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TEA> Black Tea> China> Yunnan (for more) (review)(product link)  $15/50g = 8.5/oz, 102/lb … a bit high for me
review sample courtesy of David’s Tea.

I’m a HUGE fan of yunnan black tea (dian hong). gold or no gold. From the name and the pretty website …i guessed 😉 this would be a gold one.  No idea why label says this tea is from Keemun

Leaf: looks good, mostly gold – yay, some gold dust (the amount of this will give more or less froth/foam when pouring water on tea). Aroma from bag is a bit light. Wet leaf looks good, see mostly buds.

Method: 4g in 4oz 206F/96C water 2,3,3min (and other various). It could go for more than the 3 infusions i listed.

Flavor: good yunnan gold flavor. not as strong as i remember (YS’s pure small bud), malty, some honey, some “wine”, not sensing any “foody, ceylon” (that i dont like). not smoky.  Tannin/astringency in the sides of mouth is not bad, low. Aftertaste: Quite a lot of “tannin” that ends up on the palate and throat (makes throat feel dry). Feeling caffeine effects.

Overall: a good tea/con: price. does good reinfused.


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