Sencha Fuka-midori

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Tea Notes> Green Tea> Sencha (for more)

Den’s (review)(product link)  $6.5/2oz, also at $50/lb, nice price.

Leaf: looks like sencha to me 😀, maybe i’d say there isnt much long leaf in here ?

Method: cupwan, gaiwan, mug. mostly 4g in 4oz.

4g…………………………………….. + 4oz & ….. 1min = ……………………………………..&& . . 2min =
this color correction is starting to annoy me, but the liquor color seems right, even tho that paper is off…


2g/ 4oz/ ?? temp (1/3 20C water + 2/3 93C)/ think i did less than 1 min.

sort of mild, not really watery, some flavor, green, etc

4g/ 40z/ ??temp/ 2min x 2

good but still i’d say medium strength flavor, astringency low

4g/ 4oz/ ??temp/ 1min, 2min (See pics above)

#1- 1 min: good flavor, still “medium” strength, but i like this infusion.
#2- 2 min: some astringency is present but its sort of a mild green tannin + a sweetness?/”roundness” to it = its not harsh, not unpleasant!

some aftertaste, not bad.

liquor is cloudy – i thought only fukamushis are like that, tho this wasnt as cloudy as the fuka i had.

wet leaf tastes neutral, not bad. looks like some leaf stems are included.

Overall: its a pleasant tea, easy to drink,  sort of a “everyday” feel to it, mild-medium flavor, low astringency.


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