Makinohara Sencha .Ito En

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ItoEn NY Store (review)(product link)  $8/2oz, also at $64/lb.

compared side be side to Chiran Kanayamidori

Method: 4g leaf, 4oz water at 65C (Makino got around 61C), ~ 1 min.

Leaf: Japanese green tea, with a yellow tint to it. Chiran is dark green. (cant compare leaf pics well as its different days one with more direct sun)

4g. then Middle pic is Makino Left, Chiran Right

Liquor: Chiran is green, Makino has a hint of yellow.

Flavor: there’s the main green sencha-fuka thick greenness, but compared to Chiran Kanayamidori fuka this Makino has more bitter “tannins”? (yes the bitter kind, not just regular concentrated stuff), and is less flavorful. Chiran more pleasant – more enjoyable “flavor tannins”, and is “sweet” compared to Makino.
(another take into consideration: makinohara’s water was a couple degrees cooler). So even if lowering water temps or shortening infusion i dont think i’ll like the Makino as there isn’t much flavor to it. (yup, tried ~50C the bitter stuff still in there).

Overall: not bad, but the bitter is not good 4 me. it’ll probably be just fine at work where i just drink whatever and dont notice, but at home with no distractions this wont do.


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