Organic Orchid Oolong

February 2, 2009 at 10:04 pm | Posted in Green oolong, Oolong Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment (review)(product link)  $10/50g = 5.68/oz
review sample courtesy of David’s Tea.

Leaf: small oolong nuggets. I’m no florist so not sure if this is orchid smell, but definitely some sort of flower mixed with green oolongness. Wet leaf shows some signs of oxidation (browned margins), though flavor remains on the very green side. Some stems.

Method: 4g tea, 4oz water, time (various minutal variations: 1,2,3)
tried the 90C but seems to burn the leaf: astringency (+) in the first infusion, and throughout the subsequent.
then did 70C: seems to do better, no astringency.

Flavor: (not counting the 90C one): seems to be a sort of “regular green oolong flavor” …green… 😀 (my favorite word lately, someone lend me a tea verbiage manual), with a sort of mint-like sensation/flavor. Aroma is flowery?-herbal!? medium strength, i’m not sure i’d call it orchid (it reminds me of chamomile).

Overall: not my thing.


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