100% Organic Wuyi Oolong Tea .Rishi Tea

May 17, 2009 at 6:17 pm | Posted in Dark oolong, Oolong Tea, Tea Reviews | 1 Comment

Found at WholeFoods 8.99$ for 1.75oz in metal tin = 5$/oz = 80$/lb
online Rishi sells it cheaper than in 2007 (see bottom of this page) 1oz 3$, 1/2lb 17.75, 1lb 31$ … nice (hopefully this is not the 2008 crop ;))

to be updated- missing some words from tea notes lost due to shredder malfunction 😛
… its not supposed to shred tea notes

Leaf: its included with the nice container. smell a little green+tangy?! darjeelingish!

Smell: nutty + a little tobacco

Method: 4g, 190F, + 1cm water above the leaf

Flavor: dark oolong, some dark chocolate, nutty/buttery? (and in aroma), some tobacco (aroma)
~3g? 4oz, 200F, ~20s : “simple” but interesting and very enjoyable, nutty/buttery aroma & flavor, no “tannin” (at least while drinking hot), some astringency(dryness in mouth)

Overall: nice, lots of nutty, i like this wuyi more than most.

need to drink some more of this because i lost my tea notes again.

– oh noes not more tea !!! –

here’s my first rishi qilan cup from 2007:

November 4, 2007 at 12:05 am

had this at whole foods market, as always didnt take pic of tea leaf, so heres some area pics instead of Columbus Circle’s Time Warner Center, cup 12oz $1.6

a deep smooth/silky/satin feeling, with a flavor i cant describe, pretty long lasting silky aftertaste
the astringency (not much) had notes of chocolate,
there was some minor roasted flavor,
didnt taste any green feels.

the leaf was about 1 cm cuts, mostly dark green mixed with brown

very good i liked it alot.

got home and internet-vestigated
i think its from rishi tea because ipot (the other sold in WF) doesnt have wuyi oolongs

Rishi says this “organic wuyi oolong” is the Qi Lan WuYi Oolong

Babelcarp says: qilan = Wuyi oolong, literally Rare Orchid (奇兰 or 奇蘭)

online rishi doesnt sell too expensive 4$/oz, 22/.5LB
…cant find anyone else selling this except rishi … !!!


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  1. It’s good that you like this tea so much. I have a pouch of it I haven’t opened yet. I like the darker-oxidized Oolongs like this and the Rishi Wuyi is good because it’s not too expensive. I’m looking forward to trying it.

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