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February 21, 2009 at 2:26 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Keemun, Tea Reviews | 1 Comment

Found at Hong Kong Supermarket/Elmhurst NY. ~3$/box(7oz) ~ 0.4/oz  ~7/lb … for real

Unlike any of the teabag boxes i’ve bought this one has a bag of plastic with flaps that fold over the teabags – kinda helps to keep from ventilating but its not perfect… still for 3$ its a nice thought.

Method: 1tbag/6oz, 2tbag/12oz <3min. Teabags seem a bit weird, not very permeable, seem a bit slow to infuse too. I opened a bag and infused the fannings by themselves and it came out much faster.

Flavor: low strength, keemun-like thing? Aroma is nice similar to keemun maybe some very low smoky.
If steeped a bit longer: a sharp wave of “teabag tannins” on the tongue. Medium astringent in sides of mouth, but this goes away with the swallow. Aroma is nice similar to keemun maybe some very low smoky.

Tastes much better cold, astringency is not as apparent. There is some low aftertaste similar to flavor, not bad.

Overall: still a teabag with the kind of astringency/tannin i dislike, ok flavor. not sure i’d get again.


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  1. I had the exact same impression of this tea…I tried it and it seemed like a keemun…and it was really not bad, although I still don’t like black teas in teabags. I found it wasn’t strong enough after 3 minutes (maybe the permeability thing you mentioned) so I steeped it for 4 and it was good.

    Here’s my review of foojoy China black tea.

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