Sencha with Water comparison Filtered, Tap, Stove boil, Hot Pot boiled.

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I just have the time, unfortunately … eeeey ya gotta do somethin to keep from going bonkers…

Tap (NY) -> stove boil [T]

Filtered tap^ -> stove boil [F]

Filtered tap^ -> Electric hot pot^ [FE] water dispenser(it boils then cools down to program temp)

Tea: Premium fukamushi sencha maki .Den’s Tea, 2g

poured about 10oz water in 16oz foam cups (somewhat retain heat), marked bottom as T/F/FE
flipped them around, then marked the top as 1,2,3

Water Temperatures^ 170F

measured 2g tea in dixie cups, lined up in front of foam cups, marked as corresponding position 1,2,3
marked these cups with line for 4oz water level

poured 4oz water into cups with tea.

timed 1 minute.

strained liquor into 3rd set of cups also marked by position 1,2,3.

flipped them around (couldnt see marking),

tasted one cup,
cleaned-swished clean water in mouth, then tasted from the next cup.

did a second infusion, 2 min.

1 man’s Conclusion: i sense no flavor/strength/intensity difference in the tea, no astringency difference/
aside from the unfiltered tap which maintained chlorine flavor…


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