CDN Q2-450 Proaccurate Quicktip Digital Thermometer on a rope

March 5, 2009 at 6:09 pm | Posted in Tea tools, accessories | Leave a comment 13$ (20$ with tax and s&h :\) (at least can return to store if i get tired of it. … or breaks)
seems to visually be the same product as Polder 371 “Quick Tip Instant Read” and Taylor#806 “Weekend Warrior Digital Thermometer”

Update: got another from Zaccardis (26$ with tax, s&h, slow delivery 11 days in NY…)
Update: it broke, but it had some suspicious damage on it – like it was opent and reglued. returned to Target.

^nice packing job from Target… huge box, loads of padding, then put the product on the bottom of the box…

– The rubber buttons do not press down easy. Only the top of the button has a softer spot in the middle that you feel being depressed.
– There is no feedback at pressing it – no click or feel that you switched something.

The probe – like other probe thermometers – affects the way temperature is measured. If the whole metal probe is submerged in hot water it also gets hot (surprise!) so it also takes some seconds for it to cool down.

The clip on the back is not detachable.

There is a probe cover with a string which I have no use for.

The thermometer is shipped with the battery connected – by the time consumer buys it the battery can be dead. The battery cover is not screw-threaded, its a slot/slide type thing – a 90 degree turn takes the battery cover off. There’s an unattached(doesn’t stay in place) white-clear silicone gasket below the battery cover.

Temperature readings (see video)
– seem to be about 1/second (at least thats how fast the display changes)
– about 10 seconds to get a stable temperature – fast enough for me.

Overall: fast, i’ll keep it.

PS: other thermometer’s i’ve played with in local stores:

Walmart had an Accurite probe one with white casing, ~$15: sloooooow

Taylor TruTemp #3516 Instant Read Digital Thermometer @ Target
just F no C , silly on-off switch

Taylor TruTemp #3519 Instant Read Digital Thermometer @ Target
nicer buttons

both of those, temp reading:
painfully SLOW at least 20seconds (when i spaced out…) to at least reach an approximate number (i was in store with these 2 side by side) [one i lost from radioshack took ~7 seconds]

searched around online, found this list from Cook’s Illustrated ranking some of the “good” thermometers,
Thermoworks Super-Fast Thermapen 211-476
CDN ProAccurate Quick Tip Digital Cooking Thermometer DTQ450
Maverick Redi-Chek Professional Chef’s Digital Thermometer DT-01
CDN ProAccurate Quick Tip Digital Cooking Thermometer on a Rope Q2-450
Polder Instant-Read Thermometer 371
CDN ProAccurate Candy & All-Purpose Thermometer DTC375
Fieldpiece SPK1 Thermometer
Comark PDT300 Thermometer
Taylor Classic Instant Read Thermometer 9840
Thermoworks RT-301 Thermometer
DeltaTRAK 11000 Thermometer
Cooper-Atkins Waterproof Digital Thermometer DPP400W


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