at 12:55 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Chai Masala, Tea Reviews | 6 Comments

Found at … Trader Joes, $2.99+tax for 284g

allllllllll the way to the 3rd picture —————> Oregon Chai latte left, TJ’s Chai Latte right.

list of ingredients, here i go a typin’: sugar, non dairy creamer (coconut oil, corn syrup solids, sodium caseinate (milk), sodium citrate, mono and diglycerides (soy), salt), nonfat dry milk, tea blend (black tea, darjeeling), natural flavors, honey powder (sucrose, honey), spice blend (cinnamon, clove, cardamom, anise, ginger), vegeable gums (carrageenan, guar gum), madagascar bourbon vanilla extract.

Method: 1 scoop (i weighted the powder as ~ 30g) & mix with 6oz hot water (as per instructions.) From the total of 284g of powder that would make 9.5 servings x 6oz water = 1.6L tea.

First of all you’ll quickly be enveloped by the aroma of the spices … delicious. Can see fine particles of various color in the liquor (ground up ingredients).

Flavor: chai masala, spicy spices indeed!, not very milky(i guess because theyre using nonfat milk), not watery. one of the spices i feel more, might be the cardamon? or anise?. there is a little spicy-peppery feeling in the back of the throat. sweet but not too much, i might add some, cant really point to honey. Can feel spice particles if chewing with teeth.

Overall: pretty GOOOD as a chai masala, i like, i buy again and again.



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  1. This is the best Spicy Chai Tea I have ever tasted! If I had a Trader Joe’s near me I would go there and buy every can off the shelf.

  2. Hehehe, i was thinking something similar this morning- i am running out of it
    i wonder if there is a bigger size because 1 box only works for like 9 days 😀
    want me to mail you a couple 🙂 ?

  3. Smart & Final used to carry a great chai-latte powder without sodium aluminosilicate (is that aluminum sand?) but now all the brands they carry have that ingredient. As I am trying to avoid Alzheimer’s disease I try not to ingest too much aluminum. I am so glad to see that the Trader Joe’s ingredient list you published above contains no aluminum. I’m heading over there now to get some. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Trader Joe’s chai-latte powder is sooooo good.The aroma that rises up from my cup when I’m stirring the powder in is amazing. Wish I could order over the internet. The closet store to me is @ hrs away. Boooo.

  5. the spicy powder is excellent.
    However, I wonder what happened to the decal variety.
    I co not use caffeiniated.
    What are the chances that you will make the decal once again.

    Hetty Herman-Minsk ( Aug. 3, 2011)

  6. Amazon.com has it.

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