Super Butterfly Wuyi

March 13, 2009 at 5:39 pm | Posted in Green oolong, Oolong Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment (review)(product link-oos, goog cache)  $30/50g = 17/oz… 272/lb ! :O thats some expensive stuff
review sample courtesy of David’s Tea.

Dry leaf: ok, some smell of green oolongyness with a hint of tannin dust 😛

4g———————————————–4oz gaiwan—————————–#1


#3 ————- pictures are dark so liquor is darker.

4g 4oz 194F/90C

#1- 2min: smell “nutty-buttery”, taste ok ~ green …”regular” oolong, feels a little dilute, not completely watery – there is some “body” to the liquor from some sort of acidy quality. some nutty-buttery in the aftertaste. no astringency/tannin. no flowery/orchid anywhere (aroma, flavor).
#2- 3min: same nice smell with a hint of tangy tannin, flavor same, pretty regular. no astringency/tannin (very low). a little tiny sweet aftertaste on the tongue.
#3- 5min?: hmmm, lower in flavor, some low tannin now. still low on the astringency…

not feeling much from this session… thinking either not hot enough, or not enought leaf?

4g 4oz 212F/100C

#1- 3min: hmmm, not much has changed, strange. mildly tanninic or astringent tho not in a green feel- more like a little dryness in the mouth…. same flavor: some regular oolong, but not much flavor- just the “body” of the liquor in the mouth…
#2- 3min: medium tannin, same flavor.

there is some roasting or is it oxidizing? in the leaf- liquor is a faded orange, but wet leaf shows no signs.

checked my tastebuds with a 1 year old gaoshan green oolong which had more flavor and aroma than this…

Overall: low tannin/astringency, low flavor. cant find something to enjoy in this.


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