Water boiling bubbles shrimps crabs fishy eyes 70-100C

March 5, 2009 at 10:16 pm | Posted in Tea tools, accessories, Water, Water heating | 1 Comment

Yah, really bored today… also always wanted to see these metaphors in pictures, as i’m not a big fan of many words.

70°C/158°F 75°C/167°F 80°C/176°F 85°C/185°F 90°C/194°F 95°C/203°F 100°C/212°F
big Shrimp eyes Crab eyes Fish eyes Old man water

Click pics for larger- in the pot view…

Notice: crop is from the same spot in each photo. Heating device did not distribute heat evenly- you can see different size bubbles starting with 70 pic – middle – less heat contact, has smaller bubbles.

To do: well, pics not that great. use manual mode with higher shutter speed, set white balance :P.

cant say what size the 70C bubbles … 2mm?


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  1. Coincidentally, I was reading something yesterday and heard those terms for the first time and wasn’t entirely sure what they meant.

    Like you said, it is nice to have pictures of the metaphors.

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