Sencha Ashikubo

February 19, 2009 at 11:47 pm | Posted in Green Tea, Sencha, Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

Tea Notes> Green Tea> Sencha (for more) (review)(product link)  $18.75/50g = 10.65/oz, 170/lb …i hope i did that right
review sample courtesy of David’s Tea.

a little problem with the label: it says this is a rooibos apple caramel 😉 but sounds tasty 😀

Method: ~2g, 4oz, ~180F(in cup), 2min. (also did others, i tried a 4g,4oz was too strong).

Flavor: vegetal, plant leaf, grass, some green astringent, a little bit of “foody” (as i call it “egg” flavor). I didnt sense any roast in flavor or aroma.

Aftertaste: Most of the time you get a sort of dry/roughness in the mouth (depending on strength of infusion). But also there’s a quite interesting & pleasant component: about 2 minutes after drink, breathe thru mouth, then swallow, you feel a sweetness in the whole mouth (not just throat). This lasts pretty long(depending on infusion strength), even at half hour i still feel something!! … it reminds me of drinking ginseng oolong. Miss the good parameters (temp/time/amount) and i got it quite astringent and harsh vegetal.

Overall: good flavor & aftertaste, con: price, sensitive to parameters (temp/time/amount).



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  1. I really like Sencha. It’s been a while since I’ve had a cup. Must have a cup tomorrow. Thanks for reminding me what I was missing.

  2. Yeah, me too, some are so nice and fresh tasting
    Hope your matcha went ok 🙂

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