T2U Tea to You Green Tea .Dongwon

April 30, 2009 at 10:22 pm | Posted in Green Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | 3 Comments

Found at H-Mart (~2$ !… there were 3 kinds, got the unflavored, unsugared one) drinkt2u.com 3 flavors, says available at WholeFoods… Product of Korea.

gt2u-green-1 gt2u-green-2 gt2u-green-3

Package: i actually got it because it announces on its label: “Tea leaves are brewed for 11 minutes” – such honesty never been seen on a RTD bottle i figured there must be some translation mistake, or that’s how RTD companies really make bottled teas (btw i emailed Itoen on that a couple days ago, no response yet ;)). Also the bottle seems to be made of aluminum.

Smell: tiny- fruity sweet?!?

Flavor: green tea, cant say what kinds… there’s a citric twist to the flavor but not a citric-vitamin C property to the liquid itself… if i can put that in words… There’s minimal tea tannin or astringency. There is a tiny strangeness to this drink…. i mean it tastes alright, low astringency – which should make me happy (and reminded me of the weil line of itoen teas)… but it fails to excite my tastebuds … i cant put my finger on it… i think for ease of expression: the flavor is somewhat off? to what i would “recognize” as green tea… sorry dong won. Cant sense any roasted or pan fried as i can in itoen’s. i think its all got something to do with that ascorbic acid or whatnot- even tho it doesn’t feel strong, something is off-ing the flavors…

Overall: not bad, but i’m not fond of the flavor. or price.



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  1. I found T2U Tea to You All Natural Green Tea quite refreshing, it was not off but quite good compared to other bottled and canned cold teas I have tried. I did purchase at Whole Foods Market. Right on Dongwon!!!

  2. I tasted T2U for the first time today and I enjoyed it! I got the plain green tea as my diet is presently without sugar. It is refreshing and leaves no after taste. I like it that it has practically NOTHING in it. The only ingredient is sodium and that is a nominal amt. It is good for all anyone who wants to drink it and certainly fits my diet. I will recommend to my friends who enjoy green tea. Thanks Dongwon!

  3. “it has practically nothing in it …only ingredient is sodium ”

    i had hoped the only ingredient would be TEA …



    … j/k i understands. happy that you guys like it . GO DONGWON GO !!!

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