Oolong Shot .Ito En

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Found at Dean & Deluca 2$+tax/190ml …  deduct “fancy store surcharge” , still = 9$/L … :O

#2 of 2 from their “shot” lineup, the other being Sencha Shot

package contains the regular antioxidant doctors and other uhm goo intended to help sell it as a “health aide”. Label’s been slightly changed since 2 years ago,

now the polyphenol type stands out all contrasty and stuff, esp the blue next to the red… with a heavy red box on the can surely draws the eye … all this shiz – rather offending to my eyes, instead of something meaningful like what kind of oolong this is, when was it manufactured, some story about the monkeys that picked the leaf or whatever… eh… i didnt even bother to flip the can and read it, so maybe there is a story about monkeys – no there isnt, but there is a image of a monkey on the can…


Smell: light toast oolong tgy

Flavor: flavor is medium of a roasted tgy – not bad. some mild astringency and some overinfused tannin but mild.

Overall: not bad, too expensive, generic dark oolong- borderline better than regular bottled one,  not interesting like the DJ they took out… not majorly any better than the rest of available oolongs:


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