Huangshan Maofeng Everyday Grade

January 26, 2009 at 9:10 pm | Posted in Green Tea, just green tea, Tea Reviews | 2 Comments (review)(product link) 5.45/50g = 3/oz, 36/lb
review sample courtesy of Julian @ amazing-green-tea.

compared to my previous HSMF experiences ZGC, Chado

Leaf: seems fresh, strong smell of “green” maybe “grass”
Different aspect, curly, more like bilochun
Seem to be plucked from younger, top leaf & bud vs ZGC/Chado(older bigger/lower leaves.)

Method: 60C/140F on first, 80C/176F and up on the next (measured in cup)

Taste: compared to HSMF ZGC, Chado, this one is more towards green/grass, not much “hay”, less “pan fried” sensation & less “oily” (which made it different and more pleasant to me).

“green astringency” is pulled with hotter infusion,

after first sip seems to “block” flavor of next sips, which taste mostly green “astringent”/tannin in back, sides.

sometimes felt a tiny sweet in the aftertaste (especially with longer infusion)

pleasant “green” aftertaste

Overall: this is a good green tea, might be good quality too. I enjoyed it due to lack of “pan-friedness/oily” i’ve come to be bored of in chinese teas.



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  1. Wow, this example doesn’t live up to the description that James Norwood Pratt gives at

    I have not yet had a Huang Shan Mao Feng, but I would hope for something more exciting.

  2. James Norwood Pratt that sounds like a book writer’s name
    (ps i never liked TChing, they started trying to seem like some sort of a “community”, contributors, i didnt respond/join- and as i suspected they eventually established a store on their website.)
    You know it all depends on everyone’s personal experience with the tea.
    I quite liked it, its not complex or “exciting”, but its a green tea, seemed fresh & clean. (not like senchas tho)

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