Bai Ji Guan .TenFu

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TenFu is TenRen in China.
gift from Warren, thank you.

i’ve been enjoying this tea for a while now, not much has changed in my interpretation of the tongue sensations 🙂

Leaf: light smell, some roast.  looks like a roasted or oxidized wu (shame ! i should start to learn how to differentiate these.)

Method: various.


3.5g/4oz/190F/ (see video below)

#1- 1 min: not watery, but a light flavor(i’d say something like grapefruit-orange diluted in water)… sort of “acidy”? in mouth, citrus-like sensations(not the flavor part)
#2- 2 min:  but more …light? delicate?. anyway, some tannin/astringency appears
#3- more green tannin to it.

4g/4oz/200F/ (another day)(infusions paused just to strain liquor to cups) wet leaf has a tobacco smell to it.

#1- 20 sec: flavor is very light, some “citrus sensations”, not really watery – there is some …”mouthfeel”?
#2- 20 sec: + some tannin, not astringent
#3- 30 sec: sort of acidy in mouth
#4- continues
#i forget: 2min: same, tannin/astringent barely makes it to a medium intensity.
another 3 min: really similar…

light aftertaste of the flavor, pleasant.

Overall: an interesting tea, very Dan-Cong-like to me in profile- like this Yu lan xiang, but: light flavor, hard to make it astringent/bad.


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