The Original Chai Tea Latte Concentrate .Oregon Chai

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Found at Trader Joes, $3.99+tax (i’m not tax exempt afaik) for 32oz/944ml

Been eyeing this for 3 years and I just gave in (I blame it πŸ˜‰ on World of Tea’s chai tea post, and then these guys started talking about it on Teachat πŸ˜€ , anyway ! THANKS ! go CHAI, masala chai that is)

This is a liquid concentrate of “chai” masala latte or whatever, made for Oregon Chai it contains an already made solution of the infused tea and spices. Aside from the bunch of useless crap on most of the label, there are a couple lines on how to prepare, and the ingredients (also on their website): Water, organic* evaporated cane juice, honey, organic* spices, organic* black tea, ginger, organic* vanilla, organic* natural flavors and citric acid. For a company that specializes in “chai” i’d say there shoulda been a longer list of spices. 22g carb/120ml(4oz) //(44g sugar in 8oz)(before milk) vs coca cola 27g /240ml(8oz)

Refrigerate after opening, consume in 4 weeks … shoulda read the label first

Method: add milk or such in equal quantity to the concentrate.

Flavor: with 2% hot milk a bit less than same quantity oregon: taste is similar to chai masala, sweet, tho a bit too milky, pleasant. Honey. Spices are there, not dominant resulting in a chai thats a bit simple-bland. Kinda reminds me of chai lattes made at The Coffee Bean in Los Angeles (overly sweet chai-ish, but i liked it better than Starbucks version).

With hot water, it tastes like: sweet, honey, black tea.

Overall: ok-alright for a sweet milky concoction, but not great as a chai masala, probably wont buy again.


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