Pure Black Teas’ Tea .Ito En

May 23, 2009 at 11:59 am | Posted in Black Tea, Darjeeling, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | 4 Comments

Found at a store on Park ave Manhattan … $2.5+tax! … got it only because i never had before


Flavor+aroma: a little fruity-flowery with a black tea tannin with that darjeelingy “twist”, medium astringency.

Overall: GOOD !! yay  😀 good bootled black tea, tastes like darjeeling, i see myself getting plenty of this, if its around 1.5$. Flavor is not as fine & refined and has more astringency and tannin as compared to my memory of ItoEn’s Weil for tea Darjeeling (discontinued) can.

Anyway that will make a good addition to the bottled teas list … i’d put it on #2, but right now i be feeling it a bit more enjoyable than Tejava… so there you go

Pure Black you have taken the #1 spot !!!

of bottled black tea
in my world of tea enjoyment,
probably will be there for a good while.

.*`’; fireworks ‘”#%!`’.

ps. itoen please change the label on these bottles, i’m appreciating them as plain and inconspicuous. barely noticed there was a plain black between the rest of the teas’ tea bottles – the color of the tea kind is very non contrasty with that blue background and those colored lines distract my eye (i know, i’m very important in the world of ad design and tea packaging)… also pls keep it simple and dont go overboard with all the natural antioxidant bs. that wont matter when people want to drink and they dont have money.



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  1. Ito En’s canned Weil for Tea darjeeling (subtitled Elemental Purity) was the best tea I had ever found, anywhere. It’s tragic that it’s been discontinued. I am left with only Tejava, which is a bit tart and astringent and carries a hint of tannin. I have never seen it in the stores, but now that I have read this review, I will look for Ito En Black Tea. I do buy Ito En’s bottled green/jasmine tea, which is very good, better-tasting than Tejava, but it’s just not black tea.

  2. yay i helped ! 🙂

  3. I think they discontinued this 😦

  4. great… 😦

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